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    DAMIIN Plastic Surgery

    Seoul, South Korea



    All / Top Specialties

    • Petit Plastic Surgery

    • Acne Scars

    • Square Jaw+Front Chin+Cheekbones

    All / Top Services

    • Filler

    • Laser resurfacing

    • Small chin surgery

    • Laser lifting

    • Botox

    • Double Eyelid Surgery

    • Forehead fat grafting

    • Hooked Nose Surgery

    • Facelift surgery

    • Thread lifting


    DAMIIN Plastic Surgery Clinic treats every customer with extensive experience, cutting-edge technology, and meticulous care. We are recognized by fellow doctors for its active academic activities and strives to provide the most fundamental trust through ceaseless research and achievements. With natural and beautiful double eyelids, charming and pretty on the tip of the nose, and a confident face and slim body, a medical institution is always striving and researching and is always warm, like a family. In addition, prior to surgery, considering the customer's body shape and taste and focusing on the fact that the result may vary depending on physical conditions and height differences, we are familiar with various surgical methods to obtain the most satisfactory results for the customer's conditions and desires and have experienced numerous surgeries. Our plastic surgery clinic is a medical facility that specializes in total plastic surgery and revision surgery. All medical personnel conduct research and make efforts to create beautiful, natural beauty. Failed eye and nose surgeries are also unique to our medical institution and have accumulated over time. We will correct your face according to our know-how. Through surgery, we hope that not only your appearance but also your entire life will be beautiful and happy. It is your right to pursue beauty. Dare to take on the challenge right now. DAMIIN Plastic Surgery Clinic is with you.