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    Aster Hospital, Muhaisnah

    Dubai, United Arab Emirates




    All / Top Specialties

    • Infectious Disease

    • Hysterectomy

    • Myomectomy

    All / Top Services

    • Throat swabs

    • Antivirals drugs

    • Transvaginal ultrasound

    • Vaginal Hysterectomy( Scarless Hysterectomy)

    • Myomectomy

    • X-ray

    • Arthroscopy

    • Total hip replacement

    • Arterial blood gas analysis

    • Bronchodilators

    • Guthrie test

    • Electrocardiogram (ECG/EKG)

    • Skin test

    • Blood test

    • Immunotherapy

    • Chest X-ray

    • Tube thoracostomy (chest tube)


    Aster Hospital Muhaisnah is one of the best hospitals in the United Arab Emirates and Dubai. It is located in the heart of Al- Muhaisnah residential area and provides healthcare treatment to patients of all ages. It is equipped with high-end technology and the latest machinery that makes it the best hospital for high-quality treatment at a reasonable price. Personalized care and a high level of medical care and treatment are provided to patients and their relatives. Its critical care unit is equipped with 50 beds. It also features a 15-bed surgery unit, 5-bed inpatient department, and 15 outpatient departments for consultation. It contains a pharmacy store and emergency care that remains open 24 hours a day. Its modern laboratories are equipped with the latest machinery like X-ray machines, ultrasound machines, CT scanners, and MRI scanners. This hospital is equipped with modern facilities and contains medical experts from all fields of medical health like gynecology, pulmonology, orthopedic surgery, and pediatrics. Hospitals' aim is not only to provide physical health to patients but also to provide mental and psychological health. In addition to other health care services, Aster Hospital Muhaisnah also provides treatment to COVID-19 patients. A screening and testing facility for COVID-19 patients is also available. WHY CHOOSE ASTER HOSPITAL MUHAISNAH? ● Aster Hospital Muhaisnah provides a comprehensive range of medical treatments for all the medical fields. ● This hospital provides global standard health care services to both local and international clients. It also provides top-notch facilities and medical services across UAE and Dubai. ● Highly skilled doctors and professional nurses are supported with high-end technologies and modern laboratories. ● Aster pharmacy outlet is also present in the hospital that provides comfort to patients. ● It features a 24/7 available pharmacy and emergency store. ● It features five treatment rooms, four emergency beds,15 outpatient departments, and five-bed inpatient departments. ● Private rooms and other twin rooms are equipped with all kinds of facilities like attached bathrooms, TV, bedside table, and a chair for patients' relatives. ● 24/7-hours contact support is also provided to patients. TOP MEDICAL SPECIALITIES OF ASTER HOSPITAL MUHAISNAH ● Pediatric Allergic Disease ● Arthroscopy ● Myomectomy ● Pleural Disease PEDIATRIC ALLERGIC DISEASE Allergies are the most common health problem and can affect everyone irrespective of gender and age. According to one statistic, allergies are the leading cause of death in the United States. The most common cause of allergies is genetics. These allergies can be of severe types. Most common allergies include ● Nasal congestion ● Ear infection ● Allergic rhinitis ● Food allergies ● Pollen allergies Treatment of pediatrics allergy depends on several factors like: ● Child's age and overall physical health ● The severity of the disease ● Child's capacity to tolerate any medication or injection Aster Hospital Muhaisnah is the best-recommended hospital for the treatment of pediatric allergies. Highly skilled pediatric doctors and nurses provide specialized treatment plans according to each child's condition. Generally, treatment is done through avoidance, medication, and immunotherapy. Diagnostic tests for allergies include skin tests and blood tests. Blood tests are performed in labs that provide quick and reliable diagnoses. Instructions are also provided to parents about avoidance of certain things. Immunotherapy injections are also given to children with severe allergic diseases. This process is also known as allergy shots. These injections are given one to two times per week. ARTHROSCOPY Arthroscopy is a type of surgical treatment that is used to treat joint diseases and damages via an endoscope. An endoscope is inserted into the joint with the help of a small incision. This procedure is done to diagnose and treat any joint disease like the knee, shoulder, elbow, and hip. It is used to treat: ● Damaged cartilage ● Inflamed joints ● Loose bone fragments ● Scarring in joints Best professional physiotherapists and surgeons are available in Aster Hospital Muhaisnah providing the best quality arthroscopy. Diagnosis is performed by a professional team of doctors. This surgery does not take a very long time. It usually takes about one hour to two hours. After the surgery, medications, protection, and exercises that can strengthen your muscles are prescribed by the doctors. MYOMECTOMY It is the surgical procedure in which fibroids are removed from the uterus. These are non-cancerous cells that develop in the uterus and can develop at any age. Several risks are associated with its treatment like scar tissue, pregnancy, and childbirth complications. These risks can be prevented by taking iron and vitamin supplements, hormonal treatment, and other methods. Aster Hospital Muhaisnah is considered the best hospital for gynecological treatments. Minimal invasive and modern techniques are available for myomectomy. Their gynecologic department comprises the best doctors. Proper diagnosis is done by the use of modern technology and then the treatment plan is finalized by a team of expert doctors. This hospital is highly recommended for those ladies having unexplained pelvic pain or unexplained fertility. PLEURAL DISEASE Pleural diseases are of several types. These types depend on several factors and conditions. It includes: ● Hemothorax ● Pleural effusion ● Emphysema ● Pleural tumors ● Pleurisy ● Pneumothorax Aster Hospital Muhaisnah provides high-quality treatment to patients with pleural diseases. Diagnosis is done through X-rays, CT scans, and several blood tests. Then treatment is planned regarding the patient's condition. Sometimes, the chest is opened to remove defective pleura, or the chest tube is placed. Physicians will decide whether they should go for surgical or non-surgical treatment according to the medical conditions of the patient. Aster Hospital Muhaisnah is the best-recommended hospital in the United Arab Emirates. Top-notch facilities are provided to patients. COVID-19 treatment is also given in the hospital. This hospital features a team of professional doctors and nurses. It possesses two fully equipped operation theaters and provides 24 /7-hours emergency care and contact support to all national and international patients.