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    BLK Super Speciality Hospital

    Delhi, India


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    • Heart disease

    • Bladder Cancer

    • Device Closure of Atrial Septal Defect(ASD)

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    • EKG-TMT

    • Valve Repairs

    • Coronary CT

    • Total Arterial Coronary Bypass Surgery

    • Ultrasonography

    • Tnasurethral resection of prostate

    • Device Closure of Atrial Septal Defect(ASD)

    • Abdominal CT

    • Kidney Transplantation

    • Disk replacement

    • Biventricular pacemaker (Heart failure pacing)

    • X-ray

    • Arthroscopy & Sport Medicine Center

    • Blood test

    • Pediatric Bone Marrrow Transplant

    • Brain MRI

    • Anterior cervical microdisectomy

    • Stenting of COA

    • Foot Injury Treatment

    • PET-CT


    BLK Super Specialty Hospital is an esteemed private hospital located in Delhi, India. With a capacity of 650 beds, 125 critical care slots, and a total of 17 state-of-the-art operation theaters, this hospital offers a large variety of services and facilities to its patients and makes sure all their healthcare needs are taken care of. BLK Super Specialty Hospital is a tertiary healthcare hospital that aims to be the leading provider of high-quality health care and believes in excellent patient care. BLK Super Specialty Hospital is passionate about its aim, which is to offer the best experience to every individual that visits the hospital to avail of its high-quality health services. The care and treatments provided by the highly trained medical staff at BLK Super Specialty Hospital make it one of the top hospitals in all of Delhi. Whether it is their high-quality, state-of-the-art equipment or their highly trained and compassionate medical staff, every visit you make to the BLK Super Specialty Hospital will leave you completely satisfied and content. largest private sector hospital in Delhi, India Spread over 6,50,000 sq. ft. 650-bed capacity; 125 critical care beds; 20 state-of-the-art modular operation theaters 1500 healthcare providers | 150 globally renowned super specialists | 300 medical experts One of Asia’s largest bone marrow transplant centers Advanced Robotic Surgery Systems Liver Transplant | Kidney Transplant | Heart Transplant | Centre for Bone Marrow Transplant | Cancer Centre | Heart Centre | Centre for Neurosciences | Centre for Renal Sciences & Kidney Transplant | Centre for Chest and Respiratory Diseases | Centre for Child Health | Centre for Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery | Centre for Critical Care | Institute for Digestive & Liver Diseases | Institute for Bone, Joint Replacement, Orthopedics Spine and Sports Medicine | Radiology & Imaging Institute BLK Super Specialty Hospital has a unique combination of best-in-class technology put to use by the best names in professional circles to ensure world-class health care to all patients. BLK Super Specialty Hospital is one of the largest tertiary care private hospitals in the country, with 650 beds and a five-acre footprint. BLK Super Specialty Hospital has consistently ranked among the Top 10 Multi-Super Specialty Hospitals in Delhi NCR. The outpatient services are spread over two floors with 80 consultation rooms. All ambulatory services have been designed with the intent to create dedicated aides for all specialties, with their interventional services in close proximity. Therefore, whether it is the proximity of diagnostic services and a blood bank to the emergency room or one of the best endoscopy suites to ensure timely and efficient services, Specialized Centers at BLK Super Specialty Hospital Bone Marrow Transplant Center • Cancer Center • Child Health Center • Critical Care Center • Heart Center • Neurosciences Center • Chest and Respiratory Diseases Center • Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery Center • Renal Sciences and Kidney Transplant Center • Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Center Why choose BLK Super Specialty Hospital? 1. Latest Technology: The latest technology offered at BLK Super Specialty Hospital, like Signa Artist MRI machines, computer navigation systems for joint replacement, Revolution Frontier CT, Flat Panel Combo Cath Lab with 3-D reconstruction, 3D and 4D ultrasound machines, Dual Head SPECT CT with variable angle gamma cameras, and the latest generation of PET-CT Robotic Surgery System and TomoTherapy System, ensures a highly satisfactory and stress-free diagnosis and treatment plan. 2. Well-Trained Professionals: The staff at BLK Super Specialty is highly compassionate and friendly towards its visitors, along with being focused and highly trained to carry out their assigned jobs. From the doctors to the nurses to the health staff, you will find each person more than capable of carrying out their duties in a responsible manner. 3. Cost-effective: BLK Super Specialty Hospital ensures the provision of high-quality services to its patients in a cost-effective manner. The services offered at BLK Super Specialty Hospital are not only at reasonable rates but also offer the patients multiple payment options. 4. Quality Health Care: BLK Super Specialty Hospital believes in providing high-quality services to its patients, whether it is for a diagnosis or a full-on surgical treatment. 5. Long-Term Health Care: The health care planning at BLK Super Specialty Hospital is not only concerned with finding short-term solutions for one acute problem but also believes in providing a long-term and complete health and wellness plan for its patients. BLK Super Specialty Hospital has 20 state-of-the-art, well-equipped modular operating rooms with three-stage air filtration and gas scavenging systems to ensure patient safety. All the operation theaters are equipped with best-in-class pendants, operating lights, anesthesia workstations, and an advanced information management system.   