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    FRESH Plastic Surgery

    Seoul, South Korea


    Foundation year




    Operations per year

    All / Top Specialties

    • Petit Plastic Surgery

    • Body liposuction

    • Volumizing Forehead Plastic Surgery

    All / Top Services

    • Calf Reduction Surgery

    • Hip-up Fat Grafting

    • Abdominal Lift

    • Forehead Reduction Surgery

    • Endoscopic Forehead Lift

    • Fat Redistribution under the Eyes

    • Breast Fat Transplant

    • Implant Breast Surgery

    • Calcification/Lipocyts Side Effects Treatment

    • Fresh’s Vodre Breast Augmentation

    • Low Nose

    • Hooked Nose

    • Finko

    • Arrow Nose

    • Short Nose/Upturned Nose

    • Mini Cheek Lift

    • Autologous Dermal Nasolabial Fold Surgery

    • V-lifting

    • Thread Lifting

    • Dialine Facial Fat Transplantation


    Creating natural beauty and Happy Smiles Fresh will always strive to provide joy and satisfaction to those who trust and visit our hospital through continuous efforts, research and development, and plastic surgery trend analysis. Fresh pursues natural beauty and finds the most harmonious and natural beauty with the mindset of treating patients like family. “We, Fresh, are Expanding” Medical activities for higher patient satisfaction through patient-centered treatment with high-quality treatment and medical informatization through the latest equipment. FRESH PLASTIC SURGERY CLINIC TIMELINE 2020. 05 Character knowledge guide journal selected as a new intellectual by Weekly People 2020. 01 Introduced VaserLipo 2.0, a state-of-the-art ultrasonic liposuction device 2018. 07 Shinagawa, Japan Korean plastic surgery consultation held 2018. 06 Hospital expansion 2016. 02 Selected as Radius Best Key Doctor 2016. 02 Honorary Award for ‘The Most Trusted Doctor in Korea’ 2016. 02 In-hospital shooting progressed by recommending Korea's excellent hospitals on the US travel guide destination site 2014. 08 Fresh Foreign Doctor Education and Surgery Observation 2014. 06 Support for various volunteer activities 2014. 05 Signed a medical agreement with Huamei Medical Beauty Hospital in Shanghai, China 2012. 11 Introduced TGI, an FDA-certified stem cell extraction equipment from Tissue Genesis, USA 2012. 08 Primary hospital expansion 2012. 05 Korean Intellectual Property Office diamond line facial fat transplant, Accujet facial liposuction and quad liposuction trademark registration 2012. 05 Introduced Harvest JET equipment from Human MED, Germany, a state-of-the-art fat transplant equipment 2019. 12 Appeared on Donga TV Beauty and Booty Season 4 2019. 04 U.S. travel guide mydestination introduces Korea’s best hospital recommendations 2019. 03 Held the Korea Plastic Surgery Consultation in Osaka, Japan 2019. 02 Appeared on Thailand's famous beauty channel, bright TV 2019. 01 Certified hospital by Seoul Medical Tourism Cooperation Organization 2017. 09 Appeared in a live broadcast hosted by "Xinyang" in China 2015. 03 Signed an agreement with Chinese plastic surgery hospital as an advisory hospital 2013. 10 Expansion and relocation of Shinsa Hill Building in Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul 2013. 01 Korea Health Industry Development Institute foreign patient Designated as a host registration institution 2011. 12 Opened Apgujeong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul About Fresh Safety First You can receive fast, accurate, and specialized counseling through various counseling systems such as online counseling service, telephone counseling, and text counseling. About Fresh Various Consulting Systems With advanced diagnostic equipment, side effects minimized and thorough disinfection system; customer safety is their top priority. About Fresh Aftercare System Operate a specialized treatment management room to minimize any discomfort that may be felt during the recovery process after surgery through the communication process with customers. About Fresh Spirit of Service They will do their best to always repay you with a smile by preparing a comfortable space and kindness from the customer's point of view. World Plastic Hospital Cooperation System They are working hard to create a world-class plastic surgery center, not only the best cosmetic surgery hospital in Korea, through a cooperative system with plastic surgery hospitals around the world there is. Great Equipment and Skills They intensively research specialized surgeries in the field of cosmetic liposuction and stem cell, and are equipped with the best facilities and the best medical staff for surgery for a beautiful face and body. Continuous R&D Department: Trend Analysis Fresh pursues natural beauty, the safety of a perfect medical facility, and procedures that follow the principles of medicine. They will maximize the satisfaction of the procedure by clearly recognizing the customer's problems and areas to be improved and suggesting the optimal procedure. “With Excellent Equipment and Technology, We will present you with beauty.” Fresh plastic surgery and dermatology pursue natural beauty, the safety of excellent medical facilities, and procedures that follow medical principles. The Fresh medical team has performed many surgeries and experienced medical treatment at excellent general hospitals in Korea, and always strives to ensure that all customers undergoing surgery at their hospital receive the most appropriate surgery with a firm philosophy on beauty. In particular, the Fresh medical team has been intensively researching surgeries specialized in cosmetic liposuction and stem cell, and has performed surgeries and procedures on more than 10,000 people. They established the Fresh Plastic Surgery Department of Dermatology located in Sinsa-dong, the center of cosmetic surgery in Korea, and are doing their best with excellent facilities and excellent medical staff for surgery for a beautiful face and body. In addition to surgery, they have post-surgery care and skin care programs and all facilities for quick recovery after surgery. Now, all employees of Fresh are working together in unison to create a world-class plastic surgery center, not only as the best plastic surgery hospital in Korea.