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    Burjeel Hospital for Advanced Surgery, Dubai

    Dubai, United Arab Emirates



    All / Top Specialties

    • Thoracic endovascular aortic repair (TEVAR)

    • Total knee replacement

    • Periodontics

    All / Top Services

    • Thoracic endovascular aortic repair (TEVAR)

    • Dental X-ray

    • Cone beam computed tomography (CBCT)

    • Dental implant reconstruction

    • Chronic Venous Insufficiency (CVI)

    • CT scan

    • Decompression laminectomy

    • Electrocardiogram (EKG / ECG)

    • Cardiac Computed Tomography

    • Holter Monitoring

    • Physical examination

    • X-ray

    • Cardioverter-defibrillators (ICDs)

    • Exercise stress test

    • Bronchoscopy

    • Sputum cytology

    • Lobectomy

    • Chemotherapy

    • Endoscopy

    • Radiation therapy


    Burjeel Hospital for Advanced Surgery (BHAS) is Dubai's leading orthopedic specialty hospitals, known for its premium and avant-garde medical facilities in the region. This fully facilitated hospital is located on Sheikh Zayed Road, near Al Quoz Industrial 1, UAE. This hospital has 209 available patient beds and a 14 bed Intensive Care Unit set up along with the advanced equipment required for any medical emergency. It has 64-slice Computed Tomography (CT) scanner, Neuro-navigation Surgical Systems, and a High-end 3.0 Tesla MRI setup. 'UAE'S CHOICE FOR ORTHOPEDIC AND SPINE TREATMENTS' Healthy bones and joints are essential for our movement and help us perform everyday life activities. Our body has more than 200 bones. Pain or abnormality in any one of these can land us in front of an orthopedic surgeon. Orthopedic surgeons are doctors who deal with the medical conditions related to our musculoskeletal system and restore their mobility either with non-surgical or surgical treatment of injuries and diseases. Burjeel hospital is considered the best Orthopedic Hospital in Dubai and is trusted for its advanced medical and surgical treatment aimed at specific orthopedic cases. It currently has three state-of-the-art operation theatres with premium quality services offered in Joint Surgery, Hand Surgery, Sports Orthopedics, Spine Surgery, Pediatric Orthopedics, etc. Patients suffering from skeletal and muscular deformities get treatment from a team of highly skilled consultants in Burjeel Hospital for Advanced Surgery (BHAS), Dubai. The consultants practicing here are well recognized for their experience and expertise, nationwide and worldwide. Besides specialists and consultants, the nurses, therapists, and other clinical staff assisting them are also trained and experts in their field of bone care. Primary services and treatments available at the hospital include total joint replacements, spine operations, sports-related injuries, and chronic pain in the musculoskeletal system. HIGHLY SKILLED TEAM OF CONSULTANT ORTHOPEDIC SURGEONS AT BURJEEL HOSPITAL FOR ADVANCED SURGERY (BHAS), DUBAI The team of expert orthopedic surgeons and physicians working at Burjeel Hospital for Advanced Surgery (BHAS), Dubai are globally recognized for their top-class services. They use the most up-to-date procedures, including the latest non-surgical and minimally invasive arthroscopic techniques, to escalate the recovery process, manage pain, and treat all other orthopedic conditions of their patients. Some of their exceptionally rated surgeons and physicians include: • DR. BASIL AL SHAREF Dr. Basil Al Sharef is a highly experienced member of the orthopedic surgeon's team of Burjeel Hospital for Advanced Surgery (BHAS), Dubai. He is a specialist in complex reconstructive spine surgery, revision surgery, and scoliosis of adults and children. He tailors the treatment path according to every patient's requirement and tries his best to preserve the patient's natural joints (ligaments, cartilage, and bones) as much as possible. • DR. BHUVANESHWAR MACHANI Dr. Bhuvaneshwar Machani is also a renowned healthcare professional of Burjeel Hospital for Advanced Surgery (BHAS), Dubai. He is a consultant orthopedic surgeon with a specialization in upper limb treatment. • DR. HAROLD VANDERSCHMIDT Another specialist orthopedic surgeon of the Burjeel Hospital for Advanced Surgery (BHAS), Dubai