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    Bangkok International Dental Center (BIDC)

    Krung Thep Maha Nakhon, Thailand


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    Bangkok International Dental Center Co., Ltd. (BIDC) was established with the aim of forming global alliances with a global management perspective and placing our dental center and dental clinics in Bangkok on the world scene. Bangkok International Dental Center's vision and mission are to be a leading international dental care provider in Thailand. BIDC Bangkok Dental Clinic treats residents and visitors seeking dental treatments and dental specialists' skills. The BIDC building is seven stories tall and equipped with the latest dental and medical technologies. There are over 20 treatment rooms, a team of over 40 dentists, and on-site outsourced in-house laboratories. Bangkok International Dental Center (BIDC) is one of the first private dental centers in the Asia Economic Community (AEC) to be Joint Commission International (JCI) accredited (USA). The JCI certifications indicate that BIDC Dental Center follows international level standards for infection prevention and control, patient, facility, and medication safety.   BIDC is also ISO 9001-certified for its dental services and sterilization processes. Bangkok International Dental Center has been featured on television, in newspapers, and in magazines as a leading dental center in Thailand.   Bangkok International Dental Center's expertise is in the areas of dental implants, cosmetic dentistry, and non-visible orthodontic treatments. BIDC is an award-winning dental center, having received the prestigious Prime Minister Export Award, Thailand's highest governmental award granted to Thai companies and SMEs. This recognizes BIDC as a market leader in dental tourism, catering to international patients and expatriates. Other awards received by BIDC include the Bai Po Business Award for quality, customer focus, and branding. BIDC is accredited by Joint Commission International (JCI), the international section of the United States' Joint Commission organization that reviews and accredits American hospitals on safety and quality. The JCI checklist includes over 100 standards covering areas from surgical hygiene to the primary source verification and privileging of dentists. The certification by a world-renowned third-party organization indicates the dedication of BIDC’s focus on quality and safety. Bangkok International Dental Center was the first dental clinic in Thailand to achieve JCI accreditation in 2010, marking a remarkable accomplishment for the country. Bangkok International Dental Center has maintained the JCI standards evaluation using evidence-based measurements for its quality and safety processes over the past 10 years. This means that the treatment and quality standards you receive at BIDC use the same standards as those in the USA. Bangkok International Dental Center is one of the first medical centers within Thailand to accomplish the American-based JCI ambulatory care certification and sets the benchmark as a pioneer within the dental sector within Thailand. BIDC is also ISO-certified and has received numerous distinguished awards from both the public and private sectors. BIDC Dental Center and our dental network group received an endorsement for their quality services and trust. All of the dentists on the BIDC team are fully licensed by the Thai Dental Council to practice dentistry within Thailand. Many of our dental specialists are board certified in their area of specialty, whether they are local, from the USA, Australia, or Europe. Our team of dentists is assigned privileges. Each dentist is credentialed to perform only specified areas of dental treatments based on their qualifications and expertise. This ensures our patients that they are properly treated by qualified dentists who have been reviewed and evaluated. Dentists’ privileges are reviewed every three years. Our Thailand dental center verifies the education certificates of our dentists from primary sources. Bangkok International Dental Center is one of the few dental clinics with registered nurses caring for the health and dental treatment needs of our patients. Bangkok International Dental Center nurses are verified to have undergone and passed nursing certification exams to practice in Thailand. Nurses are re-certified every 5 years, and nurses at BIDC receive English language training and ongoing continuing training and education in caring for and ensuring patient safety. BIDC ensures patient safety by abiding by the strict clinical practice standards outlined by JCI standards and also by management standards from ISO 9001. BIDC has infection prevention and control checks in place to provide a clean, disinfected environment for each patient. Policies are in place to ensure that all our treatment rooms and equipment are properly set up and sterilized daily and after each use. The water used for patient treatment is ultraviolet and ozone filtered. Protective equipment and disposable items are consistently used where possible. BIDC believes that all our patients should have access to the latest proven diagnostic and treatment technology. Our Thailand dental center keeps itself abreast of the latest technologies and is equipped with the most modern equipment available on the market to ensure our patients get the best diagnosis and comfort.   