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    BST Plastic Surgery Clinic

    Seoul, South Korea

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    • Revision Rhinoplasty

    • Breast Lifting

    • Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck)

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    • Revision Rhinoplasty Surgery

    • Breast Lifting Surgery

    • Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck)

    • Blood Chemistry and Blood Count

    • Non-invasive Body Contouring

    • Non-invasive Body Contouring

    • Flat Nose Surgery

    • Short Nose Rhinoplasty

    • Breast Reduction Surgery

    • Incisional Eye Shape Revision

    • Comprehensive Eye Exam

    • Nose Surgery

    • Mini Liposuction

    • Breast Augmentation Surgery

    • Hip-up Surgery

    • Stress Test

    • Diagnostic Mammogram

    • Asian Blepharoplasty (Double Eyelid Surgery)

    • Aquiline Nose Surgery

    • Nipple and Areola Surgery


    "The Pride of Body Type Plastic Surgery Specializing Hospital" BST is oriented toward a body type specializing hospital, and the long-term know-how of the representative director, Na Ok-ju, and the latest equipment and facilities necessary for the operation of each part will give you an upgraded satisfaction. Detailed and Smart Customized Treatment System BST proceeds with professional counseling and surgery through a dedicated 1:1 system, and provides high-quality medical services that suit each individual through skilled knowledge and delicate surgery based on long-term know-how. Systematic and Professional Total Care System Successful surgery is not the end. BST Plastic Surgery Clinic will do the best to provide fast surgical recovery and high satisfaction with customized total care system tailored to each individual's surgical characteristics for satisfactory surgical results. Safe Management System Establishment As the basis of surgery, safety is a top priority at BST. BST Plastic Surgery Clinic strive to provide safer and more satisfactory results by conducting thorough personal hygiene and sterile disinfection of medical devices and equipment such as an air shower system and aseptic surgery room. BST Free Cell Stem Cell Mammoplasty BST Free Cell Stem Cell Mammoplasty is an effective mammoplasty that can complete your own breasts in a more new and safe way with TGI, the latest stem cell extraction equipment. Free Cell Stem Cell Mammoplasty, which is an interplay of the know-how and the latest powerful equipment, uses the latest equipment of the stem cell extraction equipment to extract only core stem cells from fat that is unnecessary to the body. Through BST's unique multilayer implant and fan branch implant method, the implant spreads evenly over the entire breast except for the mammary gland, which complements the inadequate engraftment rate of the existing general autologous fat transfer. It is BST's representative mammoplasty that has the effect of two. Scar Free Abdominoplasty BST's scar free abdominoplasty is a method that completes elastic and smooth waistline like before through liposuction and sagging skin resection. BST Scar Free Abdominoplasty Surgical Features Subcutaneous fat + subcutaneous fat layer removal. Removes the subcutaneous fat layer instead of simply reducing the amount of fat. Elasticity and line of S line made. Eliminates unnecessary fat with 3D designT. Source resolution of stretched out and sagging stomach fat. Eliminates the root causes from childbirth and aging. Abdominal muscle restoration. Rearranges loosened and spread out abdominal muscles. BST Scar Free Abdominoplasty Method Total Abdominoplasty (Upper abdomen & lower abdomen total type) It is appropriate when you need a total correction due to sagging skin in both upper and lower abdomen with the bellybutton as the base point. Total abdominal plastic surgery is performed when there is overall severe stomach skin sagging due to skin aging or extreme diet. The abdominal muscles, which were relaxed due to sagging skin, are made into slim and elastic line overall through the abdominal muscle and waistline muscle manipulationmethod. Mini Abdominoplasty (Sagging section focused type) It is appropriate when the sagging skin is limited to either upper or lower side with the bellybutton as the base point. If correction is needed in the lower stomach from the bellybutton or there is sagging intensively in the lower stomach due to giving birth or extreme diet, it partially cuts just the lower stomach tissues and tightens the loosened abdomen with abdomen muscle manipulation method. BST Freeism Hip Surgery The difference in skills makes the difference in results! Compared to Westerners, who are full of elasticity, Asians as a whole have less volume and they sag as it goes down, making the legs look shorter. Complementing the drooping hips and completing the apple-shaped voluminous hipline will bring your clothes back to life and you'll feel the change of your attractive back. When the hip is divided into upper and lower parts, implants are inserted to create the existing volume of the hip, and liposuction is done to make the boundary line between the thighs and the hips. After tidying up, a new hip is designed by implanting the suctioned fat into the upper part that has small volume and backbone of the hip. BST Freeism Hip Up Surgery Surgical Method HIP UP SURGERY USING IMPLANTS * Most of the time, implant is used to fill the volume and raise the hip line if overall hip volume is lacking. * 4-5 cm incision on the skin is made between the hips and implant is inserted under the muscle or fascia. * The surgery proceeds with anesthesia or monitored anesthetic care and there is no inconvenience after 4-5 days for daily activities. * Scar after surgery forms inside the backbone of the hip HIP UP SURGERY USING LIPOSUCTION AND TRANSPLANT * It is a surgery that extracts fat from the side line/banana line/thighs that have a lot of fat and transplanted to the necessary area to give volume. * It is effective for people who have dented hip joint or no volume from birth or acquired after birth. * In some cases, some of the fat may be absorbed, so additional procedure may be necessary. HIP UP SURGERY USING THREAD LIFTING * Suitable if there is some volume and little sagging. * Using a special elastic silicone thread, the subcutaneous fat of the sagging and stretched hips and the subcutaneous membrane can be pulled up to keep the sagging and stretched hips up to maintain volume. BST Freeism Hip Up Surgery Effects S line body line that is balanced. Body line comes to life through the S line that connects naturally from the back to the hips to thighs. Long looking legs effect. As the lower line of the hip is lifted, it makes the legs look longer. Hip up with elasticity. Removes unnecessary fat and adds volume and elasticity to the hips to complete the hip line. Complete back with improved fit of clothes. Tight clothes fit naturally with hip up volume and you can express a beautiful fit of clothes. The New, The Safe BST-BODY CENTER's Excellence Detailed and Thorough Surgery Minimized pain and fast recovery through careful and thorough surgery. BST Plastic Surgery's body type plastic surgery has a high satisfaction rate due to their safe and accurate surgery through the accurate data analysis that is done beforehand. Surgery that prioritizes safety Air shower, sterile surgery room, real-time monitor, thermostat, uninterruptible power supply, defibrillator of the level used in university hospitals in case of emergency, and various equipment are prepared. Special anesthesia equipment and safe anesthesia by anesthesiologists are conducted, so we are thoroughly prepared for any situation. Uses FDA Approved Genuine Implants Applies safe and genuine implants that has been approved by US FDA and Korea's KFDA. The satisfaction level is increased to each individual's characteristics.