is Dr. Harold Vanderscmidt. He is a specialist in arthroscopic surgery of the knee and shoulder. He has years of experience in treating orthopedic patients and is recognized for his expertise worldwide. • DR. GAVIN MALCOLM SPENCE Dr. Gavin Malcolm Spence is another highly skilled consultant surgeon who deals with pediatric orthopedic cases. He is specialized in dealing with infant deformities, limb lengthening, and pediatric trauma cases. SPORTS PHYSICIANS AT BURJEEL HOSPITAL FOR ADVANCED SURGERY (BHAS), DUBAI The team of sports physicians serving at Burjeel hospital is premium and matchless. The four very famous sports-related injury orthopedics are Dr. Erik Hohmann, Dr. KP Meda, Dr. Nader Darwick, Prof. Dr. Med. Matthias Honl. • DR. ERIK HOHMANN is a consultant orthopedic and trauma surgeon who can proficiently treat sports injuries with top care and expertise. • DR.KP MEDA treats sports-related and other foot and ankle surgeries and is an expert in his work. • DR. NADER DARWICK specializes in sports-related knee surgeries. • PROF. DR. MED. MATTHIAS HONL is an orthopedic consultant with a specialization in joint replacement and sports medicine. Patients getting treatment from these experts are confident that their consultant will always work towards helping them to achieve optimum mobility and surgical care of the uppermost standard. TOP MEDICAL DEPARTMENTS OF BURJEEL HOSPITAL FOR ADVANCED SURGERY (BHAS), DUBAI Besides providing ultra-modern medical facilities to Orthopedic patients, Burjeel Hospital for Advanced Surgery (BHAS), Dubai has other specialized departments as well, including: • Cardiology Department • Emergency and Trauma Care Department • General Surgery Department • Colorectal Surgery Department • Neurosurgery Department • Bariatric Surgery (Weight loss surgery) Department • Internal Medicine Department • Physiotherapy Department • Psychiatry Department • Dental Surgery Department • Oncology Department The doctors practicing in these departments treat patients suffering from urinary stone diseases, urological cancer, hypertensive heart diseases, non-invasive cardiology, periodontics, oral and maxillofacial surgery, lung cancer, and neurological disorders in adults and children. SPECIALIZED FACILITIES AT BURJEEL HOSPITAL FOR ADVANCED SURGERY (BHAS), DUBAI Besides having all the great qualities, a top-tier hospital should have, Burjeel Hospital for Advanced Surgery (BHAS), Dubai offers many other non-medical facilities for patients and their attendants, changing the hospital concept completely. The laminar airflow system at the hospital, practiced internationally, keeps the hospital sterile and reduces the risk of any infection. The ambiance and environment created there, works as a powerful tool to help patients nurture and heal quickly. Burjeel Hospital for Advanced Surgery (BHAS), Dubai provides comfortable accommodation along with the option of choice of meals for their patients. The hospital caters to its patients and attendants with TV inside rooms, Free Wi-Fi, vending machine, Concierge services, Cafeteria, a Kids' Play Area, restrooms, and other recreational facilities. Keeping everyone's comfort in consideration, Burjeel Hospital for Advanced Surgery (BHAS), Dubai has various payment methods available. Patients can either pay their bills through cash, credit card, mobile pay, beam, or debit card. This hospital also has an in-house pharmacy, which is open 24/7. With all the essential and advanced resources available at the hospital, it is undoubtedly a revolutionary healthcare-providing organization, catering its patients with the best treatment and diagnostic facilities. In addition to this, the friendly approach of the hospital staff, nurses, and all doctors make patients visiting the hospital feel comfortable and at ease. Burjeel Hospital for Advanced Surgery (BHAS), Dubai is known for its enduring efforts in bringing cutting-edge technology and world-class patient experience. The staff at this hospital always puts its patients first, and the policies, facilities, and pricing structure are developed, keeping in view the easement of its patients. The energy and dedication, and adherence to its goals have made the hospital a reputed organization and is valued worldwide.