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    Dr. Sirh Clinic

    Seoul, South Korea


    Dr. Seo Heon-Man, along with his partner Dr. Seo Su-Ji, specializes in medical patent applications related to needle and guide treatments. They are dedicated to helping patients suffering from incurable diseases and chronic pain. Dr. Seo Heon-Man is committed to finding solutions for patients who have endured long-term suffering. In 2005, Dr. Seo Heon-Man developed a multifunctional microinjection needle and guide, which received patent registration under the name "MTS needle." This innovation revolutionized the treatment process, allowing for more effective and less painful procedures. The needle's design ensures minimal pain during treatment, as it is significantly thinner than standard blood collection needles. Moreover, the risk of damaging blood vessels, nerves, or tissues is greatly reduced, ensuring patient safety and confidence during the treatment process. Dr. Sirh Clinic, led by Dr. Seo Heon-Man, focuses on injection treatments to address the root cause of pain-related diseases. The clinic offers comprehensive care, from consultation and diagnosis to injection treatments and management training. They do not provide physical therapy or manual therapy, as their approach is centered around injection-based solutions. The clinic employs a combination of techniques, including nerve blocks, proliferative treatments (Prolotherapy), trigger point injections, nerve stimulation, and adhesion dissection. Unlike treatments involving steroid drugs, Dr. Sirh Clinic avoids their use, eliminating the potential side effects associated with long-term steroid administration. One notable aspect of Dr. Sirh Clinic's approach is the use of MTS needles. These needles, with a thickness ranging from 0.25mm to 0.35mm, contribute to low recurrence rates and reduced pain experienced by patients during treatment. They also minimize tissue damage, including nerves, blood vessels, and internal organs, resulting in a low incidence of complications and a safer treatment experience. Dr. Sirh Clinic emphasizes precise diagnosis to identify the origin of pain and implements regenerative and strengthening techniques to heal damaged and weakened tissues. In addition to their specialized needle and guide treatments, Dr. Sirh Clinic offers a range of services to address various conditions. These include treatments for neck disc issues, herniated discs, shoulder pain, chronic headaches, wrist and ankle pain, elbow pain, and shingles. Overall, Dr. Seo Heon-Man and Dr. Seo Su-Ji's dedication to medical innovation and patient care have made Dr. Sirh Clinic a trusted destination for individuals seeking relief from chronic pain and long-term suffering.