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    Dunyagoz Feneryolu Hospital

    İstanbul, Turkey


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    • Retinal disease

    • Cataract

    • Strabismus

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    • Amsler grid test

    • Optical coherence tomography (OCT)

    • Fluorescein angiography

    • Ultrasound

    • Scleral buckle

    • Visual acuity test

    • Retinal exam

    • Phacoemulsification

    • Eye patching

    • Keratometry test

    • Eyeglasses

    • Lens implants

    • Strabismus surgery

    • Artificial tears

    • Refraction assessment

    • Contact lenses

    • Refractive surgery

    • Intravitreal Anti-Vegf Therapies

    • Comprehensive eye exam

    • Medications


    With all the many diseases surrounding us, it has become essential to seek medical help from hospitals that promise optimum care. There are many hospitals worldwide, but the right kind of disease management and treatment can only be done where there are experienced personnel available. Getting treatment done from the right hospital with the best management protocols safeguards your health and ensures a long prosperous life. Dunyagoz Feneryolu Hospital is one of the finest hospitals located in Istanbul, Turkey. It is equipped with all the latest machinery and instruments, which helps reach a proper diagnosis efficiently. It has one of the best doctors who are specialized in their field of work. This hospital mainly specializes in ophthalmology and offers the best course of treatment for several eye problems, including retinal issues, treatment of cataracts, correction of astigmatism, etc. Specialized Machinery at Dunyagoz Feneryolu Hospital Several eye problems exist, and people often stay in a state of constant irritation unless they get fixed. With several specialized doctors on board, all these eye problems can very easily be treated at Dunyagoz Feneryolu Hospital. Some of the advanced machines available that aid in the diagnosis, as well as treatment of these ocular problems in this hospital are listed below: • Visual Field Examination Machine- This helps assess the field of vision of both eyes. Eyes having defects in their visual field are then treated accordingly. • Auto Kerato-Refractometer Machine- This new piece of technology helps analyze many kinds of refractive errors. • Computerized tonometer- This instrument is essential in measuring the intraocular pressure of the eye. Many ocular disturbances can occur due to increased intraocular pressure. • Argon laser- This specific instrument is beneficial in treating many retinal problems, including cases of diabetic eyes and glaucoma. Specialized procedures at Dunyagoz Feneryolu Hospital Dunyagoz Feneryolu Hospital is best known for the following operations with the best management before and after the procedure: • Artificial tears • Eye patching • Phacoemulsification • LASEK eye surgery • Filtering eye surgery • Contact lenses • Intravitreal Anti-Vegf Therapies • Lens implants • Minimally invasive glaucoma surgery (MIGS) • Phacoemulsification • Refractive surgery Specialized Diagnostic Tests at Dunyagoz Feneryolu Hospital • Amsler grid test • Comprehensive eye exam • Dilated eye exam • Fluorescein angiography • Gonioscopy • Keratometry test • Optical coherence tomography (OCT) • Pachymetry • Refraction assessment • Retinal exam • Tonometry • Ultrasound Top Medical Specialties at Dunyagoz Feneryolu Hospital Retinal Disease The retina is a layer that lines the inside of the eye. It is the essential part of the eye as it is through this layer, the image is formed and is then transmitted to the brain via nerve impulses. Many retinal problems can occur, resulting in the blurring of vision or sometimes even complete loss of sight. Some of the retinal diseases that exist are; retinal tear, retinal detachment, diabetic retinopathy, hypertensive retinopathy, macular hole, and macular degeneration. A few diagnostic tests are essential to know the extent of the damage and then later help treat the condition, such as visual acuity, measurement of intraocular pressure, and the fundus examination. At Dunyagoz Feneryolu Hospital, a complete retinal exam is conducted. After which specific tests such as Fluorescein angiography is done to see the extent of perfusion and if there is any presence of vessel damage (due to diabetes or hypertension), and how it can be repaired. OCT (Optical coherence tomography) is also done to check for macular changes and edema. Presbyopia The function of the eye to focus from far away objects to near ones is called accommodation. Presbyopia is a condition that results in the impairment of vision as there are defects in this process. At Dunyagoz Feneryolu Hospital, they exclude all other causes of the defect in vision and then prescribe contact lenses. Their thorough approach towards correcting vision saves a lot of unnecessary measures from taking place. Strabismus Strabismus is also known as squint. In this condition, the eyes are unable to form a single binocular vision. The primary defect lies in the working of the extraocular muscles, and they can be corrected in several ways at Dunyagoz Feneryolu Hospital. Eye patching and contact lens usage are two of the most excellent treatment methods used to manage squint. The highly experienced, exceptionally rated, skilled, qualified, and trained doctors in this hospital first diagnose the type of squint and then treat it accordingly. Their treatments result in zero medical risks and complications and they provide 100% satisfactory results with the desired outcomes. Myopia Myopia is also known as short-sightedness, in which there are problems in the curvature of the lens. This leads to poor focus and much strain on the eyes. It is one of the most common eye problems that many people experience. At Dunyagoz Feneryolu Hospital, many diagnostic tests such as pachymetry and the comprehensive eye exam are carried out to reach this diagnosis. To correct this defect, these individuals are then prescribed contact lenses or spectacles for better vision. A particular surgical procedure is also done at the Dunyagoz Feneryolu Hospital, known as LASEK (Laser epithelial keratomileusis). In this procedure, the epithelial layer is cleaved from the membrane, and a laser is then applied to reposition the epithelium's flap. This surgical procedure helps correct myopia and also has a fast recovery. Cataracts Cataracts are usually present in old age but can be present in children as well. In this condition, the lens increases its opacity and hence causes blurry vision. If not corrected, this condition can lead to many eye complications and should be treated at the earliest convenience. Dunyagoz Feneryolu Hospital specializes in the treatment of cataracts and uses various methods to treat this condition. Processes such as phacoemulsification are used to break the lens and implant a new intraocular lens in its place. Till now, thousands of patients have had successful cataract treatments with the expected outcomes from the highly rated ophthalmologists at Dunyagoz Feneryolu Hospital.