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    Apollo Hospitals, Bangalore

    Karnataka, India


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    • Interventional Cardiology

    • CABG

    • Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy

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    • Cardiac Catheterization

    • Coronary Artery Bypass Graft Surgery

    • Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy

    • Hepato-Pancreato-Biliary Surgery

    • Trans Urethral Resection of Prostate (TURP)

    • Radiation therapy

    • Neonatal Laparoscopic Surgery

    • Mammogram

    • Breast MRI

    • Breast ultrasound

    • Lumpectomy

    • Mastectomy

    • Laparoscopic Inguinal Hernia Repair

    • Endoscopic endonasal skull base surgery

    • In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF)

    • Telemedicine

    • Bone scan

    • Positron emission tomography (PET) scan

    • Hormone therapy

    • Chemotherapy

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    Apollo Hospitals, Bangalore is a part of Apollo Hospitals that have chains all over India. The medical professionals at this hospital are certified from reputed medical institutes all around the world. It is one of India's leading multispecialty hospitals, with a qualified team of medical consultants and state-of-the-art facilities. This modern medical institute is committed to serving the public with the latest medical technology, expertise, and knowledge. Hospitals have around 100 consultants that are trained from and worked in reputed institutes. This institute offers expert care in a wide range of specialties and houses modern modular OTs, state-of-the-art rehabilitation units, in-house pharmacy, and advanced healthcare services. Patients are provided with a hassle-free experience with all arrangements, travel and accommodation, agreements and money transfer facilities, and a lot more. Why choose the Apollo Hospitals, Bangalore? · Apollo Hospitals, Bangalore has been accredited by the Joint Commission International (JCI) and has achieved a unique distinction. · This hospital has the most advanced facilities and some of the most eminent names in medical specialties. · The Apollo Hospitals, Bangalore is a multispecialty hospital equipped with the infrastructure that offers comprehensive treatments and surgeries for all patients. · This institute offers a varied range of treatments, clinical solutions, and diagnoses. It ensures high-quality and world-class treatments. · It has fully functional and smoothly operating operation theaters and medical care units and quality care is ensured at an affordable cost. · Doctors at the Apollo Hospitals, Bangalore have rich clinical experience and they are committed to practicing surgical techniques that are least invasive. · The dedicated medical staff in this hospital is known for its technical excellence and compassionate care. · This institute uses world-class facilities, including Thallium laser-first, 4D ultrasound, Digital X-Ray, etc. Specialized Treatments at the Apollo Hospitals, Bangalore · Bariatric Surgery · Dental · ENT · Gastroenterology · General & Laparoscopic Surgery · General Medicine · Gynecology · Orthopedics · Plastic & Aesthetic Surgery · Urology · Vascular Surgery Top Medical Specialties at the Apollo Hospitals, Bangalore The Apollo Hospitals, Bangalore facilitates national and international patients with a commitment to excellence and dedicated medical services with intensive care. The hospital boasts a dedicated support staff and advanced facilities with as many amenities as possible, ensuring convenience and maximum health benefits for patients. Top medical specialties offered by this hospital include: · Urinary Stone Disease · Prostate Cancer · Laparoscopic Surgery · Cochlear Implantation Urinary Stone Disease Kidney stones can be defined as a complex object made from chemicals inside the urine. Kidney stones can be caused by drinking less water, obesity, weight loss surgery, or taking lots of salt and sugar. Symptoms of the disease can be severe pain on any side of your lower back, blood in the urine, fever and chills, vomiting or smelly urine. Usually, doctors recommend drinking a lot of water and avoid surgery and let the stone pass. The Apollo Hospitals, Bangalore specializes in the treatment of kidney stone disease and offers a comprehensive range of medical services for evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment of acute and complex adult and child’s kidney illnesses. The medical professionals employ medical expertise as well as state-of-the-art surgical facilities and provide the best medical treatment with innovative and advanced methods. This department of the hospital is well equipped with modern dialysis units and the latest technology. Prostate Cancer The prostate gland is next to the bladder and prostate cancer is a big cause of death in men. Cancer cells spread and travel through blood vessels or lymph nodes to reach other parts of the body. Also, new tumors keep forming and cause more damage. Symptoms of the disease include pain in the lower pelvic area, frequent urination, painful ejaculation, loss of appetite, loss of weight, and bone pain. It usually starts over the age of 50 in men. The professionals at the Apollo Hospitals, Bangalore perform a detailed diagnosis and offer specialized treatment options that vary depending on different factors, including the stage, type, and progression of the disease. Prostate cancer experts in this hospital are trained to provide the best treatment services. They design a supportive care plan to improve the patient’s quality of life and help reduce the pain, erectile dysfunction, and other challenges. Laparoscopic surgery Laparoscopy is a specialized technique that is usually used for gynecologic and gallbladder surgery. In this procedure, a long and thin tube with a light and a high-resolution camera is inserted in the abdominal wall. Laparoscopy identifies and diagnoses the cause of pelvic pain. If preliminary diagnosis and tests get failed, laparoscopy is performed and can be helpful to examine the appendix, liver, gallbladder, pancreas, small intestine and spleen, stomach, and pelvic. The procedure can detect an abdominal mass, liver disease, or progression level of cancer. The Apollo Hospitals, Bangalore boasts well-trained Hysteroscopic and laparoscopic gynecologists having decades of domestic and international experience and performs operations requiring modern surgery modality. Laparoscopy at the Apollo Hospitals, Bangalore is greatly helpful for other disorders like swellings, injury, cancer, and other issues. Cochlear Implantation Detecting and treating hearing loss is highly significant for a good life. Cochlear treatment is a surgical treatment that gives a deaf child a sense of sound. It doesn’t cure hearing or restore hearing, but helps perceive the sensations of sound. A cochlear implant operates using two main components and is combined with a powerful magnet. At the Apollo Hospitals, Bangalore, cochlear implantation is perfectly designed for individuals who need help in the sense of hearing. When the implantation is carried out, one part of the implant sits behind the ear, and the other gets fitted under the skin. The hospital is best known for its medical services and surgical procedures, including the cochlear implants that have an excellent success rate with minimum rejection.