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    ADONIS Beauty Centre of Plastic Surgery and Cosmetology



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    • Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck)

    • Lipofilling

    • Breast Surgery

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    • Blood tests

    • Urine analysis

    • Lipofilling of the face

    • Lipofilling of the body

    • Breast reduction

    • Chest x-ray

    • Mammography

    • Breast augmentation

    • EKG

    • Otoplasty

    • Correction of the shape

    • Correction size of the nose

    • Septoplasty

    • CT scan

    • Hair transplant using FUE and HFE seamless methods


    With life getting super busy and fast-paced, everyone wants to look their best with minimal investment of time. It gets challenging to look aesthetic every hour due to the immense work pressure with almost no time to sleep. Not being able to look your best makes your confidence take a dip with your work and social life suffering its brunt. Visiting a renowned and trusted Plastic Surgery and Cosmetology Centre can help make sure you look your best at all times. ADONIS Centre of Plastic Surgery and Cosmetology is one of the finest plastic surgery and reconstruction centers in Kyiv, Ukraine. With highly dedicated doctors and aestheticians on board, they give proper guidance before any procedure they work on. They have a team of specialists who first assess the patient and their desired treatment and recommend the best suited procedure according to their need. There are two kinds of treatment being offered at the ADONIS Beauty Centre of Plastic Surgery and Cosmetology. One of them is for cosmetic purposes, and the other is to reconstruct any part of the body due to any anatomical defect. TOP MEDICAL SPECIALTIES OFFERED BY ADONIS CENTRE OF PLASTIC SURGERY AND COSMETOLOGY • Breast Surgery • Septoplasty • Hair Transplantation • Lipofilling • Abdominoplasty • BREAST SURGERY Breast surgery is one of the most performed surgical procedures at the ADONIS Beauty Centre of Plastic Surgery and Cosmetology. Females require breast surgery for either enhancement or reduction in size. Ones who look for breast enhancement procedures are often the ones with mastectomies due to breast cancer. In this case, a breast implant is placed on the chest muscles, with the overlying skin stitched perfectly to hold it in place. The silicone implant provides proper contour to the shape of the breasts and also is very safe. Breast augmentation is also done on females wanting to have a larger bust. The procedure is carried out in a very safe environment with little to no room for error. The recovery needed after the procedure usually varies from individual to individual, but it typically takes four to six weeks. Some females also opt for a reduction in breast size as disproportionately large breasts can be physically and emotionally distressing. It not just causes constant back pain but also has a considerable impact on the individual's posture. In this procedure, excess breast fat and tissue is removed. Excess skin is cut off, and the edges are carefully stitched together with hidden sutures. Plastic surgeons at ADONIS Beauty Centre of Plastic Surgery and Cosmetology are incredibly skilled, and hence there are very few postoperative complications reported. • SEPTOPLASTY People who are offered this treatment procedure are the ones with a deviated nasal septum (DNS). This procedure involves the correction of that septum or removing any polyps blocking the way of the nostrils. Many factors can result in the widening and deviation of the septum, which eventually causes problems in breathing. Septoplasty reconstructs the shape of the nose and helps restore the normal functioning of the nostrils, and helps the person breathe better. Plastic surgeons at ADONIS Beauty Centre of Plastic Surgery and Cosmetology first elevate the mucosal lining covering the bone and the cartilage. After that, the crooked septum is straightened. All of this procedure is carried out after giving general anesthesia to the patient. After removing any excess bone or tissue, the correctly structured nose is then packed. The packing gets pulled in a day or two as the person gets discharged. • HAIR TRANSPLANTATION Many diseases can cause rapid hair loss; stress alone can be a contributing factor. Other factors such as smoking, thyroid disorders, hormonal disorders, poor diet, and excessive intake of medicines are all related to hair loss. Such individuals with male pattern baldness or thinning of hair are recommended to get their hair transplanted at the ADONIS Beauty Centre of Plastic Surgery and Cosmetology. Plastic surgeons shift hair from one side of the head to the part with less hair growth. This shifting is usually done from the back of the head to the front under local anesthesia. The procedure begins with the cleaning of the scalp, which is then anesthetized locally. A small strip of skin from the back of the head is taken and then implanted on the front. The area of the incision is closed with the help of stitches. This procedure is called the FUT method (Follicular Unit Transplantation). There are very few complications observed after the procedure is carried out. Slit grafts and micrografts are the two main treatments offered at the ADONIS Beauty Centre of Plastic Surgery and Cosmetology. • LIPOFILLING This procedure performed at the ADONIS Beauty Centre of Plastic Surgery and Cosmetology increases fat content in some regions. This procedure is mainly done for aesthetic purposes. People who wish to make their lips look plumper often refer to plastic surgeons to make that change. Lipofilling is also performed to increase the size of the buttocks and breasts, performed at the ADONIS Centre of Plastic Surgery and Cosmetology in a safe environment. Fat is usually transferred from one part of the body to the other desired part for enhancement. Experts handle such procedures that come with very few risk factors and side effects. Healing takes a few weeks, but the stitches disappear, leaving no marks of the process. • ABDOMINOPLASTY (TUMMY TUCK) Individuals who wish to decrease the fat content specifically from their abdomen are advised to get abdominoplasty done. It is performed to remove excessive fat and skin from the stomach, which can be performed on men and women. Women with multiple pregnancies are the best candidates for this procedure, as it strengthens the abdominal wall muscles. Surgeons at the ADONIS Beauty Centre of Plastic Surgery and Cosmetology give general anesthesia before beginning the procedure. An incision is made at the abdomen and around the navel. Drainage tubes are placed in those requiring complete abdominoplasty; these drains are inserted at the site of the incisions, which are removed after a few days. Ones requiring partial or circumferential abdominoplasty have their incisions sutured without the placement of drains. That results in quick recovery and a lesser duration of hospital stay.