WHY CHOOSE BANGKOK INTERNATIONAL DENTAL CENTER? Bangkok International Dental Center uses the upgraded 3M CAM/CAD computerized lave scan and milling machine for accurate color shade choice. Digital milling allows for more accurate and detailed crowns and bridges. Bangkok International Dental Center provides a safe and clean environment by implementing hygienic standards at the highest levels. Few dental centers in Thailand have CT scanners, and Bangkok International Dental Center is one of them. Advance CT scanning enables fast diagnosis and treatment facilities with less exposure to radiation. BIDC has a Carl Zeiss endodontic microscope, which provides more details for endodontic treatments by allowing the option of screen recording. For foreign patients, BIDC provides all the accommodations and travel facilities. Bangkok International Dental Center has a hotel in a dental building complex. All the professionals are very well versed in English so that they can consult with and provide treatment details to all the patients.   TOP MEDICAL SPECIALITIES OFFERED BY BANGKOK INTERNATIONAL DENTAL CENTER ·         Cosmetic dentistry ·         Orthodontics ·         Prosthetic dentistry ·         Dental implants • COSMETIC DENTISTRY Cosmetic dentistry is the term used for the procedure that improves the appearance of teeth and gums. It primarily focuses on improvements in dental aesthetics in color, position, shape, size, and alignment. Many cosmetic dentistry procedures are available according to the needs of the patient. Teeth whitening is the most common dental method for improving your teeth and smile. Teeth whitening is a fast, safe, and easy process that is effective for everyone. Dental bonding is a method used to reshape decayed, chipped, and cracked teeth. In this procedure, a putty-like resin is applied to teeth and dried by ultraviolet radiation. A dental surgeon then trims, reshapes, and polishes the teeth. A dental crown is a tooth cap that fits over the tooth and replaces the damaged tooth completely above the gum line.  Bridging: it is used to replace one or more missing teeth. Bridges can be made up of three teeth, and most of the bridges are fixed. Bangkok International Dental Center has a stellar team of professionals who have excelled in dentistry and cosmetic surgery. These American-certified professionals use ceramic zirconia crowns and bridges that provide more natural-looking teeth. BIDC also has a lab that gives timely results and quality control.   •    ORTHODONTICS Orthodontics deals with malpositioned teeth, misaligned jaws, and a misaligned bite structure. Some appliances like braces, space maintainers, lip and cheek bumpers, palatal expanders, and retainers are used in orthodontics to reposition the teeth. A person can eat everything with these appliances, but not some specific foods, including drinks, gum, hard candy, and sticky foods. This treatment helps improve chewing and speech function. It includes:  Reducing or completely removing the gaps between teeth  Sequencing the tips of teeth ·         Straightening crooked teeth  Improve the formation of words during speech. Bangkok International Dental Center provides a wide range of orthodontic treatments, which also include invisible appliances like clear braces, lingual braces, and Damon braces. This type of treatment is helpful for people who don’t want to show their dental appliances. Bangkok International Dental Center has a world-class team of specialists that have additional certificates in lingual and Invisalign techniques.   •    PROSTHETIC DENTISTRY Prosthetic dentistry replaces the missing teeth with prosthetics, including crowns and bridges. Moreover, maxillofacial prosthodontics deals with congenital and acquired defects of the head and neck. The artificial prosthetics are placed in the defective area or teeth and replaced by the original damaged ones. Removable prostheses are divided into two types: full dentures and partial dentures. The services provided by Bangkok International Dental Center under prosthetic dentistry are: ·         Dental implants ·         Dental crowns ·         Dental filling ·         Dentures ·         Dental bridges • DENTAL IMPLANTS Dental implants include the replacement of dental roots and teeth with artificial teeth that are functionally and structurally similar to the original teeth. The dental implants are set in the jawbone, where the implant can act as the root of a missing tooth. The dental implant surgery depends on the type of implant and jaw bone. The major benefit of dental implants is that they provide support for new teeth. Dental implants can be done if: The patient has one or more missing teeth. patient has adequate bone to secure the implant. patient has a healthy oral environment Patient does not have any bad condition that can affect the implant. patient wants to improve the formation of words during speech. Bangkok International Dental Center is one of the best dental centers in Thailand, with a maximum success rate for dental implants. It is among the few hospitals that use CT scans for accurate diagnosis of different conditions and treat them by utilizing advanced technologies. Moreover, it uses American Dental Association-approved implants that provide the best results in the world. Bangkok International Dental Center is the first dental center in Thailand and in Asian economic countries to receive accreditation from the Joint International Commission. It provides a full range of dental services in Thailand. A fully digital system and advanced technology are used to provide the best diagnostic and treatment services. Unlike many dental clinics in Thailand that market a wide varying price range for treatment fees, BIDC’s dental fees are kept standardized and transparent for our patients. There are no hidden facilities, service charges, or tax surcharges imposed. Foreign patients and local patients are charged the same non-discriminatory dental treatment fees. Our clear pricing policy provides our patients with peace of mind and assurance.