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    Cowell Plastic Surgery

    Seoul, South Korea


    We always research for better beauty. Cowell Plastic Surgery Clinic pursues beliefs, principles, honesty, and research. We sincerely hope that those who visit our hospital will obtain better beauty through the harmonious surgical skills of the doctors and staff. Cowell Plastic Surgery's heartfelt advice on rhinoplasty You should choose a plastic surgeon with more than 10 years of experience. "Do you know the 10,000-hour rule? It was said that if you invest just 10,000 hours in a field, you can become a master or an expert in that field. In fact, many people have proven it with their lives, and plastic surgery is the same. Moreover, compared to rhinoplasty, revision rhinoplasty is one of the most difficult surgeries to consider. Therefore, there is a lot of experience involved. Entrusting the operation to a plastic surgeon is a key factor in determining the satisfaction of the result. It is a good place to get proper results, even if it takes a long time; it is not a factory method. Revision rhinoplasty is a surgery where the surgeon's experience is most important, so it is desirable not to undergo revision rhinoplasty in a place where a large number of people are going to operate in a short period of time as simply as possible. Even if it is a little slow or takes a long time, you should choose a place that conducts the surgery carefully according to your individual condition. The purpose of plastic surgery is to combine objective beauty with subjective self-satisfaction. After a failed rhinoplasty, there are people who come to the hospital with the mindset of solving this problem. However, you must remember the excitement and anticipation of the first surgery. This is because revision rhinoplasty is also a surgery for beauty, after all. Therefore, the key to the result is to complete the line that is most natural and 'harmonious' to my face rather than a standardized line. These results are completed when the patient's needs and the doctor's goals are the same and when you meet a doctor who has the ability to implement them. That's why patients and doctors should have face-to-face, heartfelt discussions. We must not forget that the ultimate goal is to create the most ideal and beautiful nose line for individuals, rather than simply improving the side effects of rhinoplasty. Therefore, before deciding on surgery, you need to accurately analyze your condition based on sufficient consultation and see if the place proposes a nose line and nose tip design accordingly. Promise 01: Cowell Plastic Surgery continues to research At Cowell Plastic Surgery, the commitment to advancing research and innovation remains unwavering. Cowell Plastic Surgery firmly believe that research is the cornerstone of progress and the key to unlocking new possibilities. The dedication to pushing the boundaries of knowledge and technology drives us to explore new frontiers, challenge existing paradigms, and seek novel solutions to complex problems. Cowell Plastic Surgery's research endeavors are multifaceted and encompass a diverse range of fields and industries. From cutting-edge technologies to life-changing medical breakthroughs, we invest in projects that have the potential to transform the world positively. The teams of experts, scientists, and visionaries work tirelessly to drive innovation, constantly pushing the limits of what is possible. PROMISE 02: Representative Director 1:1 Responsibility At Cowell Plastic Surgery, we believe that leadership comes with great responsibility. As a testament to this belief, we have implemented a unique approach to corporate governance — the Representative Director 1:1 Responsibility principle. Under this principle, each representative director is assigned a specific area of responsibility, focusing on a defined aspect of our operations. This structure ensures that every critical aspect of our business has a dedicated leader overseeing it. These directors are held accountable for the performance, integrity, and ethical conduct of their respective domains. PROMISE 03: Safe surgery only The safety and well-being of our patients are paramount at Cowell Plastic Surgery. The clinic hold an unwavering commitment to providing only the safest surgical procedures, maintaining the highest standards of medical care, and prioritizing patient outcomes above all else. To fulfill this promise, Cowell Plastic Surgery adhere strictly to stringent safety protocols and best practices. The surgical teams are composed of highly skilled and experienced professionals who undergo continuous training and education to stay abreast of the latest advancements in surgical techniques and patient care. Cowell Plastic Surgery invest in state-of-the-art medical equipment and technologies, ensuring that our facilities are equipped with the most advanced tools available. These cutting-edge resources enable our surgeons to perform procedures with precision, accuracy, and minimized risk. The safe safety system of Cowell Plastic Surgery proves accident-free. Cowell Plastic Surgery puts patient safety first. Since its opening in 2005, it has performed more than 20,000 cases of safety over the past 17 years, and the CEO is directly responsible for the entire surgical process for patients. Responsible Care: Surrogate Surgery No! The direct house of the representative director, Cowell Plastic Surgery, does not perform surrogate surgeries or shadow doctors, and all staff are honest. From consultation to surgery and progress checks, Representative Director Kang Chang-kyun, a veteran plastic surgeon with more than 17 years of experience, is in charge of the entire process and considers safety the top priority. ANESTHESIOLOGIST: Safety First! Safe anesthesia by an anesthesiologist: Cowell Plastic Surgery is operated by an anesthesiologist with extensive clinical experience. Thorough safety anesthesia is performed, and through real-time monitoring, all safety issues are thoroughly checked. In particular, we have anesthesia and anesthesia equipment with high safety standards. We do our best to provide safe and comfortable medical services. Safe Surgery: Through quantification of the number of daily surgeries, Cowell Plastic Surgery Clinic, which specializes in reoperation, does not deceive patients and is not greedy for excessive surgeries or the number of surgeries. Based on the criteria for reoperation, we focus on only two cases per day, safely and comfortably, and derive the best results. Director Kang Chang-gyun, who has extensive experience in revision surgery, blocks the possibility of postoperative side effects or recurrence, resulting in safer surgical results. PROVEN SURGERY Safety-proven surgery is performed, and only genuine medicines are used. We do our best to perform safe surgery through sufficient consultation with patients before surgery, accurate analysis, and the establishment of an optimal surgery plan, while at the same time achieving the maximum effect. In addition, only verified medicines in genuine quantities are used. 1:1 customized patient management and treatment room operation: Cowell Plastic Surgery provides a 1:1 response from the day of surgery to discharge from the hospital for customers undergoing surgery at the hospital and provides comfortable service. In addition, after surgery, we operate a treatment room for intensive care to help you recover quickly and healthily. Thorough follow-up care is as important as surgery. Thorough follow-up care after surgery is as important as plastic surgery. Cowell's aftercare helps for faster recovery after surgery through swelling, bruising, scar care, high-frequency laser treatment, and regeneration management. Emergency medical care and sterilization system model support: Cowell Plastic Surgery provides regular emergency response training to all employees in order to respond to emergencies that may occur. In addition, for thorough hygiene management, the operating room is the external environment and blocks the inflow of germs, foreign substances, and microorganisms.