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    Goeunbit Women's Clinic

    Seoul, South Korea

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    • Obstetrics and Gynecology

    • Department of Pediatrics

    • Women's Examination Center

    • Maternity Care Center

    • S.O.F.T. Delivery

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    • Examination Center Introduction

    • National Health Insurance Checkup

    • Women's Comprehensive Examination

    • Wedding Checkup

    • Childhood Vaccination

    • Newborn Care

    • Infant Health Checkup

    • Obstetrics Clinic

    • Breastfeeding Clinic

    • Gynecology Clinic

    • Introduction of Maternity Care Center

    • Back (aroma) Circulation Therapy

    • Shampoo Service

    • Beatus Thermal Therapy Program

    • Body Aromatherapy

    • Pelvic Circulation Therapy

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    95 Ogeum-ro Songpa-gu Seoul South Korea

    Goeunbit Women's Clinic

    Seoul, South Korea


    Goeunbit Women's Clinic is dedicated to prioritizing women's health and happiness. With the advancements in living culture and rapid economic growth, there has been an increase in diseases caused by factors such as nutritional status, stress, and overwork. Therefore, personal health management has become more crucial than ever. Goeunbit Women's Clinic is committed to disease prevention and enhancing the quality of life for women. One of the key areas of expertise at Goeunbit Women's Clinic is breastfeeding. The clinic recognizes the significance of the precious first breastfeeding experience that occurs after childbirth. Many new mothers assume that breastfeeding will come naturally and effortlessly after giving birth. However, just as every person's face is unique, each mother's journey with breastfeeding is different. Understanding and knowing oneself is essential in this process. The Breastfeeding Center at Goeunbit Women's Clinic provides support and assistance to all mothers who wish to check their breasts and breastfeed, ensuring a joyful and successful breastfeeding experience with minimal effort. What sets Goeunbit Women's Clinic apart and makes it an excellent choice for women's healthcare? High-quality childbirth service: Goeunbit Women's Clinic prioritizes natural childbirth and upholds the principles of human rights during the birthing process. The clinic offers a free family delivery room that accommodates mothers throughout the stages of labor, delivery, and recovery. With a high success rate in natural childbirth, Goeunbit Women's Clinic provides tailored delivery options such as Reveille delivery and family delivery. Moreover, the clinic emphasizes the practice of Kangaroo Care for newborns, promoting a nurturing environment. Skilled medical service: Goeunbit Women's Clinic boasts a team of experienced medical professionals who have trained at esteemed institutions like Seoul National University Hospital and Samsung Medical Center Asan Hospital. The clinic operates on a doctor-to-patient ratio of 1:1, ensuring personalized care for each individual. Furthermore, Goeunbit Women's Clinic has established a system that can promptly respond to emergency situations by collaborating with university hospitals. Additional amenities provided include Aroma Touch during childbirth, 24-hour gynecologist availability, in-hospital pediatrician care for newborns, dedicated delivery room nurses and medical staff, and a round-the-clock blood bank operation. Differentiated Services: Goeunbit Women's Clinic offers a range of distinctive services to cater to the specific needs of women. The clinic strongly advocates for mother-in-law and breastfeeding, with international breastfeeding experts available for consultation. They operate a maternity management program with the goal of ensuring happy and healthy childbirth experiences. Mothers who have previously given birth at the clinic receive discounted rates for their second childbirth. Experienced coordinators provide personalized 1:1 management services, and additional services such as prenatal circulation therapy, postpartum massage, shampoo services, monthly D-Line parties, quarterly soft rock parties, a morning toast bar for guardians, free valet parking, an infant shop on the premises, free weekend cafeteria, and online birth registration are also available. Goeunbit Women's Clinic goes the extra mile to create a comfortable and supportive environment for women and their families. The clinic prioritizes safe and reliable treatment, providing peace of mind to its patients. The medical staff at Goeunbit Women's Clinic are highly skilled and strive for optimal care. The clinic offers a quality environment where patients feel comfortable and at ease. With their friendly and warm approach, the staff at Goeunbit Women's Clinic ensure that patients receive more than just medical treatment. Additional perks include free prenatal and postpartum massages, kangaroo care, monthly D-Line parties, quarterly soft talk sessions, a morning toast bar for guardians, childbirth aromatherapy massages, and a shampoo service. Goeunbit Women's Clinic has built a trustworthy and enduring reputation over the years. The clinic has been performing childbirths for over a decade, and their delivery room staff consists of dedicated nurses and medical professionals. The commitment to serving mothers, babies, and immediate family members is demonstrated through the "Go Eunbit Family Service" provided by the clinic. Goeunbit Women's Clinic is dedicated to promoting women's health and happiness. With their comprehensive range of services, experienced medical staff, and focus on personalized care, the clinic ensures that women receive the highest quality healthcare in a warm and supportive environment. Goeunbit Women's Clinic is committed to improving the well-being and quality of life for all women who seek their services.