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    Eve Plastic Surgery

    Seoul, South Korea


    All / Top Specialties

    • Body Contouring

    • Breast Reconstruction

    • Fat Grafting

    All / Top Services

    • Shoulder augmentation

    • Autoplasty reconstruction

    • Nipple areola reconstruction

    • PRP Fat graft

    • Eyelid surgery

    • Epicanthoplasty

    • Lateral Canthal Lengthening

    • Eyebrow Lift

    • Ptosis surgery, eye impression surgery

    • Lower/Upper Blepharoplasty

    • Frontal forehead lift

    • Thread lifting

    • Ear Plasty

    • Ear examination

    • Forehead surgery

    • Chin surgery

    • Lip surgery

    • Dimple surgery

    • Nose tip surgery

    • Hooked Nose Surgery


    With profound experience and thorough aftercare, the staff of Eve Plastic Surgery will take care of your concerns. The hospital director and surgeon, Dr. Yoon Jae Chung, completed 10 years of experience as a doctor in the university hospital as well as a professor. The main areas are eye surgery, rhinoplasty, reconstructive surgery, breast surgery, and shoulder augmentation. A detailed examination and planning with a medical specialist for plastic surgery are necessary since there could be complications such as hematomas, inflammation, asymmetry, and scarring. • Eye Surgery The eyes of a person are one of the most important parts that determine the person's first impression. While Asians have beautiful eyes of their own, they can have more attractive, more youthful-looking eyes through eyelid surgery. • Nose Surgery The nose is the center of the face, the most affecting part of the impression, and the most important gate for breathing. Asians tend to have a wider and lower nose, a blunt tip, and thicker skin. • Breast Surgery Breasts are a symbol of femininity and motherhood. Korean women tend to have small bodies as well as small breasts, which usually get smaller after breast feeding. On the other hand, abnormally large breasts cause pain in the shoulders and waist and may cause skin trouble underneath the breasts. • Shoulder Augmentation For a man who has a small and drooping shoulder, silicone implants can be inserted near the deltoid parts of the shoulders to increase the size. It gives you about 6-7 cm more shoulder width and a better style. Affiliated Hospital Cosmetic Surgery of PAMF Hospital, California, USA whose specialty is in breast and facial surgeries is affiliated with Eve Plastic Surgery and is in pursuit of the best treatment and beauty harmonizing the beauty of the East and the West by exchanging surgical information and knowledge and visiting in preparation for the opening of the medical market.