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    Chungbuk National University Hospital

    Chungcheongbuk-do, South Korea



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    Seowon-gu Cheongju-si Chungcheongbuk-do South Korea

    Chungbuk National University Hospital

    Chungcheongbuk-do, South Korea


    Chungbuk National University Hospital Chungbuk Regional Cancer Center ( Director Donghee Ryu ) was selected as an “ excellent ” institution for six consecutive years from 2017 in the comprehensive evaluation of regional cancer centers in 2022 . The Ministry of Health and Welfare selects excellent institutions based on the results of the previous year's operation of regional cancer centers and national cancer management projects among 12 regional cancer centers nationwide , and provides additional budget support to the selected institutions . Director Ryu Dong-hee said, “ While establishing a national cancer management system at the forefront of the Chungbuk Regional Cancer Center, we are continuously striving to lead a healthy life for local residents, from cancer prevention , cancer treatment , and follow-up care, and we are carrying out cancer management projects tailored to the characteristics of our region. We will continue to develop ” he said . The Chungbuk Regional Cancer Center maintains organic relationships with the Chungbuk Provincial Office, 14 public health centers, industries, the National Health Insurance Service , hospice institutions , and educational institutions to carry out cancer management projects . Medical staff with excellent grades of first grade in breast cancer , colorectal cancer , and lung cancer are with us . In order to become a cancer treatment base hospital in the central region by establishing an integrated medical system that operates a specialized center for each type of cancer for cancer patients, advanced treatment facilities, and hospitalization rooms, we are carrying out the construction of the 'Biomedical Medical Research Center' with the goal of completion in 2023 . there is