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    Columbia Asia Hospital - Hebbal

    Karnataka, India





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    • Pediatric Allergy

    • Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

    • Anal Disease

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    • Skin test

    • Immunotherapy

    • Inhalers

    • Spirometry

    • Hemorrhoidectomy

    • Anal Fissure Surgery

    • EKG

    • Transrectal ultrasonography

    • Fistulotomy

    • General physical exam

    • Behavior modification program

    • Prescription weight-loss medication

    • Laparoscopic cholecystectomy

    • Tube thoracostomy (chest tube)

    • EEG brain activity

    • Neurological exam

    • Hysteroscopy

    • Laparoscopic Myomectomy

    • Laparoscopic Hysterectomy

    • Laparoscopic ovarian cystectomy


    When it comes to providing excellence and quality care, it is not the building and infrastructure that matters. Rather, it is the level of empathy and the way of dealing with people, in an understanding yet friendly way, that holds utmost importance. Columbia Asia Hospital, Hebbal is one of those hospitals for whom patient well-being and healthcare is the top-most priority. The Columbia Asia Hospital, Hebbal is located in the Northern part of Bangalore. This hospital is the first of the ‘Columbia Asia’ Hospitals to be established in India, and ever since its advent in 2005, it has been doing a great job at serving patients with the best level of care. The Columbia Asia Hospital, Hebbal is a 90-bed hospital that offers a wide range of clinical specialties for consultation and treatment of the patients that it receives. It has become one of the best hospitals in Bangalore. And not only this, but it is also one of the preferred hospitals for International patients. This success could be easily attributed to the hard work and unstoppable efforts of the doctors, surgeons, nurses, and the administrative staff who are giving their level best to make this hospital reach the pinnacle of success. TOP MEDICAL FACILITIES OFFERED BY COLUMBIA ASIA HOSPITAL, HEBBAL Columbia Asia Hospital, Hebbal is from those categories of hospitals that keep on striving hard to stay updated with the changing trends in medicine. In an attempt to do so, this hospital has made itself an all-rounder because it now provides some of the most sought-after services and specialties to its patients. Enlisted below are some of the top medical facilities provided by the Columbia Asia Hospital, Hebbal: • Laparoscopic Surgery • Coronary Artery Bypass Graft • Peritonectomy • Movement Disorders • LAPAROSCOPIC SURGERY Previously, surgeries and other procedures were performed conventionally. Instruments, ligatures, and other delicate steps were performed by hand. There was and still is, quite a risk of complications and of damaging the delicate structures that came in the way of the surgery. In case any complication ensued, the patient would have to face the dire consequences, which ranged from minor disabilities to permanent impairments. But now, thanks to modern technology, Laparoscopic Surgery has been introduced as a popular modality of choice for conducting surgeries on patients. Laparoscopy is minimally invasive, has a lesser risk of complications, and has a shorter recovery time than the other conventional modes of surgery. Laparoscopic Surgery is being conducted at the Columbia Asia Hospital, Hebbal in its full swing. The surgeons have been trained accordingly, and the patients too, get relieved when they learn that their surgery would be completed in a shorter than usual time. • CORONARY ARTERY BYPASS GRAFT (CABG) Cardiovascular Diseases are on the rise, and because of several patient-related factors such as lack of compliance and negligence, the worst possible outcome is usually diagnosed in these patients. It is because of these factors that doctors prefer patients to be aware of their condition and simultaneously take measures to avoid their condition from deteriorating further. Coronary Artery Bypass Graft (CABG) is an extensive heart surgery that is performed on patients with Coronary Artery Disease of serious nature. It is a complicated surgery and is preferred to be performed by only the best surgeons so that a smooth procedure could be ensured. At the Columbia Asia Hospital, Hebbal, CABG Surgeries are performed by the most competent of all cardiologists. They are aware of the consequences and side effects of this surgery and so, take extreme measures to ensure the smooth performance and recovery of the patient. They take necessary steps to educate the patient so that the patient is also up-to-date on the do’s and don'ts of this condition. • PERITONECTOMY The human body is blessed in the sense that it has numerous protective layers and coverings to protect it from an unfortunate accident or trauma. These linings serve to provide an added cushioning effect so that even if the person faces some sort of trauma, the impact is minimally received on his body organs. The abdomen is covered by a protective lining called the Peritoneum. The peritoneum performs both - an extra cushioning and a protective function on the abdominal cavity. But sometimes, the peritoneum may also get involved in disease processes, traumatic injuries, or other insults. The peritoneum may get involved during the development of malignancy, and so, its entire function may get compromised due to that. Peritonectomy is a procedure in which the peritoneum cancers are removed. It is a ‘reductive’ surgery that aims to remove all the cancerous growths, cysts, or tissues from the peritoneal lining. Peritonectomy is most commonly performed in association with other cancer-removing surgeries aimed at the peritoneum, such as chemotherapy. At the Columbia Asia Hospital, Hebbal, peritonectomy is performed by the most professional surgeons. Their aim is to save the life of the patient and to improve the outcomes after surgery. • MOVEMENT DISORDERS Old age is that part of life where a person becomes vulnerable to developing several different conditions and illnesses. The elderly population has to live with different comorbid conditions at the same time, which contributes to making them frustrated and depressed with their lives. Movement Disorders are another group of such diseases that contribute to making a person’s functionality deteriorate greatly. They restrict a person’s mobility and make them vulnerable to develop different forms of disabilities. At the Columbia Asia Hospital, Hebbel, Movement Disorders are carefully evaluated, diagnosed, and treated. Their doctors understand that these disorders require more counseling and rehabilitative efforts than the treatment ones, and so, they contribute equally in making a patient feel at rest with their condition. The Columbia Asia Hospital, Hebbel is a modern and advanced hospital that has attracted the attention of both local and international patients. It excels in quality and provides the best level of care and welfare to its patients, which ultimately makes them blindly put in their trust in this hospital. Columbia Asia Hospital, Hebbel has indeed progressed in a short time since its establishment and with its high level of patient care and treatment, it has made its position quite strong among the rest of the healthcare organizations.