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    Basir Eye Center

    Tehran Province, Iran


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    • Cataract Surgery

    • Cataract

    • Lasik Eye Surgery

    • Ocuplastic Surgery

    • Eye Diseases

    • Corneal Refractive Surgery (both eyes)

    • Glaucoma Surgery

    • Strabismus

    • ICL/Artiflec Lens Implantation Surgery

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    Jamalzadeh Tehran Tehran Tehran Province Iran

    Basir Eye Center

    Tehran Province, Iran


    The Basir Eye Clinic, Iran's first ophthalmology center, opened its doors in Tehran in 1993. Experience, simplicity, and speed in diagnostic procedures, treatment, and surgery, collaboration with Iran's best ophthalmologists, reasonable prices, and high-quality services have all contributed to Basir Eye Clinic's reputation as one of the most promising and trustworthy sources for diagnosis, treatment, and eye surgery among the majority of people worldwide. The Basir ophthalmology clinic was founded in 1994 by Dr. Ahmad Shojaei Baghini as the country's first private center offering ophthalmologic services. Basir Hospital has over two decades of successful history and has always tried to use the most advanced technologies and methods to provide all types of eye medical services to its patients. Around the same time, the hospital team decided to bring the Excimer laser system to Iran. The Excimer system is used to treat refractive issues of the eye, and according to our research, there was an increase in demand for it in the country at the time due to the system's newness. During these times, the eye center has assisted tens of thousands of eye patients in restoring their natural eyesight, making the clinic one of the few centers using this technology. Basir Eye Clinic's building, which had previously served as an office, was considered for this purpose, and the country's first excimer device was set up and operated, with the country's first field operation taking place in this very building. They decided to expand operations to include all ophthalmologic treatments two years after the clinic's inception. As a result, they were granted an operating permit by the Ministry of Health. Eventually, Basir Eye Clinic evolved into a specialist center where all eye-related medical procedures were performed. During those early years, the building was completely renovated, with all of the most recent equipment and devices imported from abroad. The high quality of services and high efficacy of medical treatments, combined with low costs, led to the hospital's popularity beyond its borders. Each year, thousands of foreign patients use the medical services of Basir Hospital. Basir Eye Clinic has two other branches in Shiraz and Kerman, both staffed with the best and most experienced eye specialists and nurses. Diagnostic services (angiography, visual field test, ocular motility test, amplitude scan (A-scan) and brightness scan (B-scan)), treatment services such as Lasik and femto-Lasik surgery, peripheral iridotomy, corneal transplantation, cosmetic surgeries (blepharoplasty and ptosis surgery, lens), and pre-treatment consultation, optometry, and tests are available at Basir Hospital. Basir Eye Clinic was the country's first eye clinic, and their goal has always been to be the best in terms of both specialty and equipment. To that end, they have attracted the best experts in various fields. Because of the nature of their activities and services, the clinic's work is added to on a daily basis, and as a result, they have expanded the center with new sections added each year. Basir Eye Clinic is a comprehensive center for advanced ophthalmology services. In the Basir Eye Clinic, the latest scientific and technological achievements of the day are used. The surgeons at the center are professors and elite ophthalmologists. Nearly 30 years of experience in providing the best eye treatments have made the center's staff a professional and reliable team. A patient who enters the center to treat their eyes does not need any out-of-center visits to do their job. Basir Eye Clinic is covered by basic and supplementary insurance, banks, and some institutions and organizations. Patient admission is done very quickly by advanced software systems related to insurance centers, both electronically and online. Primary examinations are performed at the clinics, and the diagnosis of the disease is provided to the patient. In cases where paraclinical services and imaging are needed to achieve an accurate description, this is done in the paraclinic section of the center. If the patient needs to be treated with laser therapy, including for retinal bleeding, this is done immediately by specialist physicians. If the patient has a refractive fault and decides to have refractive surgery (LASIK-LASIK), the necessary planning will be made. In Basir Eye Clinic, in addition to the common advanced excimer laser devices, the most advanced Femetto scanner laser (Zimmer Z8) is used. If the patient needs eye surgery for treatment, the operating rooms of the center are ready to perform it. In these rooms, the most advanced eye surgeries are performed using the latest technologies of the day. In Basir Eye Clinic, the ophthalmologists perform the requests of the clients in the best way possible. Normally, things like eyelid repair (blepharoplasty) are done in the operating room, but cases such as Botox injections and gels are done in a special clinic. Ancillary services such as contact lens clinics to prescribe soft and hard contact lenses, as well as colored contact lenses, optometrists, medical diagnostic laboratories, and cardiovascular consultation clinics are other services that are provided in the clinic in order to provide full services without having to go outside the clinic. In Basir Eye Clinic, our best efforts are to provide the best practices and performance of the treatment with superior quality and obtain the satisfaction of the majority of patients. And the audience is focused. Basir Eye Clinic hopes that our uninterrupted efforts will be accepted by our compatriots.