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    Guwol Oracle Dermatology

    Incheon, South Korea


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    • Face-lift

    • Fat Grafting

    • Liposuction

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    • Thermage CPT

    • Shurink

    • Hydro Lifting

    • Fat Grafting

    • Liposuction

    • Double eyelid surgery(Incision Method)

    • Double eyelid surgery(Burial Method)

    • Upper Blepharoplasty

    • Lower Blepharoplasty

    • Under eye fats removal

    • Pastelle Laser

    • Helios Laser

    • Cellec Laser

    • Ionzyme

    • PRP Skin Regeneration

    • Cynergy Laser

    • Vitaliont

    • Revlite SI

    • Picocare

    • Picosure

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    Guwol Oracle is a clinic for dermatology where patients can get world-class treatments for all types of skin disorders, skin care, nutritional care, body and hair care. This clinic has a board of doctors with ten years of experience in the department of dermatology. It is located in Incheon, South Korea. The treatments provided in this clinic are not only for diseases. They also offer top-notch cosmetic treatments to satisfy and enhance the beauty of the visitors. Their treatment results are long-lasting as they use ultra-modern technology and advanced machinery for all skin procedures. Guwol Oracle Dermatology Clinic has many specialized, skilled, trained, exceptionally rated and highly experienced doctors for both medical and cosmetic treatments. The clinic's location is convenient. It is close to the airport, so the Incheon citizens do not have to travel far to get their check-ups done. The board of five dermatologists ensures the provision of personalized and customized treatments. Their services provided render the customers to become regular customers with time. Top Medical Specialties of Guwol Oracle Dermatology Clinic · Hair loss treatment · Male breast reduction · Fat grafting · Liposuction · Acne clinic · Eye Surgery Hair loss treatment Hair loss occurs in individuals for several reasons, such as hereditary reasons, stress, and ageing. However, the process of hair loss does not have to be necessarily sequenced. Most of the time, a patch on the scalp is more affected than the rest of the scalp. On the other hand, sometimes, the scalp is affected due to tumors, making it difficult for hair to grow back. Guwol Oracle Dermatology Clinic provides various world-class treatments to ensure continuous and healthy hair growth back. Their treatments may include medication, therapies, and transplants. Patients are also offered in-home treatment guidelines to overcome hair loss, and regular checkups are suggested to keep the patient's hair growth in check. Male Breast Reduction Enlarged male breast disorder is also termed gynecomastia. It is a commonly faced disorder among men due to obesity. The condition of gynecomastia can occur at any age. The most common treatment is breast reduction which is a cosmetic treatment. This treatment is done by cutting the excessive fat from the glandular tissue. After that, a contour is given to the chest, providing a masculine touch. Male breast reduction has become a discipline of attention as obesity has become more common. Guwol Oracle Dermatology Clinic has a board of certified and licensed doctors for cosmetic surgery. Their breast reduction treatment has a success rate of 100%, leading to the trust of patients. Patients are provided with regular pre-operative care after the surgery to reduce any chances of complications. Fat Grafting Fat grafting is a procedure that is done to transfer fat from one body area to another area. The fat is taken out from a liposuction process and then reinjected in the area where an improvement is required. This is a cosmetic process in which many body areas can be improved and treated like the face, breasts, feet and hands. As fat grafting requires precision and efficiency, Guwol Oracle Dermatology Clinic provides safe and reliable fat grafting procedures. Certified doctors of this clinic have successfully conducted thousands of surgeries with the help of modern apparatuses that help ease fat grafting procedure. Patients are kept in observation with round-up checkups to ensure the best and desired outcomes. Liposuction Liposuction is the most common cosmetic treatment undertaken by both males and females for over the decades now. This treatment is done to contour the shape of a specific body area. It is mostly done in the area of buttocks, thighs, arms, neck and abdomen. Liposuction treatment can be slightly harsh on some patients who suffer from obesity. However, under the professional’s observation, the process could speed up and result in successful surgery. The Guwol Oracle Dermatology Clinic understands the procedure's gritty details as this clinic has certified dermatology professionals. They know that liposuction requires constant attention and precision; otherwise, the patient may suffer from complications and they provide careful and precise medical attention to eliminate all the risks of negative results. Acne Clinic Acne has been a traumatizing issue for many young adults. Many individuals have been struggling to find a solution. However, an easy solution to pus-filled bumps has been challenging to find. These bumps are tough to remove, and they leave a scar that can stay in the skin for months. Acne's treatments can vary from pores cleansing to acne medication pills that can create a comforting environment inside the body to heal naturally. Guwol Oracle Dermatology Clinic has helped hundreds of young adults in overcoming the issue of acne. Their professional doctors use customized plans for each patient, so each patient's results have been permanent and successful so far. Guwol Oracle Dermatology Clinic believes in a tailored permanent solution for both males and females. They treat the acne and scars and eliminate the underlying cause to prevent their outbreak again in the future. Eye Surgery Cosmetic eye surgeries are done to enhance the beauty of a face. The cosmetic eye surgery is called blepharoplasty, in which the eyelid is lifted. In some cases, excess fat is removed around the eye to modify the eye areas. The aesthetics of the eye are reshaped where the wrinkles and eye bags are removed. Such eye surgeries are done mostly in old age as droopy eyes are a sign of old age. The Guwol Oracle Dermatology Clinic has been able to conduct such surgeries most efficiently. Their board of doctors is well trained in treating cosmetic eye concerns and they integrate the research process before conducting a surgery. With the help of this approach, the patients can also understand the aftermath of the surgery.