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Galleria Dermatology Clinic introduces performing cutting-edge cosmetic and medical treatments under the themes of balance, well-aging, and healthy skin. The public's interest in beauty has led to the constant development of technology. There are many people who are making various efforts to achieve a more transparent and clear complexion and to improve wrinkles. Not only are there various cosmetic products and massage devices with anti-aging effects on the market, but it is easy to see that every day at home, we find various ways to do this. But above all, access through science and medical equipment can save time and money, while experiencing more drastic changes. That is why, day by day, more and more people are looking for information about the best places to visit. In times of rapid dryness like these days, many people complain of skin tightening symptoms. In particular, as the balance between oil and moisture is disrupted, fine wrinkles increase and the elasticity of the face disappears with age. "I want to look even a little younger, and I make various efforts in my daily life for a complexion full of vitality and energy", but it is by no means easy to turn back the traces of time. In this case, Galleria Dermatology Clinic, which is well-known as a good place to treat thermage, can improve your concerns and help you. It is through FLX, which is called the 4th generation, and it is a procedure that is loved by many people because it has been maximized in terms of effectiveness and convenience. Thermage FLX emits high-frequency energy to cause degeneration and contraction of collagen fibers deep in the skin. When this is reached, collagen regeneration begins busily. This not only improves the overall elasticity of the skin, but also affects various wrinkle areas such as the eyes, forehead, and mouth, which have been noticeable and troubled, so that you can experience a very outstanding change. Galleria Dermatology Clinic will help you make it happen. No matter how good equipment and procedures are, if they are not safe, they may be reluctant to use them on the human body, but since they are officially approved by the US FDA as a medical device, they are reliable and have been approved by the Korean Ministry of Food and Drug Safety and their safety and effectiveness have been verified. While high-frequency thermal energy is transmitted, the epidermal cooling function is paralleled, reducing pain and protecting the skin surface without irritation. The 4th generation principle is a method of delivering high-frequency energy using Thermage, which cools the epidermis and instantaneously heats the dermis tissue. Through this, collagen fibers undergo denaturation and shrinkage, which appears as an effect of wrinkle improvement along with collagen regeneration. In order to achieve such a superior effect, disposable consumables must also be genuine. Galleria Dermatology Clinic uses only genuine tips that have been approved by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety, but they are always discarded after applying to one person. Just before the procedure, check whether the box is newly opened, check whether the outer surface is protected with a double sticker, and check the 6-digit authentication number to find out whether the product is genuine. If you use an unauthorized tip, it may be an illegal medical device, so it will be difficult to guarantee the effectiveness and safety of the results. Therefore, Galleria Dermatology Clinic must comply with it and enforce it immediately. Depending on the area and type of concern, a synergistic effect can be expected when combined with other treatments. First of all, if you add Ulthera together, you can effectively improve tightening and fine lines along with the overall lifting effect of a sagging face. In addition, it is excellent for removing the double chin while recovering the V-line of the lower part of the eye, and particularly effective results can be expected for the lip and nasolabial folds. EyeFit Thermage has a great effect on anti-aging around the eyes in a complex way, and when you feel your eyelids keep sagging due to aging, it has a lifting effect, improves wrinkles, and increases elasticity. For this purpose, you can use FLX's eye and face tips together. If you are looking for a 4th-generation Thermage that has such a variety of charms, we recommend that you experience a surprising change through this center which Galleria Dermatology Clinic widely offers. GALLERIA DERMATOLOGY CLINIC PRESS RELEASES: [Medical Today] What should I check before Thermage FLX procedure? Everyone goes through the process of growth and aging as they get older. In recent years, as life expectancy has increased, interest in health and longevity has increased. In particular, in order to maintain skin elasticity, there are many cases where various lifting procedures such as laser lifting are used even before the aging phenomenon progresses. Recently, various lifting procedures such as Ulthera and Thermage FLX are available, so you can prevent and improve aging without much difficulty. Among various laser lifting, Thermage FLX is a procedure that uniformly delivers high-frequency thermal energy to the depths of the skin. By transmitting high-frequency energy, it contracts the dermal layer and stimulates fibroblasts to help regenerate collagen. Thermage FLX can adjust the energy intensity according to the skin type and the degree of aging. Therefore, different energy can be delivered to each treatment area, enabling detailed management. In addition, a cooling system is applied to minimize damage to the epidermis during the procedure. Since it is a laser treatment method without incision, daily life is possible immediately after the procedure, and there are no difficult parts in the follow-up management method. After about one month after the procedure, you can see changes such as increased facial elasticity and wrinkle improvement. In the case of Thermage FLX, Ulthera, an ultrasonic lifting procedure, can be used together to perform Ultherage, and various