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    Bangkok Hospital Siriroj

    Chang Wat Phuket, Thailand



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    • Breast Augmentation

    • Glaucoma

    • Acute respiratory infection

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    • Breast Augmentation

    • Vision screenings

    • Tonometry

    • Eyedrops

    • Medications

    • Fractional Resurfacing laser

    • Panoramic X-ray

    • Adenoidectomy

    • Non-sedating antihistamines

    • Ovarian Cyst Removal

    • CT

    • MRI

    • Injections

    • Arthroscopic surgery

    • Bone densitometry

    • Bone x-ray

    • Biophosphonates

    • Prostatectomy

    • Orchiopexy

    • Urine tests


    The Bangkok Hospital Siriroj is one of the most reputable and reliable hospitals in all of Thailand. It is situated in Chang Wat Phuket in Thailand. This hospital was established in 1982 and has since then tried its absolute best to maintain international care standards which make the hospital reliable not only for the locals but also for people in other regions of Thailand and tourists from all over the world. The Bangkok Hospital Siriroj boasts of providing the highest quality care to their patients and is working to become a one-stop solution for any ailment that people are suffering from. WHY CHOOSE BANGKOK HOSPITAL SIRIROJ? There are a myriad of reasons why Bangkok Hospital Siriroj is amongst the best hospitals in all of Thailand. Here are some of them: · Being a Thai Hospital, the Bangkok Hospital Siriroj went the extra mile to incorporate their traditions of Thai hospitality into the hospital environment. Instead of having a cold, sterile, and clinical feel, this hospital has a certain warmth for the patients which helps them relax and put their faith in the capabilities of the hospital. · This hospital handles hundreds of thousands of patients from different parts of the world every year. · It started as a local hospital with humble beginnings but eventually climbed up to modern, international standards and they did this by gaining the trust of their local patients, who encouraged the hospital to climb to greater heights under the name of Bangkok Hospital Siriroj. · The Bangkok Hospital Siriroj is being managed by the Bangkok Dusit Medical Services Public Company Limited (BDMS) which is Thailand’s largest network of hospitals. · It offers comprehensive care to all of its patients, whether they are locals or international tourists. It has evolved to become a one-stop solution to all of the patient’s concerns. · They boast of various services, including 24-hour emergency care, Intensive care, a Trauma Center, Family Medicine, Dermatology, and also include South East Asia’s most prestigious cosmetic surgery services. · All their departments are run by highly trained, professional doctors and staff who have tremendous experience in dealing with all sorts of cases. · The Bangkok Hospital Siriroj also boasts of a Joint Commission International (JCI) certification which means that this hospital provides the best level of international healthcare facilities and further cement the trust that people have in this administration. TOP MEDICAL SPECIALTIES OFFERED BY BANGKOK HOSPITAL SIRIROJ While the Bangkok Hospital Siriroj provides comprehensive care to all their patients and all of their services are highly acclaimed, the following specialties are the absolute best that they offer: • Prostatitis • Knee Joint • Fractional Resurfacing Laser • Osteoporosis • Urticaria • PROSTATITIS Prostatitis is an infection of the prostate gland. In this condition, the prostate gland swells up and becomes inflamed. The prostate gland is present just below the bladder and when a person is going through prostatitis, the prostate gland becomes tender and painful, which causes difficulty in urination because of pain. Prostatitis is commonly caused by leakage of bacteria from the urinary tract into the prostate gland. Other causes include bacterial spread through the rectum or sexually transmitted diseases such as chlamydia, HIV, or Gonorrhea. Common treatments for prostatitis include prescribing antibiotics to manage the disease. People who undergo prostatitis are often at higher risk for acquiring prostate cancer. This is why doctors at the Bangkok Hospital Siriroj take special care of the patient and ensure that the disease exacerbates unnecessarily. • KNEE JOINT There are various diseases and conditions that can befall the knee joint. These include osteoarthritis (which is a degenerative disease), rheumatoid arthritis (which is an autoimmune disease), gout, and injuries such as ACL injuries, fractures, torn meniscus, and other issues such as a dislocated kneecap. All of these conditions can prove to be debilitating to a person and hinder mobility and everyday functions gravely. To properly and professionally deal with any of these diseases, you need the help of highly trained professionals who can diagnose the problem with their tremendous experience and also help to treat it effectively. Such problems can be dealt expertly by the accomplished doctors and healthcare professionals at Bangkok Hospital Siriroj. Their professionals provide efficient treatments with excellent care to ensure the faster and reliable recovery. • FRACTIONAL RESURFACING LASER Fractional resurfacing is a non-invasive, laser-based treatment for aging skin. It is done with the help of high-level technology and only performed by the most professional and experienced healthcare professionals. Only the best hospitals in the world can be trusted to deliver such a high level of treatment, and the Bangkok Hospital Siriroj is one of those hospitals. Patients from all over the world choose Bangkok Hospital Siriroj for fractional resurfacing treatment. Their procedure is always safe, effective, and secure, resulting in desired results and outcomes. • OSTEOPOROSIS Osteoporosis is a debilitating condition related to the bone in which the body loses too much of the bone structure and is unable to replenish. These conditions often develop due to calcium deficiency and eating disorders. There are a large number of treatments that can be deployed for osteoporosis. These include the use of bisphosphonates, hormone therapy, monoclonal antibody medicines, and bone-building medicines. Naturally, you need highly-trained specialists to help with osteoporosis so you can be prescribed the proper medication. You can find quite a few of these highly trained specialists in Bangkok Hospital Siriroj who will ensure the patient only receives the best quality of care. • URTICARIA Urticaria, commonly known as hives, are itchy, red welts on the skin that occur due to an allergic reaction mostly. They can occur repeatedly as long as the skin is reacting. It is a relatively common occurrence that can be a source of fright to the patient. You need a highly trained doctor to determine the cause of the reaction and prescribe antihistamines. You can easily find these professional doctors at Bangkok Hospital Siriroj. Despite their traditional welcoming customs, Bangkok Hospital Siriroj practices the highest levels of modern medicine to ensure that their patients only receive the best level of care.