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    Chang Dematology Clinic

    Seoul, South Korea



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    • Well Aging Center-Lifting

    • Well Aging Center- Beauty Injection

    • Laser Clinic

    • Acne Scar Clinic

    • Hair Loss Clinic

    • Medical Skin Care

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    • Pigmentation (blemishes/stain)

    • Lifting/Elasticity

    • Laser Side Effects

    • Flushing/ Vascular

    • Dark Circles

    • Hair Removal

    • Tattoo Removal

    • Burn

    • Warts/Corns

    • Hyperhidrosis

    • Keratosis Pilaris

    • Contact Dermatitis

    • Toenail Fungus

    • Other Skin Disease

    • Hair Loss Skin Disease

    • Beauty by Injection

    • Well-aging Fillers

    • Collagen Regeneration Injection

    • Botox

    • Dermotoxin

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    51 Teheran-ro 87-gil Gangnam-gu Seoul South Korea

    Chang Dematology Clinic

    Seoul, South Korea


    The pursuit of beauty has been going on with the development of art and civilization since the beginning of human history. It is a basic human need to express oneself through a beautiful appearance. Young and healthy skin is the basis for expressing beauty. However, aging is a natural phenomenon of our body, just as we cannot go against time. However, well-aging, which maintains youthfulness through healthy and beautiful changes according to age, has become possible to some extent with the help of modern medicine. The skin is the boundary between self and outside. It protects my body and expresses me. Dermatologists study and treat the skin so it can do its job. Chang Dermatology Clinic stands as a beacon of healthy beauty and confidence, driven by cutting-edge dermatology practices that aim to uplift and empower individuals towards a beautiful life. Encompassing a set of core values, Chang Dermatology Clinic prides itself on effective communication, unwavering professionalism, and a foundation of trust. These values create the framework for a patient-centric approach that not only addresses dermatological concerns but also nurtures a sense of security and understanding. Central to Chang Dermatology's ethos is open communication. The clinic places paramount importance on fostering an atmosphere of comfortable and transparent dialogue between patients and medical staff. Ensuring that customer concerns are effectively relayed to medical professionals and that explanations from medical staff are communicated in a clear and comprehensive manner, Chang Dermatology takes strides to bridge the information gap, thus empowering patients with knowledge to make informed decisions about their care. The commitment to professionalism is another pillar of Chang Dermatology's philosophy. Anchored in a wealth of professional knowledge and advanced technologies, the clinic prioritizes the efficacy and safety of its medical services. The expertise of its dermatology specialists ensures that every treatment is rooted in sound medical principles, resulting in solutions that have been rigorously tested for their effectiveness and safety. Trust is a cornerstone of Chang Dermatology's practice. The clinic recognizes that the foundation of any successful treatment begins with trust. By establishing a culture of honesty and integrity, Chang Dermatology cultivates an environment in which patients can confidently trust the clinic and its medical professionals to provide the best care possible. This emphasis on trust is not only integral to the healing process but also plays a pivotal role in building enduring patient-doctor relationships. At the core of Chang Dermatology's offerings is its commitment to individualized care. The clinic takes pride in accurate diagnoses, leveraging a deep understanding of dermatology to tailor treatment plans to the unique characteristics of each patient. Safety remains paramount throughout this process, with the clinic's specialists prioritizing the creation of optimal effects while maintaining the highest standards of safety. The pursuit of natural results—ones that enhance rather than distort—underscores Chang Dermatology's approach, promoting confidence through subtle enhancements. The credentials of Chang-sik Kim, the director of Chang Dermatology Clinic, further exemplify the clinic's commitment to excellence. Invited as a speaker at the Thermage FLX Symposium hosted by Solta Medical, Chang-sik Kim showcased his expertise in Thermage technology, sharing insights on achieving optimal results and emphasizing safety in dermatological treatments. This recognition underscores Chang Dermatology's position at the forefront of innovative dermatological practices. The Chang Dematology Clinic's C-CLUB membership stands as a testament to its dedication to personalized care. Offering a premium membership experience, the C-CLUB provides tailored programs led by dermatologists to help individuals achieve their beauty goals. From dedicated consultations and reservation services to exclusive benefits such as anniversary vouchers, 10% skin care products, Private Room (Single Person), Dedicated consultant 1:1 consultation reservation service, Skin Precision Diagnosis Design and special personalized care. Chang Dermatology Clinic demonstrates its commitment to holistic, individualized care.