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Braun Plastic Surgery

Seoul, South Korea



All / Top Specialties

  • Nose Surgery

  • Body Lift

  • Eye Surgery

  • Front Cheekbone Surgery

  • Face contouring

  • Breast augmentation

  • Male Plastic Surgery

All / Top Services

  • Protruded chin revision surgery

  • Cheekbone fixed short chin

  • Cheekbone revision surgery

  • 3D CT rhinoplasty

  • Male Rhinoplasty

  • Revision Rhinoplasty

  • Motiva breast augmentation

  • Inverted nipple correction

  • Breast Reduction

  • Male genioplasty

  • Male blepharoplasty

  • SMAS Contour Lift

  • V-Line square jaw surgery

  • Mini V-Line

  • Mini Liposuction

  • Triple liposuction

  • Accusculpt Liposuction

  • Hip-up surgery

  • Dual under-eye fat rearrangement

  • Epicanthoplasty

Contact Information

3f 857 Nonhyeon-ro Gangnam-gu Seoul South Korea


Braun Plastic Surgery is dedicated to providing the best results and medical services, with a primary focus on customer satisfaction. The clinic is committed to continuously developing advanced medical technologies through research and design, always taking into consideration the feedback and preferences of their customers to ensure more satisfactory outcomes. Braun Plastic Surgery aims to lead the beauty industry in Korea by delivering exceptional results to individual customers and becoming a recognized and esteemed plastic surgery clinic renowned for its commitment to beauty. At the core of Braun Plastic Surgery's values is the safety of their customers. They prioritize customer safety by operating an anesthesia system tailored to each individual under the supervision of experienced anesthesiologists. Braun Plastic Surgery guarantees safe and comfortable surgeries for their customers through the use of university hospital-level anesthesia equipment, state-of-the-art monitoring devices, and an aseptic management system. Additionally, the clinic has an uninterruptible power system (UPS) in place to ensure surgeries can be safely conducted even in the event of a power failure. Braun Plastic Surgery is constantly engaged in research to achieve the best results. Over the years, through extensive clinical experience and research, they have obtained 14 trademark applications in various surgical fields, including facial contouring, eye surgery, and rhinoplasty. Braun Plastic Surgery consistently produces exceptional surgical outcomes through its continuous research on advanced medical technologies. Customer satisfaction is of utmost importance to Braun Plastic Surgery. They take pride in the surgical skills of their medical staff, who are known for their commitment to safety and delicacy. With over 30,000 plastic surgery experiences, the clinic presents natural and luxurious surgical results. Thanks to the trust and support of their customers, Braun Plastic Surgery has received various brand awards. However, they do not rest on their laurels and continuously strive for customer satisfaction, constantly seeking to exceed expectations. Braun Plastic Surgery implements systematic management throughout the entire treatment process. Starting with pre-surgery limousine services and accommodation reservation assistance, they provide a 24-hour safety consultation call service after surgery. They also offer dedicated recovery rooms and hospital rooms for effective recovery management, along with a specialized swelling program to ensure a stable and faster recovery for their patients. The clinic has established a medical staff linkage system that allows for integrated analysis in various aspects through collaboration with medical staff in each specialized field. Braun Plastic Surgery is the only plastic surgery clinic that completes the concept of beauty through this comprehensive approach. The medical team at Braun Plastic Surgery is dedicated to researching and achieving the best beauty outcomes. They continuously engage in research and possess extensive know-how, leading to recognition of their excellence in the field. They have acquired trademarks and published books on facial contouring, solidifying their expertise and reputation. Braun Plastic Surgery's core competitiveness lies in several key areas that set them apart from other plastic surgery clinics. These factors contribute to their reputation and position as a renowned and trusted institution in the field of plastic surgery. Core Competitiveness 1: Acquisition of Surgical Method Trademarks for Each Field One of the significant strengths of Braun Plastic Surgery is the acquisition of surgical method trademarks for each field. Through years of clinical experience, research, and innovation, they have developed unique techniques and approaches in various surgical areas, including facial contouring, eye surgery, and rhinoplasty. By securing trademarks for these methods, Braun Plastic Surgery demonstrates their expertise, originality, and commitment to offering exceptional results to their patients. Core Competitiveness 2: Publication of the Facial Contouring Book by CEO Kim Tae-gyu The publication of a facial contouring book by CEO Kim Tae-gyu further highlights Braun Plastic Surgery's core competitiveness. The book serves as a testament to their expertise in facial contouring procedures and showcases their in-depth knowledge and skills in this specialized area. By sharing their insights and techniques in a published work, Braun Plastic Surgery establishes itself as a leading authority in the field, earning the trust and admiration of both patients and industry peers. Core Competitiveness 3: Continuous Research Papers and Academic Activities Braun Plastic Surgery remains at the forefront of plastic surgery by actively engaging in continuous research and academic activities. Their commitment to advancing the field is demonstrated through their participation in conferences, seminars, and scholarly publications. By staying up-to-date with the latest advancements, conducting research studies, and contributing to academic discourse, Braun Plastic Surgery consistently expands their knowledge base, refines their techniques, and enhances their ability to provide the best possible outcomes to their patients. The combination of these core competencies is what has made Braun Plastic Surgery famous and renowned in the industry. Through ceaseless research, innovation, and continuous learning, they have established themselves as leaders in the pursuit of beauty. Braun Plastic Surgery's dedication to studying and achieving the best beauty outcomes is evident in their unique core competencies and the recognition they have garnered. Braun Plastic Surgery's focus on customer safety, advanced medical technology, systematic management, and commitment to customer satisfaction also contribute to their overall competitiveness. By prioritizing customer safety and comfort, Braun Plastic Surgery provides a secure and comfortable surgical experience for their patients. They invest in state-of-the-art equipment, maintain high standards of hygiene, and ensure the presence of experienced anesthesiologists throughout the procedures. Moreover, Braun Plastic Surgery's emphasis on advanced medical technology and continuous research enables them to stay at the forefront of their field. Through trademarked surgical methods, they offer distinctive approaches that deliver superior results. By publishing a facial contouring book, they share their expertise with a broader audience, establishing themselves as experts in this specific area. Their engagement in research papers and academic activities demonstrates their commitment to advancing the field and maintaining excellence in plastic surgery.