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    Beomeobom Oriental Medicine

    Daegu, South Korea



    All / Top Specialties

    • Student Management and Growth

    • Female Health

    • Oriental Medicine

    • Internal medicine, neuropsychiatric disease

    • Musculoskeletal Disorders

    All / Top Services

    • Baby Face Acupuncture

    • Pore Management

    • Weakness

    • Chronic Fatigue

    • Chronic Inflammation

    • Low Metabolism

    • Low Blood Circulation

    • Cold

    • Rhinitis

    • Gastrointestinal Disease

    • Fever

    • Sleep Disorder

    • Palpitations Chronic Headache

    • Migraine

    • Test-taker physical decline and stress

    • Headache

    • Abdominal Pain

    • Indigestion

    • Shoulder, Back, Neck pain

    • Chronic Fatigue

    Contact Information

    35 Dalgubeol-daero 492-gil Suseong-gu Daegu South Korea

    Beomeobom Oriental Medicine

    Daegu, South Korea


    Beomeobom Oriental Medicine, located at 2f, 35 Dalgubeol-daero 496-gil, Suseong-gu, Daegu, Republic of Korea, is a renowned healthcare institution specializing in traditional Oriental medicine. With a strong commitment to promoting holistic well-being and restoring balance in the body, Beomeobom Oriental Medicine has established itself as a trusted and respected name in the field. At Beomeobom Oriental Medicine, our team of highly skilled and experienced practitioners, led by Dr. Park Soo-jin, strives to provide exceptional care and personalized treatment plans to each individual. We combine ancient healing techniques with modern medical knowledge to address a wide range of health concerns and improve the overall quality of life for our patients. Our clinic offers a comprehensive range of services, including acupuncture, herbal medicine, moxibustion, cupping therapy, and dietary counseling. These therapies are tailored to suit the unique needs and conditions of our patients, with a focus on promoting natural healing processes and optimizing the body's innate ability to restore health. We prioritize patient-centered care and place a strong emphasis on building lasting relationships with our clients. We take the time to understand their concerns, medical history, and lifestyle factors to develop customized treatment plans that align with their individual goals and preferences. Our practitioners are dedicated to creating a comfortable and welcoming environment, where patients can feel at ease throughout their healing journey. Beomeobom Oriental Medicine also emphasizes the importance of continuous learning and innovation in the field of traditional Oriental medicine. Our team remains updated with the latest research and advancements, ensuring that we provide evidence-based and effective treatments to our patients. We actively engage in professional development and collaborate with other experts in the field to enhance our knowledge and expertise. As a leading Oriental medicine clinic in Daegu, we are committed to promoting the integration of traditional and modern healthcare practices. We work closely with other healthcare providers, including physicians and specialists, to offer comprehensive and complementary treatment options. Our dedication to collaborative care ensures that our patients receive well-rounded and holistic support for their health needs. Whether you are seeking relief from a specific condition or aiming to achieve overall wellness, Beomeobom Oriental Medicine is dedicated to helping you on your healing journey. We invite you to visit our clinic and experience the benefits of traditional Oriental medicine in a professional and compassionate environment.