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Estetistanbul Medical Center

İstanbul, Türkiye


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27 Beyaz Karanfil Sokak Levent Beşiktaş İstanbul Türkiye


The Health services in Kusadasi in 1994 under the presidency of Dr. Hamid Aydin is continuing today under the roof of Estetistanbul Medical Center in Istanbul.  Estetistanbul Medical Center provides services in primarily hair Health  and Hair Transplantation and in the fields of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, Dermatology, Internal Medicine, General Surgery and Pediatry. The predominant services of Estetistanbul Medical Center are Hair Transplantation, Hair Loss Treatments and Plastic Surgery. Our institution, with its well-earned local and global reputation, accepts hair implant and plastic surgery patients from almost all over the world, especially from the USA, Canada, Netherlands, France, United Kingdom Germany, Italy, Spain, Turkic Countries and Arab Countries.  Why Estetistanbul Medical Center? -International Vision in Health -World Class Hospital with JCI, TUV and 3 center of Excellence Certificates - Hair Transplant with ISHRS and SACDER Member Doctors -25 years of experience on Hair Restoration -Perfect Frontline Planning -Painless and Comfortable Surgery with Needle-free Preanesthesia -Incisions with Sapphire Blades from ISHRS Doctors -Expert consultant assistance is available in your language 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. -Maximum Grafts -experienced specialist team -Special Plasma-PRP -4*-5* Hotel in the Heart of Istanbul (Metro Station: 2min) -VIP Airport and Local Transfer -Be ready for post-op with a postoperative care package. -FUE Guarantee Certificate If you want a hair transplant performed by a qualified, first-class expert doctor and expert health personnel, your choice will undoubtedly be our globally reputed center, Estetistanbul Medical Center. Estetistanbul Medical Center is now having the pleasure of transferring its experience of serving thousands of hair plantations and hair health patients to its new patients. Estetistanbul Medical Center undertakes to meet all 21 GOLDEN STANDARDS in every hair transplant procedure. 1. Certified Health Centers and Hospitals 2. Registered Medical Doctors and Certified AHP 3. 24/7 patient support in their mother tongue 4. State-of-the-art Technology Hair transplant equipment 5. Welcoming and sending off by the physicians 6. Examination and planning by physicians 7. Supporting each patient with 4 AHP 8. Procedures are 100% managed by physicians. 9. Sedation protocols tailored to the individual patient 10. Pre-anesthesia without needle, before local anesthesia 11. Support with medications administered in intravenous fluids 12. PRP solution and blood tests 13. Tissue Tests Supervised by a Physician 14. Maximum number of grafts transplanted 15. WHO sterilization standard 16. Optimum surgery time 17. Digitized archive of patients 18. Postoperative Care Principles 19. 24/7 social media communication 20. Fue warranty certificate 21. Postoperative regular follow-up What does Estetistanbul Medical Center provide to the patients in the form of 21 Golden Standards? Estetistanbul Medical Center undertakes to fulfill all of the patient demands listed below. Operation in a full-fledged hospital. The hospital has international quality and sterilization standards, is JCI accredited, TUV certified, and has 3 Centers of Excellence Certifications. A hospital that accepts a limited daily number of cases instead of multiple cases a day. A hospital with language support around the clock. Doctors with the required expertise and competency The planning of the hair transplantation is performed by the doctor. Doctor in charge throughout the surgery Assistant health personnel are our own staff and are highly qualified and experienced specialists trained in the field. Patients will feel no pain during the operation and will be comfortable with the help of administered sedation and pre-anesthesia. An extraction test is performed by the doctor. Possible risks are eliminated by performing postoperative blood tests. A special IV is applied during the operation, which is under local anesthetic conditions. Maximum grafts are implanted, and the best service is presented during the operation. The PRP solution is prepared from the blood drawn from the patient and administered during the operation. State-of-the-art technological devices and equipment are used during the operation, and sterile conditions are exactly fulfilled. Operation Durahin will not last longer than required. Patient photographs before and after the operation are archived. A guide comprising answers to frequently asked questions about the post-operative care and usage details of the prescribed medications will be given after hair transplantation. A warranty certificate signed by the doctor will be prepared and given to each patient on behalf of himself. Patients will be followed up on and be in constant communication with their doctors during the post-operative process.