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Columbia Asia Hospital - Whitefield

Karnataka, India



All / Top Specialties

  • Interventional Cardiology

  • Thoracic endovascular aortic repair (TEVAR)

  • Cataract

  • Cochlear Implants

  • Urinary Stone Disease (USD)

  • Holmium Laser Enucleation of the Prostate (HoLEP)

  • Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery

  • Hip joint

  • Tonsillectomy

  • Hemodialysis

  • Child bone fracture

  • Lasik Eye Surgery

  • Infertility

  • Nerve injury

  • Chronic kidney disease

  • Hepato-Pancreato-Biliary Surgery

  • Laparoscopic Surgery

  • High-risk pregnancies

  • Knee Replacement

All / Top Services

  • Mitral Valvuloplasty

  • Ultrasonograhy

  • Slit-lamp examination

  • Phacoemulsification

  • Retinal exam

  • Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy

  • Total hip replacement

  • MRI

  • Partial Hip Replacement Surgery

  • X-ray

  • Corneal topography

  • Keratometry

  • Dry eye testing

  • Ovulation testing

  • Intrauterine insemination (IUI)

  • Laparoscopy

  • Hysterosalpingography

  • Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS)

  • Nerve Repair and Regeneration

  • Urine tests

Contact Information

Survey No. 10P & 12P, Whitefield Main Rd, Varthur Kodi, Palm Meadows, Ramagondanahalli, Whitefield, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560066, India


The Columbia Asia Hospital, Whitefield. is located in Bangalore, India. It is one of the largest tertiary care hospitals in India. It caters to many patients daily and has several clinics for different specialties and subspecialties available. The doctors, surgeons, and the nursing staff employed here are some of the best ones because they know their jobs and are trained to perform their duties diligently and with full enthusiasm. The Columbia Asia Hospital, Whitefield, has achieved several milestones by working hard. They have always strived for the betterment and the success of their organization through their work. It is highly appreciable how their efforts have been rewarded, and they continue to thrive as one of the best hospitals in town. The top-notch medical and surgical facilities and the positive and welcoming attitude of the nurses, doctors, and surgeons have made it possible for the patients to entrust them with their health. This is indeed one of the benchmarks that set them apart from the other healthcare providing services. TOP MEDICAL SPECIALTIES OFFERED BY THE COLUMBIA ASIA HOSPITAL, WHITEFIELD The Columbia Asia Hospital, Whitefield, has some of the best and top-class specialists to offer its patients. The patients prefer this hospital over the others just because of their comfortable environment, welcoming nature, and a positive but helpful attitude that greatly helps patients to stay hopeful. Some of these specialties include: • URINARY STONE DISEASE (USD) The kidneys are highly functional organs of the body. At a constant rate, they keep on undergoing filtration, which helps the body to clear off all the impurities and excretory materials. But sometimes, the kidneys also face difficulties in their excretory function. This could be due to a stone formation in the kidneys, making the passage of urine quite painful. Kidney stones form due to several reasons. They may be due to a particular diet of the person or any other abnormality that causes the material to accumulate and then form stones of different sizes, making the entire process of filtration and excretion quite challenging to be carried out. At the Columbia Asia Hospital, Whitefield, the Kidney Stone Disease is dealt with effectively. Their doctors focus more on eliminating the cause behind the formation of these stones and then ultimately remove the rocks that have created problems for the patient. • CHILD BONE FRACTURE As predictable as this fact could ever be - children's bones are more elastic and prone to fractures than those present in adults. Some bones do not complete their phase of development late until the '20s and so are vulnerable before attaining their maturity. However, in children, due to the elastic nature of the bones, these bones are not usually fractured by breaking into bits and pieces. In contrast, a child's fractured bones more closely resemble a 'greenstick,' a buckled branch of the tree that is not entirely broken but is also not an absolute part of the bone. Therefore, for a child with a broken bone, immediate but definite treatment should be given. In children usually, conventional means of treatment are used to mend or fix the bones. Most commonly, a brace or sling is placed to help the child immobilize his affected bone. Several competent orthopedic and trauma care surgeons are present at the Columbia Asia Hospital, Whitefield, who help the children fix their broken bones and go back home with properly immobilized bones until recovery. • TONSILLECTOMY Perhaps one of the most common conditions that children present with is a sore throat. This soreness might get severe due to the parents' negligence regarding their children's diet, and sometimes it is also because of a severe bacterial infection. Tonsillitis, or the inflammation of the tonsils located at the back of the mouth, is one of the most common conditions that school-going children develop. It is a bacterial infection and could be pretty serious if proper treatment is not given to the child. In some children, who, despite receiving proper treatment, are not gaining any benefits, the doctors recommend a tonsillectomy. It is a surgical procedure in which the affected, swollen tonsils are removed under anesthesia. After this, the child is usually relieved of his problem. Tonsillitis also affects adults. At the Columbia Asia Hospital, a tonsillectomy is performed using the most advanced instruments to decrease complications. The children are also kept in a child-friendly environment to ensure that they do not feel scared of the hospital atmosphere. • LASIK EYE SURGERY With modern technology, the things of the past are slowly becoming history now. Previously, people used to prefer prescription glasses over contact lenses because they were either scared to use contact lenses or did not know how to insert them correctly. But with passing time, people slowly started switching towards contact lenses, and prescription glasses went out of fashion. Although they did not go extinct suddenly, still the number of people wearing them was reduced significantly. But now, modern medical science has yet another excellent option to offer people with vision defects - and this is LASIK. LASIK is a conventional means of using microsurgery to focus on the cornea and make such an incision that it no longer needs to exert effort to accommodate for the visual field defect. This makes the person glasses-free for the rest of their lives. The LASIK surgery is performed efficiently at the Columbia Asia Hospital, Whitefield. Only the most experienced and highly-trained doctors are preferred for this. This ensures proper healing and recovery of the patient's eye. The Columbia Asia Hospital, Whitefield is rightfully known as the best hospital present in Bangalore, India. It is equipped with some of the best and most modern equipment and technology. Apart from this, it has also employed only the best doctors in the state to help the patients lead a healthy and happy life. With such a pace that it is currently pursuing, it is highly expected that the Columbia Asia Hospital, Whitefield, would soon attain those heights of success that have never been reached before by any of their competitors.