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Apollo Gleneagles Cancer Hospital, Kolkata

West Bengal, India



Languages Spoken

  • English

  • हिंदी

Top Specialties

  • Breast Cancer

  • Pancreatitis

  • Multiple Myeloma

  • Bone marrow transplant

  • Image guided radiotherapy (IGRT)

  • Thyroid cancer

  • Mohs surgery

  • Telemedicine

  • Cirrhosis

  • Cervical cancer

  • Intensity-modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT)

  • Stereotactic Radiosurgery (SRS)

  • Head and neck cancer

Contact Information

51, Kadapara, Phool Bagan, Kankurgachi, Kolkata, West Bengal 700054, India


Apollo Gleneagles Cancer Hospital, Kolkata is an internationally renowned 700 bedded hospital located in West Bengal, India. It is the largest and most modern tertiary care hospital in the state. For more than 17 years they have been fulfilling the medical needs of the community. The health care facility is stocked with state-of-the-art medical equipment, a digitalized interface, and computerized back up support. Their staff of board-certified doctors provides a full spectrum of treatment and preventative services. Their services are designed to provide comprehensive benefits to patients from all walks of life. At Apollo Gleneagles Cancer Hospital, Kolkata, 100 beds are allotted to the oncology department. Out of which, 50 are dedicated to surgical units. Apollo Gleneagles Cancer Hospital, Kolkata offers multiple support specialties and compassionate care to patients in the following fields: · Gastroenterology · Gynecology · Nephrology · Oncology · Neurology WHY CHOOSE APOLLO GLENEAGLES CANCER HOSPITAL KOLKATA? · Apollo Gleneagles Cancer Hospital, Kolkata runs better both in terms of surveillance and quality of care. It has well educated and well-mannered employees that provide patients a comfortable and friendly atmosphere. · It facilitates their international patients with special services such as visa assistance, airport pick-up services, appointment coordination, translator services, and internet connectivity to ensure solace for patients and their families. · Apollo Gleneagles Cancer Hospital, Kolkata provides world-class services verified by their gold seal accreditation from the prestigious Joint Commission International (JCI). The Gold Seal of Approval® is a badge of integrity that reflects an organization’s commitment to providing precise and effective patient care. It also received NABL certification in six separate categories. · The competent surgeons and proficient consultants at Apollo Gleneagles Cancer Hospital, Kolkata provides exceptional treatments to their patients using top-notch technology in every field. There highly advanced technology includes: IGRT Therapy IMRT Therapy Comprehensive brachytherapy by image 4D-CRT Knifeless Surgery of the brain by radiosurgery · It is recognized as the first-ever hospital in India: To organize a live workshop on CARTO To perform a cadaver transplant To conduct Reverse Shoulder Prosthesis That has launched India’s first Collision System · This hospital provides exceptional services round the clock. TOP MEDICAL SPECIALTIES OF APOLLO GLENEAGLES CANCER HOSPITAL · Bone Marrow Transplant · Image-guided Radiotherapy (IGRT) · Intensity-modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT) · Telemedicine BONE MARROW TRANSPLANT Bone Marrow Transplant is a medical procedure done to replace unhealthy bone marrow with healthy bone marrow. Bone marrow is the soft fatty tissue inside your bones that makes blood-forming cells. Bone marrow forms: · Red blood cells · White blood cells · Platelets · Hematopoietic stem cells A Bone Marrow Transplant is needed when the bone marrow stops forming these cells. This could be due to the following disorders: SICKLE CELL ANEMIA: It is an inherited disease in which red blood cells of the person are not able to carry oxygen throughout the body. THALASSEMIA: It is an inherited blood disorder in which the body forms abnormal hemoglobin. If not treated properly it can damage organs and lead to death. LEUKEMIA: Leukemia is a blood cancer that usually begins in the bone marrow. It results in a large number of white blood cells. APLASTIC ANEMIA: It is a condition of bone marrow failure in which the body stops producing enough blood cells. It can be fatal if left untreated. Bone marrow transplant is performed under anesthesia which means you can’t feel any pain during the procedure. It takes about three months to a year for complete recovery after transplant. Apollo Gleneagles Cancer Hospital, Kolkata’s bone marrow transplant program has transformed the lives of hundreds of patients and given hope to countless families through performing transplants including autologous and allogeneic transplants. A distinct section harnessed with advanced technology is entirely dedicated to bone marrow transplant procedures. IMAGE GUIDED RADIOTHERAPY Image-guided radiotherapy is a type of radiation therapy that uses scans and x rays to make sure that you are in the correct position for your treatment. It ensures that powerful radiations are narrowly focused in the treatment area. This technique involves the frequent use of diagnostic imaging to view the location, size, and extent of the tumor. This type of treatment is helpful for cancers in areas of the body that move when we breathe. IGRT is one of the advanced and cutting-edge innovations in radiation therapy and control of cancer. With IGRT physicians can target the radiotherapy treatment area very precisely. This reduces the chances of side effects of radiation therapy. Apollo Gleneagles Cancer Hospital, Kolkata provides laser-guided image-guided radiation therapy in Kolkata. Their department has some of the most diverse technological abilities and IGRT capabilities. They provide the best diagnostic and radiotherapy techniques to ensure satisfactory treatment and their radiologists are highly skilled and trained in this field. INTENSITY MODULATED RADIATION THERAPY Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy is an advanced procedure of delivering radiation for cancer treatment. It is a highly effective method in destroying cancerous tumors with the least side effects. There are so many benefits of IMRT over conventional radiotherapy because it not only lessens the side effects of radiotherapy but also increases the chances of cure due to high radiation dose to the cancerous. IMRT is mostly used to treat: · Prostate cancer · Brain cancer · Lung cancer · Gastrointestinal cancer · Breast cancer The department of radiation oncology at Apollo Gleneagles Cancer Hospital, Kolkata is equipped with sophisticated technologies to deliver both external beam therapy and brachytherapy. Using IMRT, experts at Apollo Gleneagles Cancer Hospital, Kolkata provide exceptional treatments to cancer patients. TELEMEDICINE Telemedicine is a way that enables remote health care. It allows physicians to evaluate diagnose and treat disorders using video conferencing and smartphones. Using this technology patients can consult a doctor at the comfort of their home. Apollo Gleneagles Cancer Hospital, Kolkata provides advance, simple, and easy to use telemedicine and telehealth software. They offer a wide range of telemedicine systems in India that helps doctors in staying connected with the patients remotely. Apollo Gleneagles Cancer Hospital, Kolkata works on the mission to provide the best patient care and quality health care services at a reasonable price without compromising ethics. They are committed to providing the best possible care to their patients. They strive towards continual quality improvement and compliance with all applicable standards.