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    Centro Medico Bautista

    Asunción, Paraguay


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    • Chronic Respiratory Failure

    • Amblyopia

    • Allergies

    • Laparoscopic Bariatric Surgery

    • Hernia Repair

    • Sinusitis

    • Interventional Cardiology

    • Onychomycosis

    • Gastric ulcer

    • Angina

    • Uterine Myoma

    • Heart Failure Surgery

    • Gynecologic Laparoscopy

    • Dermatosis

    • Enlarged Adenoids

    • Presbyopia

    • Pancreatic cancer

    • Heart valve surgery

    • Stomach cancer

    • Pediatric Allergy

    • Gallbladder Surgery

    • Gastrointestinal Disorders

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    • Oxygen therapy

    • Corrective eyewear

    • Eyedrops

    • Refractive correction

    • Eye patches

    • Allergy Blood Test

    • Allergy Skin Test

    • Nasal endoscopy

    • Mitral Valvuloplasty

    • Cardiac Catheterization

    • Physical examination

    • Blood test

    • Endoscopy

    • Laboratory tests for H. pylori

    • Cardiac MRI

    • Percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty (PTCA)

    • Chest X-ray

    • Electrocardiogram

    • Coronary angiography

    • Hysteroscopic myomectomy

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    Avda. Republica Argentina y Campos Cervera, Avda. Republica Argentina 635, Asunción, Paraguay

    Centro Medico Bautista

    Asunción, Paraguay


    There is no place you can trust that has been vouched for by others. The same is the case when you look for a hospital to get your treatment done. A hospital that understands their patient’s pain and ensures to build rapport is what one needs during sickness. An excellent facility with all the healthcare workers making sure you feel more at home is precisely what Centro Medico Bautista offers. Centro Medico Bautista is located in Asunción, Paraguay. Its foundation was laid in the year 1952, and from then on, this hospital has nursed millions of patients to health. Due to its remarkable efforts and excellent health services, it was recognized under the Superintendency of Health to a standard level of 3. Moreover, many complex procedures take place at Centro Medico Bautista. Some of the many complex cases of heart, skin, as well as kidney transplants, have successfully been carried out at the Centro Medico Bautista. Top Medical Specialties Offered by Centro Medico Bautista There are a number of skilled surgeons that are part of Centro Medico Bautista. These credible people have ensured that the patients receive top-notch healthcare facilities. There are several specialties at Centro Medico Bautista, making them reach great heights, including: 1. Gynecologic Laparoscopy 2. Stomach Cancer 3. Pediatric Allergy 4. Heart Valve Surgery 5. Gallbladder Surgery • Gynecologic Laparoscopy Laparoscopic procedures are performed to have a better look at the internal organs. Whenever this technique is applied to visualize the reproductive organs of the female, it is known as gynecologic laparoscopy. At Centro Medico Bautista, gynecologists perform this surgical procedure, whenever a woman complains of not being able to conceive, presence of cysts, endometriosis, chronic pain in the pelvis region, whenever any tumor is suspected, or in the cases of ectopic pregnancies. Before performing the surgical procedure of gynecologic laparoscopy at Centro Medico Bautista, the patient is carefully evaluated. This includes certain tests such as blood tests, pelvic ultrasound, and many others. Their surgeons make sure that this gynecological procedure is completely free of health risks for the patient to get the better health results. • Stomach Cancer There are many patients who come with vague complaints related to their gastrointestinal system. These are then properly evaluated at Centro Medico Bautista. Complaints of ingestion, loss of appetite, frequent feelings of nausea, vomiting, and significant weight loss are some of the symptoms that indicate stomach cancer. Through the state-of-the-art machinery present at Centro Medico Bautista, a few diagnostic tests are done to confirm the diagnosis. Endoscopy is usually performed in such patients to look for any signs of malignancies carefully. A biopsy is then carried out if any malignancy is suspected in the stomach. After the confirmation of stomach cancer, excision of the tumor is performed and then later managed by chemotherapy based on the size and extent of cancer spread. Exceptional care of such patients is conducted at Centro Medico Bautista, relieving off their stress and pain. • Pediatric Allergy Many children that belong to the pediatric age group have many rashes on their skin that often go undiagnosed. Sometimes the inflammatory process exceeds to such an extent that the patient goes into anaphylactic shock. However, at Centro Medico Bautista, these kids are immediately given treatment depending on the severity of the inflammatory process. Pediatric allergy is very dangerous and can become fatal if not treated quickly. This is why the pediatric department at Centro Medico Bautista is always on standby to evaluate every patient thoroughly in cases of any allergy. Some allergies present late, but the physicians at Centro Medico Bautista perform certain blood tests and allergy skin tests to confirm which substances the patient can be allergic to. This greatly helps parents keep their child away from such allergens to eliminate their risks that come with an allergic reaction. • Heart Valve Surgery Valves present in the heart are responsible for ensuring that the blood is pumped in the forward direction. Any pathology in the valves of the heart can result in the pooling of blood, causing a number of problems in the body. Patients with complaints of elevated blood pressure, shortness of breath, swelling of legs, or pain in their chest usually have some cardiac pathology associated with them. Cardiologists at Centro Medico Bautista make sure to screen such individuals for any cases of myocardial infarction. Tests such as an electrocardiogram, chest X-ray, and certain blood tests are performed to make a careful diagnosis. Positive findings of valvular calcifications or incompetent valves are usually found by coronary angiography. This leads to the surgical removal of the heart valves that are unable to pump blood to the rest of the body. This invasive procedure has many steps and is performed by placing a catheter in the leg or chest. Experienced and skilled surgeons at Centro Medico Bautista perform such surgeries very carefully and proficiently due to their complex nature. Once the surgical procedure is performed, the aforementioned symptoms are relieved. However, these patients are then counseled to maintain a healthy lifestyle, with restriction of salt and fatty meals. These lifestyle changes help the patient in prevention of future health risks. • Gallbladder Surgery The gallbladder is a small organ, which lies below the liver. Its main function is to help in the absorption of lipids from the gut. Due to any pathology in the gallbladder, the patient presents with signs of chronic pain, fever, diarrhea, vomiting, and foul-smelling stools. The most common problem related to gallbladders is the production of stones. These stones are the cause of all the symptoms. These symptoms once evaluated by physicians at Centro Medico Bautista are then sent for lab tests. Through the many serum markers, blood tests, and abdominal ultrasound, the diagnosis is confirmed. After which, the person is prepared for surgery, where the gallbladder is removed along with the stone. There are different types of approaches to remove the gallbladder. The most advanced technique is through the laparoscopic procedure. This is a considerably noninvasive technique and also offers fewer side-effects after the surgery. Another surgical procedure to remove the gallbladder is by the open technique, in which a large incision is made to remove the gallbladder. This technique offers many disadvantages to the patient. However, some indications cause the physicians at Centro Medico Bautista to opt for this technique, such as suspicion of gallbladder carcinoma. But they make sure that they prevent their patients from all the medical complications. That is why they have maintained a very good reputation in healthcare.