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    Elle Plastic Surgery

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    • Upper Blepharoplasty

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    • Short chin implant surgery

    • Paranasal augmentation


    Welcome to Elle Plastic Surgery, where you can make beautiful changes for yourself. Changes that make you confident and happy. Why Elle? 01. Expert CEO Kim Heung-kyu "autologous pico surgery" was published in "The Journal of Cranial Surgery," the first SCI-level international academic journal in Korea. SC (Science Citation Index) papers are highly authoritative and high-quality international plastic surgery journals. John's nose surgery was mainly "nose surgery using silicone." However, revision rhinoplasty due to various side effects caused by silicone is steadily increasing every year. Autologous dermal pico surgery uses "my own skin tissues caused by silicone, which is steadily increasing every year." Autologous dermal pico surgery uses "my own skin tissue," so there are no side effects caused by artificial implants. Autologous dermal nose surgery is the safest and most natural result of any other nose surgery method. 02. Lovely A beautiful change beyond imagination A natural, harmonious, and well-balanced face is beautiful, not artificial. Elle Plastic Surgery Clinic strives to make surgery natural and safe by transplanting autologous tissue. Autologous tissue surgery prides itself on being superior to anything else in expressing beauty naturally. 03. Long-term Unlike autologous fat, autologous dermis has a low absorption rate and is highly effective. Once engrafted, the effect is maintained for a lifetime. Autologous dermis is composed of one's own cells and fibers, so if transplanted and survives, it will live a lifetime with vitality in the transplanted area. Elle Plastic Surgery Clinic's long-lasting and diverse experiences in autologous dermal surgery are responsible for long-lasting results. 04. Excellent Excellent medical technology and excellent customer-tailored treatment With the outstanding senses and long experience of the Elle Plastic Surgery medical staff, we are doing our best to satisfy the needs of our customers as much as possible and to provide happy, customized treatment. With the determination to take responsibility for the rest of your life once you have surgery at Elle Plastic Surgery Clinic, each and every one of you will be treated as diligently as possible. What makes Elle Plastic Surgery's nose surgery different? Elle Plastic Surgery offers accurate counseling for your nose to resolve your complex, and our service values the personality and beauty of each person and highlights natural sophistication. The skins, cartilages, and bone frames vary for each person, so selections of prostheses and surgeries appropriate for each person do not highlight only one factor. Elle Plastic Surgery Clinic is directed by one of the best plastic surgeons, Dr. Kim Heung-kyu. Recognized worldwide, Dr. Kim Heung-gyu of Elle Plastic Surgery lists "autologous dermis" in an international plastic surgery journal. Our services include dermal grafting, revision rhinoplasty, nose surgery, eyelid surgery, and fat grafting. Elle Plastic Surgery offers online counseling to ensure your safety throughout your transformational journey. Elle Plastic Surgery Clinic has worked with several stars in Korea, such as actor Lee Min-ki, Kim Ji-won, Kim Chae-eun, Joo Bo-young, magician Junhyung Lee, and many others. Furthermore, Elle Plastic Surgery Clinic has real operation testimonials, uses 100% autogenous tissues, and has a lifetime post-op warranty.