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    BGN World Tower Eye Clinic

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    BGN Group is the largest group of ophthalmology clinics in South Korea and is equipped with the most advanced technology currently used in laser and cataract surgery (FDA and CE-approved). A combination of our technology and the highly skilled professionals employed by our clinic has allowed us to claim over 400 000 successful eyesight correction cases so far. BGN World Tower Eye Clinic is located in Lotte World Tower, one of the world's most prominent buildings in Seoul, South Korea. It is a leading facility for vision correction and eye surgery, with three infirmaries.It was founded in 2000. With competent ophthalmologists and skilled staff, it is considered one of the largest ophthalmology clinics in Korea. For the last 20 years, BGN World Tower Eye Clinic has provided excellent and satisfying services to national and international patients. From all over the world, celebrities and foreigners come here for various eye purposes. It allows avant-garde surgery and vision correction treatments with complete and pleasing postoperative care. With a great blend of technology and highly proficient surgeons, BGN has successfully completed 346,000 cases of vision surgery till now. Why choose BGN World Tower Eye Clinic? BGN World Tower Eye Clinic has received many honors for fulfilling patients' hopes and dreams. BGN World Tower Eye Clinic pledges to provide high-standard services with remarkable ease. For  successful eye procedures, BGN World Tower Eye Clinic has twenty-one world-class specialists and 300 trained staff members. BGN World Tower Eye Clinic has hired dedicated employees who are working persistently to introduce innovative technologies and modern equipment. With the most advanced cutting-edge technology, BGN World Tower Eye Clinic was recognized among Korea's best and most successful eye clinics. The ophthalmologists at BGN World Tower Eye Clinic are well reputed and certified by international institutes. They strive for perfection. To eliminate all the risks, they provide excellent postoperative care with regular monitoring. For foreign patients' convenience, BGN World Tower Eye Clinic has a bilingual staff providing support in both English and Russian. Eye specialists at BGN World Tower Eye Clinic apply safe and minimal eye-correcting procedures, ensuring the best outcomes. SPECIALIZED EQUIPMENT AT THE BGN WORLD TOWER EYE CLINIC The BGN World Tower Eye Clinic is fully equipped with contemporary and world-class technology to ensure the best surgical procedures. Every piece of equipment is FDA and CE-certified. The top specialized equipment used at BGN includes the following: ●       Pentacam ●       Pachymetry ●       Slit Lamp ●       OPTOS ●       VisuMax ●       TENEO 317 laser system ●       SCHWIND AMARIS 750 ●       FEMTO LDV Z8 TOP MEDICAL SPECIALITIES OF THE BGN WORLD TOWER EYE CLINIC The BGN World Tower Eye Clinic provides a complete range of eye-correcting facilities to its national and international patients. Top specialties provided by this center include: ●       Smile eye Surgery ●       Presbyopia ICL/Artiflex Lens Implantation Surgery ●       LASEK ●       Cataracts ●       Multifocal IOL SMILE Eye Surgery SMILE stands for Small Incision Lenticule Extraction. It is a newer, most innovative, ultra-modern, bladeless, and minimally invasive form of eye surgery. During this surgery, the slightest incisions are made for vision correction, ensuring minimal disruption to the surface of the eye. It is considered the least painful and safest method of vision correction. Certified specialists at BGN World Tower Eye Clinic utilize 4th generation low-energy lasers to obtain the best operating results. Keeping great concern for the patient's comfort and safety, they make small cuts of less than 1.5 mm. Till now, thousands of patients have successfully recovered by SMILE procedures of BGN. Patients claim that it was a life-changing treatment for them as it brought color to their lives. ICL/Artiflex Lens Implantation Surgery ICL (Implantable Collamer Lens) or Artiflex Lens Implantation is a standard method for vision correction. This surgery is usually recommended for patients with myopia and a thin cornea. During the procedure, quickly adjustable Artiflex lenses made of foldable silicon material are used to obtain the desired results in vision. Qualified and trained ophthalmologists at the BGN World Tower Eye Clinic make excellent visual outcomes by performing the Artiflex Lens Implantation surgery. BGN World Tower Eye Clinic uses minimally invasive techniques to ensure faster recovery and better outcomes. BGN World Tower Eye Clinic has 100% success rates, and their treatments give outstanding results with zero medical complications or health risks. PRESBYOPIA Presbyopia is the loss of the human eye's ability to focus on nearby objects. During this condition, the lens becomes stiff, leading to focus destabilization. It usually occurs due to age-related factors. Most people face this condition at an older age, and it starts worsening after the age of 65 or more. At BGN World Tower Eye Clinic, ophthalmologists use the following treatment approaches according to the conditions and medical requirements of the patients: ·         Corneal Inlays ·         Contact lenses ·         Eyeglasses ·         Refractive Surgery ·         Lens Implants MULTIFOCAL IOL Multifocal IOL, or Multifocal Intraocular Lens, is a unique type of prosthetic lens used for cataract surgery. These lenses enhance the outcomes of cataract surgery as they allow for spectacle independence and restore visual functions. Multifocal IOLs can be diffractive, refractive, or both. BGN World Tower Eye Clinic uses proper surgical techniques and more sophisticated multifocal intraocular lenses to improve patient expectations. For complete satisfaction, surgeons in this clinic provide an individualized and careful selection of lenses according to the patients' pre-existing conditions and visual needs. CATARACTS Cataracts are referred to as the cloudiness of natural human lenses. The clouded human lens causes blurred vision and changes bright colors into dull colors. This condition develops gradually and mostly starts in the late 40s or early 50s. It can affect one or both eyes. Common cataract symptoms may include trouble seeing at night, trouble with bright lights, double or blurry vision, and faded colors. BGN World Tower Eye Clinic uses cutting-edge laser technologies, innovative treatments, and advanced 3D lasers for successful cataract surgery with high precision results. They remove the natural eye lens and replace it with an artificial lens (intraocular lens), which remains a permanent part of the eyes. LASEK LASEK stands for Laser-Assisted Epithelial Keratomileusis. It is considered the safest type of laser surgery. It is used as an alternative to LASIK surgery. LASEK is well-known for treating all the common refractive errors of the eyes, including astigmatism, short sight (myopia), and long sight (hyperopia). BGN World Rower Eye Clinic has a specialized ophthalmology department with highly qualified, dedicated, exceptionally rated, and experienced eye surgeons. They accomplish the LASEK surgery with great precision to eliminate all the risks of tissue damage. To ensure the best outcomes with zero medical complications, they provide preoperative care, postoperative care, and regular monitoring. If you have any difficulty with your vision, see the best optometrists at BGN World Tower Eye Clinic for an immediate consultation. It is better to book an appointment right now to make the most of your time with your ophthalmologist.