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    Aster Prime Hospital, Hyderabad

    Telangana, India


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    • IgA nephropathy (Berger's disease)

    • Ewing's sarcoma

    • Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy

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    • Urine output measurements

    • Dialysis

    • X-ray

    • Computerized tomography (CT)

    • Bone scan

    • Internal hemipelvectomy

    • Laparoscopic cholecystectomy

    • Bronchoscopy

    • Tissue sample (biopsy)

    • Stereotactic body radiotherapy

    • Laparoscopic Hernia Surgery

    • Kidney biopsy

    • Blood tests

    • High blood pressure medications

    • Urine tests

    • High blood pressure medications

    • Medications to lower cholesterol levels

    • Mammography

    • Coronary Angiography

    • Radiotherapy


    Aster Prime Hospitals offer quaternary medical care with best-in-class technology and facilities on par with global standards to ensure world-class healthcare for all patients. As the leading healthcare provider, Aster Prime Hospital, Hyderabad, provides patients with the latest technological innovations for diagnosis and treatment of the most acute clinical conditions, highly skilled medical and nursing expertise, and round-the-clock personalized care promoting faster patient recovery. Aster Prime Hospital, Hyderabad, is a private, full-fledged, 204-bed multi-speciality hospital situated in the strategic neighborhood of Ameerpet in Hyderabad. As one of the pioneer corporate healthcare facilities in the state of Telangana, Aster Prime Hospital, Hyderabad, has always been at the forefront, offering healthcare services of international standards right here in Hyderabad, within the reach of its community. Aster Prime Hospital, Hyderabad, provides advanced diagnosis and treatment of chronic conditions. Aster Prime Hospital, Hyderabad, provides world-class services and meets international standards in safety, technology, and other facilities. Aster Prime Hospital in Hyderabad's highly skilled and trained medical staff works round the clock to ensure positive outcomes and faster recovery of patients. Aster Prime Hospital, Hyderabad, makes countless efforts to provide unparalleled care to its patients, and that’s why they are among the few entities in the world with a strong presence across primary, secondary, tertiary, and quaternary healthcare through their hospitals, clinics, and pharmacies. Aster Prime Hospital, Hyderabad, has a large capacity of 206 beds for the ease and comfort of patients. Aster Prime Hospital, Hyderabad, is well-known for its medical infrastructure, which is supported by ultra-modern technology. Aster Prime Hospital, Hyderabad, provides research-based care in a warm and comfortable environment. Aster Prime Hospital, Hyderabad, is continuously working to introduce better facilities to its patients.   WHY CHOOSE ASTER PRIME HOSPITAL HYDERABAD Aster Prime Hospital, Hyderabad, is working day and night by challenging its abilities and skills to take the hospital to higher levels. At Aster Prime Hospital, Hyderabad's stellar team of medical professionals and nurses treat every patient with respect, allowing them to recover to their fullest potential. Aster Prime Hospital, Hyderabad, uses ultra-modern technology to provide accurate diagnoses and the best treatment with a faster recovery rate. Aster Prime Hospital, Hyderabad, provides quality care at an affordable price. The priority of their team is to provide the best healthcare services. Aster Prime Hospital, Hyderabad, provides services closer to the customers through an extensive network of hospitals, clinics, diagnostic labs, and pharmacies. Aster Prime Hospital, Hyderabad, has established and maintained an ethical and comfortable work environment for the ease of their national and international patients.   TOP MEDICAL SPECIALITIES OFFERED BY ASTER PRIME HOSPITAL, HYDERABAD ·         Lung cancer ·         Laparoscopic hernia surgery ·         Chronic renal failure ·         Berger’s disease   • Lung Cancer Lungs are the spongy organs that function as an exchange system. It exchanges the carbon dioxide in the body with oxygen. Lung cancer is one of the leading causes of death worldwide. People who smoke greatly increase their risk of getting lung cancer. Quitting smoking can help reduce the risk of lung cancer. There are two types of lung cancer: small cell lung cancer and non-small cell lung cancer. The signs and symptoms of lung cancer do not occur in the early stages. They are shown when cancer is advanced. Common signs and symptoms of lung cancer may include: ·         Persistent cough ·         Blood during cough ·         Shortness of breath ·         Chest pain ·         Headache ·         Weight loss Aster Prime Hospital, Hyderabad, has the best team of medical cancer specialists who provide the latest therapies and treatment to patients. Its flawlessly perfected processes ensure that all sub-specialties work in unison to deliver world-class cancer care. Aster Prime Hospital, Hyderabad's latest technologies, infrastructure, and systems are comparable with the finest in their class and category.   • Laparoscopic Hernia Surgery In this technique, tiny cameras are inserted into the abdomen (near the umbilical cord) through diminutive incisions. Laparoscopy is usually performed to diagnose the cause of pelvic or abdominal pain. It can also be used to accomplish various surgical tasks, including the removal of damaged organs. In laparoscopic hernia surgery, the captured images are used by surgeons to repair hernias. The recovery process for this surgery is fast, easy, and painless. Aster Prime Hospital, Hyderabad, provides qualified and expert male and female laparoscopic surgeons. Aster Prime Hospital, Hyderabad, laparoscopic surgeons are famous for their holistic treatments because their treatments are completely safe, resulting in a complete and faster recovery.   • CHRONIC RENAL FAILURE Kidneys are the vital organs of the human body that filter all the waste and excrete it via urine. When the kidneys fail, all the waste products and toxins accumulate in the body. The treatment of chronic kidney failure depends on the underlying cause. Usually, the end of treatment is dialysis. Common symptoms may include: ·         Nausea ·         Vomiting ·         Loss of appetite ·         Swelling of feet and ankle ·         High blood pressure ·         Chest pain Aster Prime Hospital, Hyderabad, is a state-of-the-art hospital with modern infrastructure and the most updated technological equipment, backed by a dedicated and skilled team of nephrologists, renal transplant surgeons, anesthetists, critical care experts, and renal pathologists. Aster Prime Hospital, Hyderabad, offers a wide range of therapeutic technology for hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis. At Aster Prime Hospital in Hyderabad, experts have performed over 10,000 successful kidney transplants so far. Aster Prime Hospital, Hyderabad, is equipped to provide high-precision robotic surgery services to patients of all ages. Robotic surgery allows their doctors to perform many types of complex procedures like nephrectomy and reconstructions with more precision, flexibility, and control than conventional techniques.   •    BERGER'S DISEASE It is a rare disease in which the blood vessels of the upper and lower limbs swell. When vessels become thick and swollen, they become clogged with blood clots. This eventually damages the skin tissues and may lead to infection. This disease is mostly found in cigarette and tobacco smokers. Quitting smoking can remarkably decrease the risk of getting this disease. Signs and symptoms of Berger’s disease may include:  Tingling and numbness in hands and feet ·         Pale or bluish hands and feet Arm, hand, leg, and foot pain ·         Inflammation ·         Painful open pores Aster Prime Hospital, Hyderabad, has well-developed and fully equipped emergency and critical care units for the treatment of Berger’s disease. The medical staff at Aster Prime Hospital, Hyderabad, always strives to provide patients with the highest quality emergency care and services in an efficient and timely manner. Aster Prime Hospital, Hyderabad, is a multi-specialty hospital that is recognized as the best hospital in India regarding management, technology, and other services. The globally accredited comprehensive critical care service at Aster Prime Hospital, Hyderabad, provides a complete solution for those who suffer from life-threatening illnesses. Aster Prime’s world-class Centers of Excellence (COE) are an amalgamation of experienced doctors, state-of-the art technology, and the highest level of patient care and treatment. Our COEs ensure that every aspect of your care is seamless, and the team of experts works together to provide the care you need. Aster Prime Hospital, Hyderabad, has some of the best specialty doctors from around the world. They bring years of experience and offer evidence-based treatment to ensure the best care for you. Through its 25+ specialties, Aster Prime Hospital, Hyderabad, provides in-depth expertise in the spectrum of advanced medical and surgical interventions. At Aster Prime Hospital, Hyderabad, specialties are integrated to provide a seamless experience. Aster Prime Hospital, Hyderabad, ensures to provide the highest quality of care and a transformative experience for all your healthcare needs. Aster Prime Hospital, a multi-specialty hospital in Hyderabad equipped with specialized doctors and world-class technology, brings global standards of medical care to our patients.