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    Ajou University Hospital

    Gyeonggi-do, South Korea


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    • Stomach cancer

    • Thyroid cancer

    • Brain tumor

    All / Top Services

    • Esophagogastroduodenoscopy (EGD)

    • Immunotherapy

    • Targeted drug therapy

    • Subtotal gastrectomy

    • Total gastrectomy

    • Biopsy

    • Thyroidectomy

    • Thyroid hormone therapy

    • Neurological exam

    • Magnetic resonance elastography (MRE)

    • Craniotomy

    • Laparoscopic gastric bypass

    • Laparoscopic lymphadenectomy

    • Lymphadenectomy

    • Transoral laser microsurgery (TLM)

    • Ultrasonography

    • Hysterosonography

    • Hysterosalpingography

    • Hysteroscopy

    • Laparoscopic radiofrequency ablation

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    "We are always by your side. We are constantly dedicated to healing your pain." Ajou University Hospital, which opened in 1994, has been developing year after year based on the medical philosophy of providing the best treatment for patients, providing the latest medical information to local medical personnel, and leading the development of domestic medicine through cutting-edge research. This mission is the driving force that made it possible to take on endless challenges for patients and is our unchanging promise. Ajou University Hospital has grown into a medical institution representing Korea through ceaseless innovation and change. Ajou University Hospital was designated as a national safe hospital and a 'severe emergency medical center' in the recent COVID-19 crisis based on its experience safely overcoming infectious disease crises such as SARS and MERS. It is faithfully fulfilling its role as a base tertiary general hospital that treats fraudulent patients. It was designated as a tertiary general hospital for the fourth consecutive year in 2020 and was recognized as the best in Korea for its medical quality, such as obtaining the highest grade (1-a), which only 7 out of 7 tertiary general hospitals received in the medical quality evaluation by the Ministry of Health and Welfare. In particular, the Southern Gyeonggi Regional Emergency Medical Center and Regional Trauma Center have a perfect system to prepare for mass disasters and outbreaks of infected patients and have worked hard to treat emergency patients and severe trauma patients nationwide 24 hours a day. It was rated No. 1. In addition, we are focusing on the treatment of cancer, severe diseases, and incurable diseases through the operation of 10 cancer centers, specialized treatment centers, and clinics. It has the highest rating (Grade 1) in its field. In the field of medical service, we achieved the result of ranking third in the hospital sector in the National Customer Satisfaction Index (NCSI) survey co-hosted by the Korea Productivity Center and the Chosun Ilbo and obtained the first JCI (International Medical Institution Evaluation Committee) international certification in Gyeonggi-do three times. We were selected as one of the Global Top 100 by Newsweek, a world-renowned current affairs weekly magazine in the U.S., demonstrating the status of Ajou University Hospital worldwide. Ajou University Hospital was awarded the Minister of Health and Welfare Award for the 2022 Smart Medical Guidance Pilot Project 202301.02 | Views: Ajou University Hospital was selected as an excellent institution in the 2022 Smart Medical Guidance Pilot Project hosted by the Ministry of Health and Welfare and supervised by the Central Emergency Medical Center of the National Medical Center and received the Minister of Health and Welfare Award. This business is COVID-19. Ajou University Hospital, 2022 Awards for Excellent Majors, 2023.02.10 Hit: Ajou University Hospital selected the best majors for 2022 and awarded them on February 10th. This year, 247 residents out of 61 interns and 186 residents scheduled to complete in 2023 were evaluated for their work performance, policy implementation, and interactions with fellow teachers. Ajou University Hospital Acquires 4th Cycle Medical Institution Certification 2023.02.09 | Views: Ajou University Hospital has obtained the 4th cycle of medical institution certification. The stamp validity period is from February 7, 2023, to February 20, 2027. 4 years until the 6th The medical institution certification system is established by the Medical Institution Evaluation and Accreditation Agency under the Ministry of Health and Welfare for domestic medical institutions. Ajou University Hospital Acquired Grade 1 in Dementia Adequacy Assessment 2023.01.04 | Views: Ajou University Hospital received the highest grade in the '1st Dementia Appropriateness Assessment' recently announced by the Health Insurance Review and Assessment Service. This evaluation accurately diagnoses dementia and implements treatment in a timely manner to delay symptom deterioration. Ajou University Hospital, Ministry of Health and Welfare, open laboratory construction project ranked first nationwide in the 2023 annual evaluation. News Recently, as a result of the Ministry of Health and Welfare's evaluation of the performance of the 2022 open laboratory construction project and the 2023 plan, Ajou University Hospital ranked first in the country (94.45 points). Ajou University Hospital is an open laboratory operation support center in the high-tech medical R&D center. Ajou University Hospital will continue to do its best for national health and medical development based on the highest level of medical care in Korea and a global reputation. Thank you!