types of treatments such as Oligo, Skin Booster, and Thread Lifting can be performed in parallel. It is advisable to proceed after discussing with the medical staff for a sufficient amount of time for specific procedures and frequency. Director Geum Dong-in of Galleria Dermatology said, “Thermage FLX can be used in parallel with various treatments, so it is important to make a plan that suits each individual’s characteristics. said. Korea Economic Daily [Doctor & Clinic] Acne scar treatment that should not be missed during winter vacation In order to treat acne, scars, and acne marks that occur repeatedly during puberty, many teenage students use intensive treatment during winter vacation. In winter, the temperature is low and the UV rays are not severe, so infection control is relatively easy, and many students use the vacation to treat acne scars. Acne scars gradually fade and disappear naturally, but when completely adhered to the skin, scarring can continue until adulthood, and in severe cases, indentations can remain. In particular, acne scars can leave dent marks due to inflammatory reaction and bacterial infection. Usually, these left scars become acne and gombo scars follow a vicious cycle, so it is important to treat and manage them at an early stage. Among the various methods of treating acne scars, the most popular treatment is 'Potenza'. Potenza reduces damage to the epidermis by using microneedles, and at the same time generates instantaneous high-frequency waves in the dermis layer to destroy the sebaceous glands located in the dermis layer, promote skin regeneration, and effectively treat acne scars. In addition to laser treatment, a combination treatment with regenerative injection can further increase satisfaction. The great advantage of Potenza is that there is almost no pigmentation or scabs after the procedure, and the redness is not long, so you can go about your daily life right away on the same day. In addition, it can improve the overall skin tone and skin texture by reducing sebum secretion and reducing pores. Especially in the case of adolescent students, if acne is not treated in a timely manner, they may suffer from constant trouble with acne scars. When treating acne scars, it is desirable to consider the various depths, shapes, and characteristics of the scars, and it is desirable to treat them by considering the skin type and the degree of disturbance in daily life. For effective results, it is recommended to decide on the procedure through careful consultation with the medical staff before the procedure. [Medical Today] Acne treatment can prevent scars and marks as soon as possible Acne, one of the skin diseases that afflicts many modern people, often persists even into adulthood. In general, acne worsens due to hormonal changes during growth and subsides as an adult, but there are many cases where acne becomes chronic due to various causes such as eating habits, lifestyle, stress, and air pollution. As such, acne, which is troubled by various age groups, has various forms, and there is a large individual difference in the areas where it occurs frequently. Therefore, it is important to consider different skin types, analyze acne types and causes, and then systematically treat them. Geum Dong-in, director of Galleria Dermatology Clinic, said, "It is very important to manage acne at an early stage. If you take care of acne in the wrong way, such as neglecting it or forcing it by hand, it will leave marks or scars on your face. Even after acne has subsided, marks and scars will remain. As it is, the skin becomes red or pitted, which does not recover naturally and must be removed by a dermatologist." “Therefore, it is important to treat acne as early as possible to prevent scars and marks. After checking the depth and shape of the scar, an appropriate treatment plan should be established in consideration of each individual’s skin type.” Acne scars leave red marks that appear in various ways, or they occur in the form of indentations, and sometimes become protruding hypertrophic scars. In this way, it is possible to identify various types of scars, check the pigmented area, and then treat them with laser treatment, fillers, and regenerative injections. [Medical Today] Acne can be prevented from severe scars by managing it early Among various skin diseases, acne, which troubles many people from teenagers to adults, occurs in various forms such as purulent, cystic, and comedonal. Usually, the symptoms worsen during growth, and then get better as you become an adult. Acne is difficult to manage properly and often recurs, leaving scars or marks if done wrong. If scars or marks remain, even if the acne subsides, the spot may be red or deeply pitted, but these symptoms are difficult to recover naturally. Therefore, it is important to treat acne scars thoroughly at an early stage so that no marks remain on the face. It is necessary to understand the condition of skin redness and extensive scarring after inflammation, and to remove it delicately according to the individual skin type. Acne scars may appear in the form of a square or round bottom, or in the form of a hole like an awl. Scars usually occur on the cheeks, chin, etc. After inflammation, the skin dents or pigmented areas can be treated with various methods such as complex laser therapy, regenerative injection, and scar fillers. [Medical Today] Acne scar, pay attention to 'layered scar treatment' using Potenza + PDLA As the corona virus continues for a long time, the occurrence of acne caused by masks is increasing. The problem is that you can make acne scars at home by self-extruding or hand squeezing. At this time, the inflamed area is damaged and the dermis tissue is built up, leaving acne scars or acne marks. Acne scars are a major concern that lowers confidence in their appearance, and since they are difficult to cover with makeup and do not improve naturally, active treatment is required from the beginning. In this regard, recently, drug penetration procedures using 'Potenza Laser' and PDLA (poly-DL-lactic acid, Juberuk) are emerging in the industry. Potenza laser is