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Gowoon Sesang Dermatology Clinic - Mokdong

Seoul, South Korea



All / Top Specialties

  • Lifting

  • Acne Scars

  • Melasma/pigmentation/tattoo

  • Intractable pigment disease

  • Toenail fungus

  • Body shape correction

All / Top Services

  • VOGG Lifting

  • Thread lift

  • Filler

  • SMAS Face Lift

  • V-line lifting

  • Deep dermal regeneration treatment

  • Pinpointe Foot Laser Treatment

  • Resurfacing Laser Treatment

  • Acne medical treatment

  • Acne laser treatment

  • TripleBody - innovative total skin & body treatment

Contact Information

1st floor, 281 Omok-ro, Yangcheon-gu, Seoul


Welcome to Gowoon Sesang Dermatology Clinic - Mokdong: Your Path to Radiant Skin! Discover excellence in skin care and dermatology at one of Seoul's renowned hospitals - Gowoon Sesang Dermatology Clinic in Mokdong. Our commitment to your well-being shines through our cutting-edge equipment and the expertise of our esteemed dermatologist, Dr. Lee Nam-ho. With a specialization in laser surgery and acne clinics, Dr. Lee Nam-ho is dedicated to bringing out the best in your skin. Our Specialties: Lifting: Unlock a rejuvenated version of yourself with our advanced lifting treatments. Let us help you restore your skin's youthful contours and vibrancy, enhancing your natural beauty. Acne Scars: Say goodbye to acne scars and hello to flawless skin. Our team employs innovative techniques to minimize the appearance of scars, giving you the confidence to showcase your radiant complexion. Melasma, Pigmentation, and Tattoo Removal: Bid farewell to unwanted pigmentation concerns and tattoos. Our specialized treatments target these issues, revealing a clearer, even-toned canvas for your skin. Intractable Pigment Diseases: Trust our expertise in managing even the most stubborn pigment conditions. We understand the complexities of pigment-related challenges and offer tailored solutions for your unique needs. Toenail Fungus: Step towards healthier feet with our effective toenail fungus treatments. Regain your foot's health and confidence, putting your best foot forward without hesitation. Body Shape Correction: Embark on a journey to attain your desired body shape with our personalized correction services. Let us assist you in sculpting your body the way you envision, boosting your self-assurance. Experience the pinnacle of skin health and care at Gowoon Sesang Dermatology Clinic - Mokdong, where our renowned hospital is graced by the expertise of Dr. Lee Nam-ho, a distinguished dermatologist specializing in laser surgery and acne clinics. Our hospital adheres to the highest medical standards, ensuring your safety throughout your transformative experience. Join us in embracing a future of vibrant skin and renewed confidence.