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Turkey is one of the most developed nations. The Turkish people have always worked hard, and their results have always shown how successful they have been in their endeavors. Almost all the projects and development taking place in Turkey have been carefully planned and created, keeping the best interest of its customers and clients as their highest priority. In doing so, the people have enjoyed several benefits, both as consumers and developers. One of the most promising projects of Turkey is the Acibadem Atakent Hospital, Istanbul, which is located at a prime location of the city. This hospital was established in 2014 and initially was supposed to serve by the name of “Acibadem University Mehmet Ali Aydınlar University Hospital”, but the association changed this later on. Now, this hospital has become one of the top hospitals of Turkey and has introduced several ‘sought-after’ specialities for the welfare and timely management of its patients. All in all, the Acibadem Atakent Hospital, Istanbul, is one of the best professional and top-class hospitals that has been making itself known through its top-class services and high level of patient comfort and care. TOP MEDICAL SPECIALITIES PROVIDED AT THE ACIBADEM ATAKENT HOSPITAL, ISTANBUL The services being provided at the Acibadem Atakent Hospital, Istanbul, are the best ones. They center around patient safety and health protocols, and it is made sure that none of their policies gets compromised at all levels. Some of the most popular specialties being provided here at the Acibadem Atakent Hospital, Istanbul, include: • STRESS In today’s busy and frustrating life, everyone has their problems that seem to have no end. Stress and frustration seem to have become every other person’s second nature. In this situation, people tend to make haphazard decisions that worsen their condition. However, very few people consider visiting a psychiatrist for their stress and anxiety issues because they consider that people would call them mad or laugh at them for feeling this way. And because of this particular mentality, several undiagnosed patients force themselves to lead a difficult and depressing life. At the Acibadem Atakent Hospital, Istanbul, some of the best psychiatrists available listen carefully to their patients and then advise them accordingly. Here, medications are preferred after detailed therapy sessions to unwind himself and feel light. • CORONARY HEART DISEASE (CHD) Cardiovascular Diseases are one of the most prevalent diseases that are present in people nowadays. These diseases hinder a person’s standard functionality and performance and cause them to become weak, vulnerable, and debilitated before time. One of such diseases is Coronary Heart Disease (CHD). In this disease, the arteries that carry blood to the heart become narrowed. This happens because of several external conditions, the most common one being the accumulation or deposition of cholesterol at or around these arteries. This causes less than normal blood to reach the heart, and ultimately, this gives rise to several circulation problems, thus compromising the person’s health. At the Acibadem Atakent Hospital, Istanbul, several competent cardiologists know how to deal with CHD in adults and children. This leads to predicting a good prognosis in either of these patient groups, and the result is a well-managed and healthy patient. • CATARACT Eyes are a great blessing. They allow a person to communicate with the external world and to witness all the beauty and freshness that nature has blessed the world. As a person grows older, their eyesight starts deteriorating. More than 90% of the time, this is due to Cataract development, which is predictable and bound to develop anytime after 50 in people. However, Cataract is not only age-related; it is also due to several other reasons such as because of trauma, in children due to a maternal infection affecting the eyesight in utero, and other reasons. But in almost all cases, the Cataract is easily curable. And now, there are several newer and more advanced techniques present that could help treat cataracts in the least invasive ways. All the advanced techniques are fully operational at the Acibadem Atakent Hospital, Istanbul. People with cataracts could come and get their condition treated, mainly as an outpatient procedure too. • BARIATRIC (OBESITY) SURGERY People become obese because of a wide range of causes. It is not always a poor and unhealthy diet that causes one to become obese but rather genetics, lifestyle issues, and comorbid conditions that predispose a person to develop this condition. Obesity is not a healthy condition, and this condition needs to be managed actively before it starts producing its complications. In most people, medications are prescribed to lower cholesterol levels in the body. Some others are told to change their lifestyle and start exercising and so on. Usually, these measures work out for the people, and they can live healthily and happily once again. But in patients with persistent obesity or the presence of obesity to the extent that causes complications in a person, surgery is prescribed. This surgery, called the ‘bariatric’ surgery, is done to remove the abnormally high-fat present in the body. This helps lower the cholesterol levels in the body, thus helping the person deviate from their unhealthy body. At the Acibadem Atakent Hospital, Istanbul, Bariatric Surgery is performed by the most competent and skilled surgeons who ensure that extreme care and precision is practiced while performing the surgery. Even after the surgery, high levels of care and precautions are practised for the safety and well-being of the patient. Therefore, it is rightfully said that the Acibadem Atakent Hospital, Istanbul is one of the best serving hospitals in Turkey. It has humane policies and all the staff working there makes sure that the patient’s experience remains smooth and problem-free throughout. Due to their hard work and loyalty to their policies, they have easily reached the top class of Turkey’s healthcare sector and are continuing to serve their patients with the same amount of courage and poise. This signifies that indeed hard work and competency both are required to make any organization succeed in its aims and goals.

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