a procedure that penetrates microneedles from 0.5mm to 4.0mm into the skin. It minimizes damage to the epidermis and induces skin elasticity and texture improvement effects as well as scars by helping new collagen production through thermal energy. Potenza laser differs from existing lasers in that a specially designed tip (pumping tip) is attached to effectively deliver the drug to the dermis layer. In addition, collagen regeneration drugs such as Juveruk are uniformly and deeply injected at the location of the scar to be treated, so that collagen production is continuously induced even after the laser, which has the advantage of filling up the scar. At the same time, a synergistic effect can be expected by creating thermal coagulation in the dermal layer with the Potenza microneedle tip that does not damage the epidermis. It is less painful than conventional scar treatment, so you can wash your face and apply makeup the next day. Geum Dong-in, director of Galleria Dermatology Department (located in Jamwon-dong, Seocho-gu, a dermatologist) said, “After applying a drug that promotes collagen production (Juberuk) to the skin, it penetrates into the skin through a Potenza laser to induce regeneration along with a treatment that induces regeneration. 'Layered scar treatment' such as Fraxel, subcast, dot peeling, and PDLA injection treatment can be performed. It is a procedure in which the regenerative effect through delivery works in a complex way.” “PicoPlus Fraxel is a treatment that activates tissue regeneration by thinly peeling acne scars using a laser with an irradiation speed of picoseconds and MLA and DOE modes. The principle of synthesizing new collagen by delivering dozens of focused microbeams that are focused with high energy by making microscopic holes in the dermis layer is effective in scarring, pore reduction, and improving fine wrinkles. It can boost the collagen regeneration ability and results in a natural filling of the scar area.” Director Geum said, “Acne scars have different timing, shape, and size, so a multi-pronged approach to the various layers of the skin is required during treatment. It is a procedure designed for For these complex procedures, it is necessary to receive appropriate treatment according to the skin condition after consulting with a dermatologist with extensive clinical experience.” "Galleria Dermatology Banpo Headquarters A Reasonable Choice" The condition of the skin also plays a big role in making the beautiful and distinct features appear fully. If you have clear and transparent skin, your features will look clearer, but on the contrary, if your skin tone is dark or your skin lacks elasticity, and if you have wrinkles, scars, blemishes, acne, etc. Because of this, most people want to have smooth and transparent skin and try to find various ways to improve it. However, there is a limit to individual management at home, so for a more active effort, more and more people visit Galleria Dermatology for consultation and receive necessary treatment or management. One of the concerns that a lot of people have in adolescence is acne, which comes up in different parts of the face and swells up over time, or it can damage the skin in the process of extruding it by hand and squeezing it out by hand, leaving scars. In addition, due to the aging phenomenon of losing moisture and elasticity with age, concerns such as loss of elasticity, wrinkles, pores, and whitening may arise. Although it is not easy to improve scars or worries that have already occurred despite consistent management such as functional cosmetics, massage, and drinking a lot of water, visiting a hospital is a way to get rid of your worries. Therefore, Galleria Dermatology Clinic is located 1 minute away from Jamwon Station, so it has the advantage of good accessibility, as well as providing a comfortable and pleasant environment so that you can have high satisfaction in all facilities, starting with the information desk that determines the first impression. In addition, the clinic introduces cutting-edge cosmetic and medical treatments under the themes of balance, monthly aging, and healthy skin. Each and every one of us who visits the place is treated with care and counseling is provided. In addition, the representative director of the hospital is a dermatologist with a master's degree from Yonsei University, and you can find it with confidence in that he can provide a proper solution. If you look at the troubles that appear on the skin, each cause is different, and the shape and form of the troubles are all different, so it is very important to consider the procedure by applying the appropriate treatment method with knowledge of the skin structure. Therefore, if you want to have a young and beautiful face, healthy skin, and premium luxury laser treatment, please come to our clinic at any time and we will help you in an appropriate way according to your condition. They are visiting all of you through various events, so you can start managing it with relatively less burden. As well as a personalized skin care program, it is a time when UV rays are gradually weakening, so they hope you will cleanly erase and manage the parts that have caused you concerns. It is a treatment that can naturally find the natural beauty from sebaceous gland management that causes blemishes, blemishes, and acne, to skin elasticity, and to the volume of the youngest skin. This place is equipped with dozens of premium laser equipment, so you can check the changes after the procedure, and they will provide only the necessary treatment for the skin, where you do not have to worry about overtreatment. If you want to solve skin-related concerns, please visit Galleria Dermatology for consultation and treatment. It is a hospital that helps to develop healthy skin and beautiful appearance. It is easily accessible from Jamwon Station in 1 minute, so it is not difficult to visit for continuous treatment. If you have any concerns, please select a qualified medical staff in Galleria Dermatology and receive treatment as soon as possible based on the treatment method that is right for you.