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    Designer Plastic Surgery

    Seoul, South Korea



    All / Top Specialties

    • Liposuction

    • Rhinoplasty

    • PRP Micro Fat Graft

    All / Top Services

    • Double Eyelid Surgery

    • Upper and lower eyelid surgery

    • Face liposuction

    • Mini Liposuction

    • Forehead Lifting

    • Filler injection

    • Dimple both-sides

    • Abdomen liposuction

    • Nostril reduction

    • Hooked nose surgery

    • Long nose surgery

    • Reoperation nose surgery

    • Nose Tip Surgery

    • Endoscopy

    • PRP Micro Fat Graft

    • Forehead Reduction

    • Sagging cheeks

    • Sagging jaw

    • Cheekbone reduction surgery

    • Canthoplasty


    "With the heart of a designer who creates beauty" Designer Plastic Surgery is a place where you can be satisfied with the heart of a designer who discovers and recreates your hidden beauty. We will advance into the field, provide objective counseling services, and operate with a compassionate heart. After surgery, we will try our best to make recovery as comfortable as possible and provide thorough follow-up care. From the moment you visit a designer plastic surgery clinic to the day you get a satisfactory surgical result. We will always be with you for your beauty. Designer Plastic Surgery is located at 806 Seolleung-ro Gangnam-gu, Seoul, South Korea, 8th Floor. Our services include: • Rhinoplasty • Eye Line Corrective Surgery • Canthoplasty • facial contouring • Micro-fat graft • Facial liposuction • Facial wrinkle removal • Forehead reduction • Eyebrow Elevation • breast augmentation • Mini-Liposuction • Adbominal Liposuction • Skin treatment • Botox Designer Plastic Surgery has worked with several stars in South Korea, like the comedians Joo-Cheol and Kim Beom-yong, singers Seo In-guk and Ahn Jin-kyung (Babyvox), and many others. Lastly, Designer Plastic Surgery is one of the most trusted plastic surgery clinics in South Korea because of its wonderful services and most talented plastic surgeon, Dr. Park Su-wan.