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    BIO Plastic Surgery

    Seoul, South Korea


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    • Anti-aging

    • Ear Correction

    • Long Nose

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    • Anti-aging

    • Ear Anomalies

    • Long-Pointy Nose

    • Breast augmentation

    • Lower Blepharoplasty

    • Nipple reduction

    • Flat nose

    • Body Contouring

    • Epicanthoplasty

    • Mastectomy

    • Revision Rhinoplasty

    • Double Eyelids

    • Accusculpt laser

    • Face countouring

    • Eyelid Retraction

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    BIO Plastic Surgery has developed to become the main plastic surgery clinic in Korea today. The clinic has seen an ascent in the quantity of both Korean and worldwide patients year on year and has extended by this to deliver the best, full range of aesthetic and plastic surgery facilities. Their professional medical staff includes fully qualified plastic surgeons, dermatologists, anesthesiologists, and nurses. The BIO Plastic Surgery Clinic was founded in 2012, and since then, its skillful doctors and surgeons have completed more than five thousand operations per year. The BIO plastic surgery clinic has seven skilled doctors who have served their patients over the years; moreover, they have over 40 members of medical staff fulfilling their respected duties 24/7. There are about 23 beds in the clinic, and the clinic is fully equipped with the latest facilities for the patients as well as the visitors. Why Choose a BIO Plastic Surgery Clinic? The BIO plastic surgery clinic is the best and most affordable plastic surgery hospital in Korea. It is very beautifully constructed inside and out. A bioplastic surgery clinic is providing special care through the latest medical techniques. The bioplastic surgery clinic is doing its best to win the patient's confidence and satisfaction as the best plastic surgery clinic in Korea. What makes the BIO Plastic Surgery Clinic the best? The specialists at the BIO Plastic Surgery Clinic believe that everybody has a personal will to transform their face and body as they desire. This transformation can actually increase their level of confidence and make them feel even more charming. Plastic surgical methods are still not appreciated in most of the countries of the world; however, BIO Plastic Surgery Clinic, being the top plastic surgery hospital throughout Asia, is changing the lives of many people and looks forward to changing the lives of people in the coming years. Top Medical Specialties of the BIO Plastic Surgery Clinic BIO Plastic Surgery is committed to serving the patients with the best, and the clinic strives to deliver the highest quality medical services in a wide range of facilities. The top medical specialties offered by the Bio Plastic Surgery Clinic include: •    Epicanthoplasty • Eyelid Retraction • Nipple reduction • Long, pointy nose • Revision Rhinoplasty •    Anti-aging •    Accusculpt •    Mastectomy 1.    Epicanthoplasty Epicanthoplasty is the solution for correcting the epicanthic fold of the eyes. The epicanthic fold is the skin of the upper eyelids, which covers the inner corner of the eyes. Epicanthoplasty involves very small incisions on the inner corners of the eyes to get rid of the problem. The results are bigger, clearer eyes. People mostly do epicanthoplasty with double eyelid surgery to form much clearer, more beautiful, and more natural-looking eyes. This is one of the top specialties at the bioplastic surgery clinic. 2.     Eyelid Retraction  Eyelid retraction is a condition described by the upward relocation of the upper eyelid or the descending uprooting of the lower eyelid along these lines, uncovering the sclera (a white piece of the eye). Lower eyelid retraction might be a consequence of shallow orbits (deepened bony eye sockets), hereditary conditions, or certain qualities of the eyelid. Eyelid retraction can prompt a wider than usual opening of the eyelids, resulting in a wide-eyed stare and the drying of the eyes. This condition may bother the visual structure, cause visual discomfort, and have harmful impacts on the cornea. This method is performed by the specialist surgeons of the bioplastic surgery clinic. 3. Nippel Reduction Nipple reduction at the Bio Plastic Surgery Clinic is a medical procedure that includes diminishing the size of protruding or disproportionately huge nipples and managing overabundance tissue to make an aesthetically balanced breast. When performing a nipple reduction, the spotlight is all the more often on the projection, or stature, of the nipple. The measurement, or width, of the nipple can likewise be corrected during the procedure. If the breadth of the nipple is diminished, extra rectangular or wedge markings will be made on the top and lower parts of the nipple, rising to the measure of tissue to be eliminated. 4. Long, pointed nose If you have a pointy nose, it can be the cause of serious self-consciousness. The nose is a particularly unmistakable facial component, and even minor issues with form can greatly improve things for your different highlights and, by and large, facial evenness. That is the point at which a rhinoplasty (nose work) might be ideal. This surgery is a top specialty at the bioplastic surgery clinic. 5. Revision Rhinoplasty Patients who are searching for a revision or optional rhinoplasty challenge the aptitudes and experience of plastic surgeons at the Bioplastic Surgery Clinic. Revision rhinoplasty applies to any patient who has recently undergone rhinoplasty at least multiple times and wants improvement in the appearance and frequently the functionality of the nose. These are among the most difficult cases aesthetic plastic surgeons in bioplastic surgery clinics face for many reasons. 6.    Anti-aging A facelift is an anti-aging surgical procedure that lifts and tightens sagging skin while eliminating many facial creases. This procedure, which is offered by the bioplastic surgery clinic, is particularly effective for the lower face and neck, where sagging skin can create the look of "howling" and significant wrinkling. However, some patients may experience an unnatural tightening in the mid-face area after this procedure due to volume loss that can result in a flattened look. 7.    Accusculpt Accusculpt is a treatment of the face with a lipolysis laser that melts and removes fat cells accumulated in the face. It is intended to contour the cheeks and neckline, decrease sagging, and eliminate jowls. Acculift is the first laser lifting technique using an Accusculpt laser, which uses 1,444nm wavelengths to melt delicate areas' fat to create a V-line face. This treatment of the face is offered at a bioplastic surgery clinic in Korea. 8.    Mastectomy Mastectomy is a procedure performed at the Bio Plastic Surgery Clinic to prevent or treat breast cancer. In this process, all cancerous tissues can be removed to treat cancer. In the early stages of breast cancer, a mastectomy may be one treatment option. Breast-conserving surgery, in which only the tumor is removed from the breast, may be another option.