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    Dite Plastic Surgery

    Seoul, South Korea



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    • Breast Surgery

    • Breast augmentation

    • Liposuction

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    • Hybrid Breast augmentation

    • Abdominoplasty

    • Arm liposuction

    • Ideal body shape liposuction

    • Hip augmentation

    • Hip fat transplant

    • Buttock Augmentation


    Dite Plastic Surgery wants you to be confident and beautiful. The Clinic is the only one run by Jun-Wook Lee, who has artistic sensibility and excellent skills and performs breast augmentation, hip-up surgery, and body shape surgery with 1:1 customized surgery with details unique to CEO Dr. Jun Wook Lee. Dite Plastic Surgery Clinic is constantly researching and developing know-how through various clinical experiences, ongoing research, conference presentations, and medical exchanges with plastic surgery experts in Brazil, Mexico, the United States, and France. Through our long-accumulated know-how, it is to our advantage to provide the best service and satisfactory counseling by considering even the smallest patient needs using cutting-edge ultrasound examination and simulation. We do not overlook any aspect of consultation, surgery, or care. Every procedure performed at the Dite Plastic Surgery clinic is customized for each patient by consulting with them and conducting an accurate analysis that considers their unique characteristics and needs. Furthermore, Dite Plastic Surgery uses cutting-edge technology and prioritizes patient safety by considering the medical condition of those undergoing surgery through sterilizing and disinfecting surgical instruments. MAJOR SERVICES OFFERED 1. Hybrid Breast Augmentation Dite Plastic Surgery breast augmentation is performed together with fat grafting that can compensate for the shortcomings of the implant to create a breast with volume that matches the golden ratio of the entire body. Dite seeks: -Beautifully shaped breasts with freshness or richness. -Breast with volume that matches the golden ratio of the entire body. -Breast that feels familiar -A chest with dynamic movement for any movement. -natural and profound sternum 2. Liposuction Dite Plastic Surgery understands how to perform liposuction and what is best for you. Analyze an individual's body type, quality of liposuction device, experience of an experienced plastic surgeon, and artistic sense to create a beautiful body. Dite seeks: -slippery and elastic arms -narrow and curved waist -cool legs -safe, painless, and fast return to daily life. 3. Hip-up Augmentation Surgery The completion of a beautiful body is a line from the chest to the waist and from the back to the hips! Dite Plastic Surgery tailors’ hip-up augmentation surgery to each patient's specific characteristics and needs. Dite seeks: -Beautifully shaped back from the waist to the hips -Natural back posture for any movement -Buttocks with volume that matches the golden ratio of the entire body -Elasticity full of health