BLK Super Specialty Hospital has one of the biggest critical care programs in the region with 125 beds in different intensive care units, including medical, surgical, cardiac, pediatric, neonatology, neurosciences, and organ transplant. All critical care beds are in the close vicinity of the Operation Theatre complex for easy accessibility and continuity of care. Each critical care unit is equipped with high-end patient monitoring devices, ventilators, and dedicated isolation rooms. By the bedside, facilities for hemodialysis, CRRT, SLED, endoscopy, and bronchoscopy are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The specialties offered by BLK Super Specialty Hospital 1. Cardiac Device Implantation 2.       Brain Cancer 3. Biventricular Pacemaker (Heart Failure Pacing) 4.       Arrhythmia 5.       Foot Injury Treatment 6. Disk Replacement Cardiac device implant Cardiac Device Implantation is a procedure that is characterized by the implantation of devices like pacemakers, cardioverter defibrillators, cardiac loop recorders, and biventricular pacemakers into an individual to help them manage numerous heart-related conditions, including heart failure and rhythm disorders. BLK Super Specialty Hospital proudly specializes in cardiac device implantation and has a history of successful implantation procedures and satisfied customers. The cardiac team at BLK Super Specialty Hospital is led by a highly specialized team of doctors who not only ensure a safe surgical process but a quick and pain-free recovery after the procedure. Brain Cancer Brain cancer is characterized into two types depending on the type of growth of the cancer. Brain cancer may be malignant or benign in nature and is usually associated with numerous symptoms, including seizures, excessive sleeping, a state of confusion, and various behavioral changes. At BLK Super Specialty Hospital, the plan and course of treatment for brain cancer are carefully made after considering numerous factors, like the age of the patient, history of previous illnesses, and general health. The treatment methods include surgery, radiation therapy, and chemotherapy. Biventricular Pacemaker A biventricular pacemaker is a device that is usually required by the body in the case of cardiac functional difficulties. The purpose of the pacemaker is to generate impulses that are transferred to the heart muscles. These impulses allow the cardiac muscles to contract, in turn regulating the pumping function of the heart. BLK Super Specialty Hospital has a history of very successful biventricular pacemaker implantation. The procedure is conducted in such a manner that both the doctor’s advice and the patient’s preferences are considered. This helps ensure a satisfied patient, along with the determination of a treatment plan that would be personalized for the patient. Arrhythmia An arrhythmia is a condition of the heart that is characterized by an abnormal rate of rhythm. This abnormality may present itself as a very fast heartbeat, a very slow heartbeat, or simply an irregular heartbeat. While a fast heartbeat is known as tachycardia, a slow heartbeat is referred to as bradycardia. At BLK Super Specialty Hospital, the highly specialized team of health professionals ensures that your arrhythmia is taken care of with the right treatment plan after assessing the type and severity of the condition. The treatment options that are usually offered for this include medications, electrical devices, surgical procedures, and lifestyle alterations. Foot Injury Treatment A foot injury is a common condition that is usually associated with sports, hiking, or an overall active lifestyle. The three common types of foot sprains include: 1. Minor foot sprains are characterized by small ligament tears. 2. Moderate Foot Sprains: Characterized by large ligament tears 3. Severe Foot Sprains: Characterized by detached and completely damaged ligaments. BLK Super Specialty Hospital specializes in foot injury treatment due to its team of highly professional doctors and nurses and the availability of the latest technology, which helps determine the extent of your injury. Disk Replacement The human spine is made up of numerous vertebrae that are separated from one another with the help of disks. In the case of an injury or severe damage to the disk, a disk replacement surgery can help provide relief to the patient. When you come for your disk replacement at BLK Super Specialty Hospital, you will be welcomed by their highly compassionate and supportive staff, who will first diagnose you by taking a proper medical history, performing a physical examination, and using different diagnostic tools like MRIs, CT scans, and serum testing. After diagnosing the nature of the disk damage, the best treatment plan is carefully crafted. State-of-the-art equipment at BLK Super Specialty Hospital • TomoTherapy System • PET/CT scan • Robotic Surgery System • Computer Navigation System • Endoscopy Suites •    MRI • A CT scans • Cath Lab • Bronchoscopy Suite • Nuclear Medicine •    Blood Bank Liver and renal transplant centers have been equipped with dedicated ICUs with individual Hepa filters, specialized instruments and equipment, a Veno-venous bypass system, and dedicated anesthesia equipment.   BLK Super Specialty Hospital has specialized birthing suites with telemetric fetal monitors to follow the progression of labor and also the facility for the family to stay with the patient during the labor. A dedicated operation room adjacent to the labor room helps shorten the response time in case there is a need to conduct the delivery through surgical means. A factor of great importance to the hospital was the health of the community. Enthusiastic doctors held camps and public health talks to improve the status of community health in the area.