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    Gangnam Apple tree Dental Clinic

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    Gangnam Apple Tree Dental Clinic is a dental facility medical center founded in 1995 in South Korea. It is a state-of-the-art dental clinic of South Korea which is specialized in conducting safe and effective treatments using their 3D Navigation Implantation procedures. Along with that, it uses ultra-modern denture systems, CT scans, and X-rays to study and understand their patient’s concerns. So far, it has successfully catered 15000 plus implants for patients. As it is one of the only few hospitals allowed by the government to entertain foreign patients, it also provides guest rooms and shutter services for their international customers who travel from faraway places to experience the promising services of Apple Tree Dental Clinic. Achievements of Gangnam Apple Tree Dental hospital · It is the first hospital accredited by the Ministry of Health and Welfare in 2014 for its excellent and satisfactory services. · In 2011, it won the 5th Korea Health Industry Award for its safe, clean, and sterilized utensils and procedures. · Yearly, specialists from Japan and Russia visit this hospital to exchange medical experiences and developments in the dental industry. Why choose Gangnam Apple Tree Dental Hospital · Gangnam Apple Tree Dental Hospital is a dental medical center which ensures that all surgeons and their input on a patient’s health is genuine and bona fide. · The infrastructure of this hospital is designed in a western style which provides a sense of comfort. They make sure that the experience of a patient is safe and soothing in the sterilized surroundings of the hospital. · The surgeons and the staff in this center are trained on a yearly basis to provide up to date services to their patients especially foreign visitors. · The doctors in this hospital are well educated and treat patients with a well-planned procedure according to their needs based on their specific needs. · Customer satisfaction has been a goal of this clinic and every patient so far has enjoyed their experience. That is why this clinic has won the trust of all their patients. Top medical specialties of Gangnam Apple Tree Dental Hospital: · Orthodontics · Prosthodontics · Dental Implants · Aesthetic Dentistry · Teeth whitening · Odontoplasty Orthodontics Orthodontics is a field of dentistry where patients with malfunctioned positioning of teeth and jaws, its diagnosis, prevention, and bite correction are treated. Mostly, patients suffer from abnormality in alignment of jaws and teeth. The misalignment of teeth causes improper bite and other relevant issues such as teeth grinding and inability to chew properly. With the help of orthodontics, the health of gums and teeth can be significantly improved. The Gangnam Apple Tree Dental Clinic ensures that all the patients get the best dental treatments. As every patient’s orthodontic treatment is different, the doctors in this hospital provide special attention to each patient and tailor the treatment based on the requirements and needs of the patients. Prosthodontics Dental prosthesis is a process in which a missing tooth is replaced or a defect in a tooth is treated. The dental procedures that are included in the process of prosthesis are oral crowns, bridges, veneers and dentures. These are rather less complicated surgeries. However, it does require intense care. Any individual of any certain age can be affected by it. The Gangnam Apple Tree Dental Clinic has a highly experienced team of doctors specialized in prosthodontics. These doctors have performed hundreds of prosthesis surgeries and all have been successful. They are well-trained and provide a comforting experience to every patient. They use sterilized equipment to perform such surgeries and make sure that the patients would not get any bacterial diseases in reaction. Dental Implants Dental implant is a procedure done to install a root in a patient’s jaw. A root provides a base for teeth, holding it in the place. However, in some cases, the root is decayed and requires an artificial replacement in the shape of a root. The dental implants provide a strong foundation for a permanent or a temporary tooth. This way, the jaw-line remains intact. The procedures of dental implants are painful and slightly complicated. This is why special care is required to carry out the surgery. Gangnam Apple Tree Dental Clinic is the safest medical center for dental implant procedures. Their safe and hygienic treatments ensure that the patient is left with healthy jaws with zero to minimum complications. Aesthetic Dentistry Aesthetic dentistry is used on patients that suffer from root canal issues, dirty teeth and gums, stained, chipped, crooked, and cracked teeth. Common treatments of these disorders are teeth whitening, veneers, dental crowns, cosmetic bonding, and dentures. These treatments are generally less painful and less complicated. The effects of these treatments however, are long lasting. These disorders can be seen in an individual of any age. If not treated well, these disorders can turn into major oral issues. Gangnam Apple Tree Dental Clinic guarantees the successful and effective treatments of aesthetic dentistry. Their doctors are well trained and equipped with best and hygienic tools to provide their patients with the magic smile and healthy jaw. Teeth whitening Teeth whitening is a painless treatment used by individuals that suffers from yellow or brown stained teeth. These disorders occur when an individual uses tobacco or coffee more often. The usage of such products leaves a stain on teeth. Such teeth are professionally cleaned by doctors. The process is painless and less time taking. The doctors in Gangnam Apple Tree Dental Clinic are professionals that have helped hundreds plus patients suffering from stained, brown, and yellow teeth. They are trustworthy and capable of executing the teeth whitening task efficiently and most economically. Odontoplasty Odontoplasty is a dental procedure that is done on individuals that suffer from misaligned teeth shape and size. Almost 37% of young adults suffer from this disorder. It is a cosmetic treatment and the procedure that is less complicated and less discomforting. Usually, sand disc and diamond drills are used for the procedures of Odontoplasty. The Gangnam Apple Tree Dental Clinic has professionals that assure the least painful procedures of Odontoplasty. This task can be well done in one appointment and the patient is left with a perfect symmetry of teeth.