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Acibadem Taksim Hospital

İstanbul, Turkey


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All / Top Specialties

  • Hyperlipidemia (hypercholesteremia)

  • Webbed Fingers and Toes (Syndactyly)

  • Cataract

  • Hypertensive Heart Disease

  • Congenital craniofacial anomalies

  • Parkinson's disease

  • Oculoplastic Surgery

  • Heart valve disease

  • Coronary heart disease (CHD)

  • Pancreatic and biliary tract diseases

  • Pancreas disease

  • Laparoscopic Bariatric Surgery

All / Top Services

  • Lipid profile

  • Z-plasty

  • Blood test

  • Coronary Angiography

  • Coronary Angioplasty

  • ACE inhibitors

  • Craniofacial Surgery

  • Neurostimulation

  • Echocardiogram

  • ECG

  • Beta blockers

  • Neurostimulation

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İnönü, Nizamiye Cd. No:9 D:No: 1, 34373 Şişli/İstanbul, Turkey


Turkey is not just one of the most popular tourist resorts in the world; it is also one of the most sought-after places due to its highest-quality and most advanced-level hospitals in the world. The Acibadem Healthcare Group is notorious when it comes to designing some of the best all-around hospitals in Turkey. Acibadem Taksim Hospital was opened on October 15, 2015, as the 18th hospital of Acibadem Healthcare Group. Acibadem Taksim Hospital is designed as a general-purpose hospital on an indoor area of approximately 24 thousand square meters. Acibadem Taksim Hospital has 93 beds and 7 operating rooms. The general intensive care unit has ten beds, two of which are in isolation rooms, while the neonatal intensive care unit has seven beds, one of which is in isolation rooms. In addition to the resuscitation, surgery, and orthopedic procedure rooms in the Emergency Medicine Department, which have separate ambulance and patient entrances, there is an observation unit for patients. Examination rooms are designed in the emergency medicine department for other departments that frequently request consultation for emergency cases. Medical Departments The departments of Acibadem Taksim Hospital include general surgery, aesthetic, plastic, and reconstructive surgery, gynecology and obstetrics, neurosurgery, orthopedics and traumatology, ophthalmology, otorhinolaryngology, and urology. Mother-Friendly Hospital Candidate Delivery, prepartum care, and postpartum counseling services are available in Acibadem Taksim Hospital. Taksim Hospital is a candidate for "Mother-Friendly Hospital" because it serves patients in strict accordance with Ministry of Health legislation. Acibadem Taksim Hospital has standard rooms designed to meet the needs of all patients and family members. Television, internet, a personal safe, and newspaper services are available in our spacious patient rooms, which meet all the basic needs of patients and family members. The rooms include a single-seat sofa for patients’ companions to rest on, an information brochure to inform patients and companions about the risk of falling, and metal grab bars and emergency pull cords in toilets and bathrooms. The Type A Suites of Acibadem Taksim Hospital are designed to be "as comfortable as your home" for meeting the various needs of patients and companions; the rooms consist of two separate parts. In the specifically designed Type A Suite rooms, a separate room is available for the visitors. There are only 3 Type A suites, where all hygienic conditions are ultimately prioritized and a chair exists for family members to rest comfortably. The nurse call button next to the patient’s bed, metal grab bars, and emergency pull cords in toilets and bathrooms help prevent falls. The Acibadem Taksim Hospital is rightfully serving its purpose of providing quality care and welfare to its patients in the best possible way. Effective communication is two-sided, and this is one of the major reasons why this hospital is mostly preferred by the Turkish people. Moreover, the Acibadem Taksim Hospital keeps on undergoing changes and bringing forth advanced and more modern techniques to deal with patient problems. This has undoubtedly led to their unmatched success and fame, which they harbor to this day. TOP MEDICAL SPECIALTIES BEING OFFERED AT THE ACIBADEM TAKSIM HOSPITAL The Acibadem Taksim Hospital provides some of the best quality medical services and specialties for its people. These specialties are up-to-date and in their most advanced stages as per the latest research and trends in medical science. Some of the best-known specialties and facilities that are currently provided by the Acibadem Taksim Hospital are listed as follows:   •    