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Dunyagoz Corlu Hospital

Tekirdag, Turkey






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  • Cataract

  • Vitreoretinal disease

  • Retinal disease

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Kazimiye, Ali Fuat Cebesoy Cd. No:1, 59860 Corlu/Tekirdag, Turkey


Dunyagoz Corlu Hospital was put in service in 2015 with its mission to provide the best possible eye care services to the Corlu residents. It is located in Tekirdag, Turkey. Since the beginning, it has led the way to diagnose and manage complex medical and surgical eye diseases. Their ophthalmologists treat the most complicated cases with their exceptional abilities that cannot be done anywhere else. It has a well-mannered and well-trained staff that provides patients a comfortable and homely environment. To serve the wide-ranging needs of society Dunyagoz Corlu Hospital also provides outpatient faculties and vision rehabilitation services. Dunyagoz Corlu Hospital provides standard and sustainable eye care services that are accessible and affordable for all. It has always been a devotee of technological advancements in eye care that provide the best imaging and surgical technologies. A full range of treatment for eye diseases is provided in this hospital and will be expanded manifold in the future. Dunyagoz Corlu Hospital provides excellent diagnostic and treatment facilities for almost all kinds of ocular diseases. They provide extraocular and intraocular facilities such as cataract surgery, vitreoretinal surgery, and photorefractive keratectomy. Their eye department is like a family who dedicated their time and effort to helping people. It is catering to hundreds of patients' ocular needs yearly, coming from far and near places. WHY CHOOSE DUNYAGOZ CORLU HOSPITAL? · Dunyagoz Corlu Hospital delivers the most technologically precocious eye health solutions. · It gives appealing packages that contain visas, air travel, accommodation, and health services with the assistance of a professional health tourism plan. · It is one of the few hospitals that received the JCI (Joint Commission International) certificate. · The FDA-approved technologies are used in Dunyagoz Corlu Hospital. · It provides uninterrupted service 24 hours a day and seven days a week with experienced medical personnel and high-tech devices. TOP SPECIALITIES OF DUNYAGOZ CORLU HOSPITAL · Retinal disease · Vitreoretinal disease · Cataract RETINAL DISEASE It is the term used when any part of the retina is damaged. The retina is a thin layer of tissues on the inside rear wall of the eye that senses light and sends signals to the brain through the optic nerve. The macula, located at the retina center, is responsible for providing a sharp vision to see fine details of anything. Retinal disorders affect these vital tissues and can cause serious eye diseases. Following are some risk factors for retinal disease: · Smoking · Obesity · Diabetes · Eye trauma The most common symptoms of retinal disease are: · Blurred vision · Defects inside vision · Lost vision · Blackspots Its treatment may be complex and includes: · Laser · Freezing · Retinal prosthesis · Replacing the fluid in the eye Retinal disease is one of the leading causes of blindness globally, but early detection and on-time treatment can save you from severe conditions. The physicians at Dunyagoz Corlu Hospital have comprehensive training and experience in advanced retinal surgical techniques. Their retinal specialist diagnoses retinal diseases using high technical equipment and testing. They treat all retinal conditions ranging from age-related macular degeneration to retinal detachment. Their staff works together to ensure quality care and fast recovery. They provide effective treatment for a large number of retinal disorders. Dinyagoz Corlu Hospital offers vast diagnostic options such as retinal examination using unique cameras, visual field testing, retinal argon laser, and many more. VITREORETINAL DISEASE This term refers to a group of diseases that damages the retina and affects the vitreous fluid. The vitreous fluid is colorless, and it fills the room between the lens and the retina. There are many types of vitreoretinal disorders, but some common types may include: Dry macular degeneration: It is the most common type that causes blurry vision. Wet macular degeneration: It is due to the leakage of fluid from the eye, which affects central vision. Retinal tears: It occurs when the retina has a tear. You may notice black spots in your vision. Diabetic Retinopathy: It occurs in diabetics and damages the blood vessels of the retina. This disease may occur secondary to diabetes or any other serious health problem. Aging can also be a factor in vitreoretinal disorders. Its symptoms include: · Night blindness · Floaters or flashes of light · Distorted words while reading · Light sensitivity Its treatment depends on the type of vitreoretinal disease and the severity of the disorder. It can be treated through medications, but in severe cases, surgical procedure is required. Dunyagoz Corlu Hospital provides precise surgery to improve vitreoretinal disorders. They have sufficient experience in treating patients with disorders affecting the internal structure of the eye. It offers advanced diagnostic technologies and minimally invasive treatments to its patients with the best possible outcomes. Ophthalmologists at Dunyagoz Corlu Hospital offer individualized and leading-edge treatment for vitreoretinal diseases to their patients.