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    Cham Vein Surgery

    Seoul, South Korea

    All / Top Specialties

    • Treatment of Varicose Veins

    • Dialysis Vessels

    All / Top Services

    • Excavation (incision, stripping)

    • Laser surgery

    • Hyperfrequency

    • Benacil

    • Clarivane

    • Vascular sclerotherapy

    • Varicose vein removal

    • Conservative treatment

    • Autologous Angiogenesis

    • Artificial Angiogenesis

    • Dialysis Vascular Access

    • Dialysis Fistula Balloon

    • Dialysis Tower Construction

    • Hybrid Surgery

    • Stent Implantation

    • Dialysis Tube insertion and removal

    • Angiojet

    Contact Information

    7f 1814 Nambusunhwan-ro Gwanak-gu Seoul South Korea

    Cham Vein Surgery

    Seoul, South Korea


    Cham Vein Surgery, located in the southwestern part of Seoul, has been established as a specialized healthcare center dedicated solely to the treatment of vascular diseases, particularly focusing on varicose veins. Since its inception, the center has maintained a steadfast commitment to addressing vascular issues exclusively, foregoing cosmetic treatments and therapies for other ailments. This unwavering dedication has set Cham Vein Surgery apart as a leader in the field of vascular care. The center's approach to healthcare is characterized by its unrestrained investment in state-of-the-art equipment, showcasing a strong commitment to utilizing the latest technological advancements for the betterment of patients. One of its pioneering achievements was the introduction of the vascular ultrasound GEP7, a groundbreaking innovation in Korea's medical landscape back in April 2015. This move allowed for more accurate diagnostics and improved treatment planning. Similarly, Cham Vein Surgery established itself as a trailblazer by becoming one of the first clinics in Seoul to adopt the second generation high-frequency VNUS technology in November 2014. In June 2017, the center further solidified its technological leadership by introducing the fourth generation 1940nm laser machine, which facilitated more precise and efficient procedures. Furthermore, the center's commitment to patient safety and hygiene was evident through the exclusive use of 100% disposable laser fibers since its inception, mitigating the risk of infections. The center's devotion to progress extended to the adoption of groundbreaking treatment methods. Cham Vein Surgery embraced VenaSeal on January 3, 2017, becoming an early adopter of this innovative technique. By December of the same year, the center had successfully performed VenaSeal procedures in over 100 cases. Similarly, in June 2018, Cham Vein Surgery introduced the ClariVein method, swiftly surpassing 100 cases by the end of that year. This steadfast approach to integrating cutting-edge methods showcases the center's commitment to delivering optimal results through advanced treatments. Cham Vein Surgery's impeccable track record is underpinned by its substantial experience. The center has conducted over 2,250 stripping operations, 2,490 cases of laser endovenous ablation (EVLA), 1,937 cases of high-frequency ClosureFast and VeniStar treatments, 1,047 cases of VenaSeal, and 750 cases of ClariVein, all as of October 2022. This extensive experience has not only enhanced the center's expertise but also facilitated the establishment of a robust varicose vein treatment database containing invaluable insights from thousands of cases. Beyond medical excellence, Cham Vein Surgery has actively engaged in meaningful societal contributions. The center sponsors the YWCA on a monthly basis and provides regular support to 20 underprivileged children and teenagers. Additionally, Cham Vein Surgery has been a consistent sponsor of the Citizens' Coalition for Helping Children, a UNICEF initiative. The center's philanthropic endeavors were acknowledged by the Community Chest of Korea, which recognized Cham Vein Surgery as a "good shop." Furthermore, the center's employees have embraced their role as regular supporters of UNICEF and Good Neighbors, fostering a culture of compassion and giving back to the community. Cham Vein Surgery's dedication to patient safety is evident through its employment of anesthesiologists during procedures. This commitment to comprehensive care ensures that patients are monitored and managed by trained professionals throughout their surgical journeys, prioritizing their safety and well-being. The international academic exchange programs undertaken by Cham Vein Surgery underscore its commitment to fostering a global perspective in the field of vascular care. These initiatives not only contribute to the center's continuous learning and growth but also promote the sharing of knowledge and expertise on an international scale. Cham Vein Surgery's singular focus on vascular diseases, incorporation of cutting-edge technology, extensive experience, and commitment to social responsibility collectively position it as a distinguished leader in the realm of varicose vein treatment. The center's unwavering dedication to delivering top-tier healthcare while contributing positively to the community underscores its pivotal role in healthcare advancement and societal well-being.