HYPERLIPIDEMIA Nowadays, people rarely look at what they are eating. The increasing unhealthy habits and the excessive consumption of junk food have greatly impacted the bodies of human beings, and that too negatively. People do not realize the damage that this unhealthy mode of living does to their bodies until it is too late. Hypercholesterolemia, or the accumulation of excessive cholesterol in the body, is a grave condition that could lead to serious complications or even lethal consequences. Hyperlipidemia needs to be reversed urgently, or else it could reach the heart and affect it badly as well. At the Acibadem Taksim Hospital, the doctors strictly believe that the patients should not only rely on the medicines to do their jobs but also play their part and change their lifestyles accordingly if they wish to lead a healthy life. When people start exercising and eating moderately along with taking the prescribed medicines, they are bound to feel a positive and impactful effect in their lives. • Pancreas Disease The pancreas is an organ located close to the stomach. It plays an important role in digestion and releases important enzymes that aid in the breakdown and digestion of the ingested food molecules. But due to any imbalances or dysfunctions in the pancreas, it may become inflamed. The inflammation of the pancreas, known as pancreatitis, is a serious condition that manifests itself in people suddenly and unexpectedly. In pancreatitis, the pancreatic enzymes start engulfing themselves, which has different presentations in different people. Other than this, there also exists another form of pancreatic disease, which is pancreatic cancer. It is usually malignant, and immediate interventions need to be made unless it has gotten too late. At the Acibadem Taksim Hospital, there are several experienced and well-trained doctors who know how to take the right steps at the right time to prevent life-threatening consequences in these patients. And with just a little manipulation done at the right time, the patient’s condition could be controlled and treated accordingly.   •    CONGENITAL CRANIOFACIAL ANOMALIES Pregnancy is a complicated process. There are several changes and developmental growths taking place inside the fetus, and the mother is usually advised to rest and stay calm during the entire process. However, due to an unfortunate turn of events or due to genetic predisposition, a fetus may develop abnormally. This leads to chromosomal, structural, or physical abnormalities that are seen when the child is finally born. Craniofacial anomalies are some of the most common anomalies to develop in a child. Usually, the cleft lip and palate is the most common presentation. These anomalies alter greatly the normal growth of a child and also make him or her the unwanted center of attention among many people. But, thanks to modern surgical procedures, the reconstruction and plastic surgery of these anomalies could be performed to cover or eliminate the defects. These extensive, invasive, and complex surgeries are performed regularly by the competent surgeons working at the Acibadem Taksim Hospital. They ensure that the child's growth for the rest of his life proceeds as normally as possible and that the anomaly is reconstructed in the best possible aesthetic way.   • HEART VALVE DISEASE Cardiovascular problems are an increasingly problematic condition for the affected person. They hinder a person's normal functioning and performance while also greatly compromising their health and way of life. Heart valve disease implies that there is some problem or dysfunction in any one of the four valves of the heart. They are unable to pump blood effectively or do so in a staggered or ineffective way. This causes significant problems for a person, and he needs to get evaluated urgently so that further complications do not take place. At the Acibadem Taksim Hospital in Turkey, there are all sorts of facilities available to deal with such emergencies effectively. The doctors and the nursing staff have both been trained accordingly to deal with cardiac patients in the required manner. And this is one of the reasons why patients prefer visiting this hospital for both their routine and emergency checkups. To conclude, the Acibadem Taksim Hospital in Turkey is indeed one of the best hospitals that have been designed and built in such a way that it can accommodate and cater to several patients with different needs at the same time. It has an excellent staff, and the environment there speaks for itself—it is both comfortable and professional, helping patients feel at ease whenever they visit this place.