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Carolina Medical Center

Mazowieckie, Poland






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Languages Spoken

  • English

  • Polski

Top Specialties

  • Bone fracture treatment

  • Postural disorders

  • Anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction (ACL reconstruction)

  • Integrative manual therapy

  • Shoulder Replacement

  • Critical limb ischemia (CLI)

  • Hip and Knee Surgery

  • Traumatic Nerve Injury

  • Discectomy

Contact Information

Pory 78, 02-757 Warszawa, Poland


Carolina Medical Center is one of the largest and the most contemporary private orthopedics and sports medicine tertiary-care hospitals in Europe. It is also well-known all around the world for its excellent healthcare. This hospital stays up to date with all the current global medical knowledge, diligently participates in conferences and symposiums, and their doctors' practice in well-known international medical centers. As the first private clinic, the Carolina Medical Center has been accredited by the Ministry of Health, which can carry out specializations and directions internship programs in traumatology and orthopedics. As the Carolina Medical Center is associated with LUX MED Group, the chief medical partner of Poland's Olympics Committee, this hospital is responsible for looking after the finest Polish athletes. Since its initiation in 1998, the Carolina Medical Center has been delivering the highest quality of medical services and the best safety and trust atmosphere to its patients. It is well-known as the leading medical center dealing with injuries and diseases of the locomotor system. This hospital also focuses on innovative scientific research projects to bring functional and inventive solutions for orthopedic problems. They aim to create a multifaceted educational and curative research facility that can be the epitome of medical clinics in Poland and the rest of the world. . Why choose Carolina Medical Center? • The Carolina Medical Center uses state-of-the-art medical technology to provide quick recovery and return to mobility. • It also offers many internships and training to medical health professionals all over the world. • The Carolina Medical Center is FIFA-certified and has also been accredited by the Ministry of Health of Poland to provide training to specialists in traumatology and orthopedics. • Since its inception, this hospital has provided almost 430,000 consultations and performed more than 20,500 surgeries. • The Carolina Medical Center also offers a diagnostic center equipped with CT, MRI, and X-ray machines. It also provides the facility of quick laboratory tests by collaborating with the best laboratories in the country. • There is a diagnostic imaging facility at the Carolina Medical Center managed by the best diagnosticians and radiologists. • Rehabilitation facilities are also available for the post-operative care of patients. These include manual therapy, physiotherapy, kinesitherapy, and several kinds of therapeutic massages. • This hospital focuses on an integrated system of management and treatment of patients by having close cooperation among various departments and provides an interdisciplinary approach to all the medical problems. • It also offers online consultations for patients abroad or those who cannot travel. Top Medical Specialties of Carolina Medical Center • Postural Disorders • Traumatic Nerve Injury • Critical Limb Ischemia (CLI) • Shoulder Replacement • Adult Knee Reconstruction • Integrative Manual Therapy • Bone Fracture Treatment • Hip and Knee Surgery • Transforaminal Endoscopic Lumbar Discectomy • Postural Disorders A postural disorder is a change of posture from normal alignment and anatomy. The podiatrists and orthopedics at Carolina Medical Center deal with all kinds of postural conditions such as scoliosis, kyphosis, hyperlordosis, forward head position, pelvic inclination, flat foot, valgus, varus, or hyperextended knee. Specialists in this center utilize a 3D video system and various other investigations to diagnose appropriately and then make a treatment plan for their patients according to their personalized needs and requirements. • Traumatic Nerve Injury Traumatic nerve injury can cause severe pain, burning, tingling, or total loss of sensation in the area of the body supplied by the nerve damaged. The renowned authority leads the neurosurgery team at Carolina Medical Center. They have an excellent team of neurosurgeons that use conservational or operative treatments planned according to customized patient's medical and health needs. • Critical Limb Ischemia (CLI) Critical limb ischemia (CLI) occurs due to severe obstruction of the lower limb arteries, resulting in markedly reduced blood flow. Minimally invasive endovascular procedures such as angioplasty and stents are used at Carolina Medical Center to treat critical limb ischemia. General and vascular surgery is a primary specialty at Carolina Medical Center, especially for treating diseases such as lower limb ischemia, blockage of coronary arteries, and aneurysms. This hospital is well equipped with state-of-the-art technology that assists in diagnosing and treating these vascular diseases. • Shoulder Replacement Shoulder replacement is a surgical procedure in which a prosthetic implant replaces the damaged shoulder joint. The orthopedic department at Carolina Medical Center is considered a top-tier facility in Poland and the rest of the world. Their traumatologists and orthopedics are highly competent and professional. Carolina Medical center was the first orthopedic clinic in Poland that performed orthopedic operations using arthroscopic techniques and has been the pioneer of many inventive methods that improve patient outcomes and satisfaction. • Adult Knee Reconstruction Knee reconstruction surgery is done to repair a damaged or torn anterior cruciate ligament (ACL). The goal of this surgery is to tighten the knee joint and return its stability. This is primarily done through an arthroscopic reconstruction method. Carolina Medical center offers total knee reconstruction to restore the mobility and function of the knee. Their orthopedics and rehabilitation medicine departments collaborate and, using the latest technology and surgical procedures, provide the patients with the best treatment options. • Integrative Manual Therapy Manual therapy is a form of treatment that applies pressure to specific body parts to restore muscular balance. It is used to treat back pains, joint, and soft tissue damage, sprains, postural defects, neuralgia, and post-operative pain. The Carolina Medical Center considers it to be the best rehabilitation method. Qualified orthopedics, diagnostician, physiotherapists, biomechanist, and motoric preparation coaches work together and form individualized treatment techniques for each patient. Manual practices and training sessions offered by the motoric preparation coaches have allowed Carolina Medical Hospital to be at the forefront in physiotherapy. • Bone Fracture Treatment Carolina Medical Center has a highly trained team of orthopedics, diagnosticians, and technicians available for patients 24 hours a day. Their orthopedics emergency room is well-equipped with world-class machinery, equipment, and specialists. They offer the latest imaging techniques (such as CT scan and X-ray) and injury management, including conservative management and surgical treatment. Their conservative management of fractures entails analgesia, immobilization of fractures, realignment of dislocation, and dressing. Surgical treatment comprises surgical fixation, realignment under anesthesia, and wound closure by sutures. • Hip and Knee Surgery The orthopedic department at Carolina Medical Center deals with adults and children suffering from all sorts of injuries and bone diseases. Some of the hip and knee surgeries performed at Carolina Medical Center include total hip replacement, resurfacing of the hip joint, knee replacement, meniscus damage, and repair of the damaged anterior cruciate ligament. The Carolina Medical center is renowned for its orthopedic department and has a team of well-trained and highly qualified surgeons, diagnosticians, nurses, and technicians. This hospital also has a rehabilitation department that focuses on a complete restoration of patient mobility.