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    • Adrenal Disorders

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    • CT scan

    • Insulin-induced hypoglycemia test

    • Total gastrectomy

    • Subtotal gastrectomy

    • Neurological exam

    • Minimally Invasive Scarless Brain Surgery

    • Adjustable gastric banding

    • Blood tests

    • Gastric bypass surgery

    • Removing the remaining color (depigmentation)

    • Skin test

    • Myomectomy

    • Hysterectomy

    • Pelvic exam

    • Radical prostatectomy

    • Renal arteriography

    • Liver function tests

    • Light therapy

    • Tests for anemia or infection

    • Anti-inflammatory drugs


    American Hospital, Istanbul has been providing quality healthcare services for over a century now. With state-of-the-art infrastructure and technology and with a team of experts and specialists, American Hospital takes pride in providing peerless treatment and care. From up-to-date procedural approaches to current medical management protocols, it is ensured that the expectations of any patient that lands in their rooms are fully met under one roof. American Hospital has maintained its title as the "accredited hospital" with the JCI certification over the years. It still holds it alongside many other prestigious accreditations like its cardiology accreditation by 'European Association of Echocardiography', maintaining its international healthcare standards. Their top-notch technology and team and transparent communication between its patients and doctors have contributed to the development and success of this hospital. To this day, American Hospital understands the importance of the patient is on board with the experts and, therefore, encourages and prioritizes it. Top Medical Specialties offered by American Hospital 1. Tonsillectomy 2. Pancreatitis 3. In-Vitro Fertilization 4. Stomach Cancer • Tonsillectomy Tonsils are the two oval-shaped tissue pads present at the back of the throat. These act as the first-line defense of the immune system against the harmful microorganisms that enter the mouth. Their function and site make the tonsils highly vulnerable to infections. Tonsillectomy is a surgical procedure performed to remove these tissue pads. This procedure is commonly performed to remove the tonsils when they have become inflamed or infected. Recurrent tonsillitis or tonsillitis that fails to respond to medication are eventually treated by tonsillectomy. Other indications for this surgery include large-sized tonsils causing difficulty in breathing or sleep disorders like obstructive sleep apnea. Tonsillectomy, like any other surgical procedure, has its risks and complications. The risks involved in the surgery are bleeding during surgery, bleeding during healing, or infection of the surgical site. For surgeons at the American Hospital, Istanbul, any patient who comes to their aid with the complaints related to tonsils must be met with full disclosure to their treatment options. The surgical procedure, the risk, and the benefits are discussed at length with the patient, and an informed decision is made. Once the specialists perform the surgery, the hospital ensures that the recovery at the hospital is smooth and comfortable. The hospital remains fully equipped to provide state-of-the-art experience from consultation and surgery, to recovery from the surgery. • Pancreatitis The pancreas is a large gland that lies behind the stomach and secretes juices into the small intestine aiding digestion. Moreover, this gland is also responsible for secreting insulin and glucagon hormones into the bloodstream. The inflammation of this gland is called pancreatitis. The inflammation happens when the digestive enzymes, normally secreted into the gut, become active within the pancreas and start digesting the pancreas itself. It can be acute or chronic. In the acute form, the inflammatory process causes sudden damage and can easily be treated with medication. In chronic pancreatitis, the inflammation process lasts longer and is marked by an initial episode of acute pancreatitis. The most common cause of pancreatitis is gallstones, whereas chronic pancreatitis is commonly caused by heavy alcohol intake. The common symptoms experienced by the patient include severe upper abdominal pain, nausea, and vomiting. Based on the underlying cause and pathology, the international standards of treatment and management are provided to the patient at the American Hospital. From the diagnostic blood tests such as amylase and lipase tests to diagnostic procedures like ERCP, American Hospital provides all the services that the patient needs. To prevent the dire complications of this disease, the treatment is commenced timely with recommendations on lifestyle changes and follow-ups to monitor the progress. • In-Vitro Fertilization The in-vitro fertilization (IVF) is a fertility treatment method employed when a couple has had difficulty conceiving. IVF is a form of assisted reproductive technology (ART) where the egg from the mother is fertilized using a healthy sperm outside of the body. Once fertilization has occurred and an embryo has formed, it is placed inside the healthy uterus of the woman. This type of fertility treatment indicates cases where the woman is over forty and has decreased fertility, has blocked fallopian tubes, endometriosis, or ovulation disorders. IVF can also be deemed necessary in male infertility cases due to low sperm count or anatomical abnormalities of sperms. IVF is usually employed after the fertility drugs, or when other fertility procedures have failed. At the American Hospital, Istanbul, their experts take pride in successfully carrying out IVF procedures daily. Dealing with each couple individually, their fertility experts keep the couple onboard. In contrast, the best course of action for that particular couple is planned and then meticulously carried out with keen observation and examination. From the initial tedious testing procedure to eventually growing a healthy fetus, the entire process is fully monitored and assessed by the specialists at American Hospital, Istanbul, making sure that the fertility doctor is always at the couple's disposal. • Stomach Cancer The stomach is a vital organ of the gastrointestinal system, which receives food from the esophagus and breaks it down, aiding digestion. The abnormal growth of cells that originates in the stomach walls is called stomach cancer. This cancer, also known as gastric cancer, usually originates in the body of the stomach. The risk factors for this cancer include obesity, GERD, positive family history for stomach cancer, infection with helicobacter pylori, smoking, and gastric polyps. Common signs and symptoms of gastric cancer include nausea, vomiting, pain in abdomen, feeling bloated or full after eating, and weight loss. Based on the extent of cancer, the site of growth, the stage and grade of the tumor, and the patient's overall health, an elaborative plan is mapped out by a team of oncologists, radiologists, and surgeons. Treatment options include surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and immunotherapy. American Hospital, Istanbul also has cutting-edge technology that walks the patient through the tiring process of diagnosis and management of stomach cancer. At the hands of specialists and credible oncologists, it is made sure that all services are provided to the patients under one roof.