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Fauchard Plant Dental Clinic

Seoul, South Korea

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116 Bongeunsa-ro Gangnam-gu Seoul South Korea


Pierre Fauchard (Pierre Fauchard, 1678-1761) Pierre Fauchard, a French physician called 'the father of modern dentistry', invented various tools for dentures and dental prosthetics, and is the founder of orthodontics that corrects or prevents dental abnormalities and malocclusion. Since the primitive times, tooth pain has been one of the great pains of mankind, because primitive people often lose their teeth due to their natural, rough eating habits. At that time, there was no concept of germs. TALK kakaotalk award Therefore, the cause of tooth decay was thought to be "because worms gnawed at the teeth". With this thought at the time A treatment different from the modern one was prevalent, and even Hippocrates, called the 'father of medicine', said, "The shaking cavity is It is recommended to pull out, but use the burning method to numb the tooth that causes toothache without shaking." Therefore, dentistry can be said to be a skill achieved through ignorance and pain as much as other medical skills. there is., published by Pierre Fauchard in 1728, described dentistry scientifically, and from this book, the knowledge of European dentistry began to expand. Pierre Fauchard described anatomy, tooth decay, surgery, gum disease, medicines, etc. through, and established dentistry in a modern sense by inventing orthodontic devices, orthodontic devices. In Paris, France, the Museum of Dentistry (Museed Art Dentaire) was established by collecting 300 books and materials of Pierre Fauchard. Fauchard Plant Dental Clinic has created the foundation of modern dentistry with a scientific approach to dentistry for dental health, which is the cornerstone of human health, following Pierre Fauchard's will. Therapeutic methods and techniques are currently fashionable and commercially profitable. Even if it does, I will not apply it to the patient. Fauchard Plant Dental Clinic will provide faithful treatment focusing on the function of the original tooth. Furthermore, Fauchard Plant Dental Clinic will strive to become a great cornerstone for the development of dental medicine. Fauchard Plant Dental Clinic is operated in Gingnim, Myeong-dong, and Bupyeong, Incheon. To the Sinnonhyeon branch of the Fauchard Dental Group. Fauchard Plant Dental Clinic has Rich implant experience ranging from 23 to 36 years, Centered on implants with rich clinical experience. This branch specializes in implants and has medical staff. Fauchard Plant Dental Clinic has a comfortable space. Fauchard Plant Dental Clinic will do its best to provide you with comfortable treatment in a pleasant environment. Implant with the know-how of Fauchard Plant Dental Clinic. Experienced medical staff use proven materials for treatment. Laminate for confident front teeth at Fauchard Plant Dental Clinic will help you smile to your heart's content. Tooth-saving treatment, Cavity treatment, neuropathy treatment, and sealant at Fauchard Plant Dental Clinic. Fauchard Plant Dental Clinic is a lifelong dentist who is faithful to the basics. Reasonable dentistry without overtreatment. Fauchard Plant Dental Clinic thinks of treatments that can only be considered by lowering the barriers to high-burden dental treatment with a treatment method and price that lower the patient's burden. Gangnam implant treatment dental specialist 3 people 1:1 treatment 37 years of implant treatment experience and more than 35,000 successful treatment cases Systematic treatment system of representative director who graduated from Tokyo University of Dentistry, Japan. Older implants for people 80 years old. Comfortable and quick surgery that is not difficult for elderly patients; an optimal implant solution tailored to the oral condition of the elderly; the individual's systemic disease condition; and the application of the optimal technique considering the condition of the alveolar bone. Fauchard Plant Dental Clinic offers dentistry to save teeth at Fauchard Plant Dental Clinic. Natural tooth preservation that saves teeth diagnosed with tooth extraction based on abundant surgical experience Graduated from Loma Linda University School of Dentistry, USA. Conservation and professional medical care. Dental pain relief Reduce patients' dental fears to a minimum the 3-step pain management system of Fauchard Plant Dental Clinic that reduces patients' fear of the dentist uses an ultra-fine anesthetic needle, an automatic injection system, and German anesthetic. Reasonable dentistry without overtreatment. At Fauchard Plant Dental Clinic, we think of treatments that can only be considered by lowering the barriers to high-burden dental treatment with a treatment method and price that lower the patient's burden. An implant at Fauchard Plant Dental Clinic has guarantee system that eliminates anxiety DENTAL IMPLANT AFTER SERVICE. The Fauchard Plant Dental Clinic which prioritizes surgical results, implements a thorough follow-up management system and free warranty system after implant surgery. And thorough infection prevention system PREVENT INFECTION SYSTEM.