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Gwang Deok An Jung Korean Medicine Clinic

Seoul, South Korea



All / Top Specialties

  • Post-Traumatic Sequelae of Traffic Accidents

  • Spinal Joint Disorders

  • Chuna Manipulation Therapy

  • Manual Therapy

  • Pain Treatment

  • Guanwasa Therapy

All / Top Services

  • Acupuncture Treatment

  • Peripheral Facial Paralysis (Bell's Palsy)

  • Central Facial Paralysis (Stroke, Brain Tumor, Cerebral Infarction)

  • Physical Injury

  • Internal Organ Damage

  • Psychological Injury

  • Pain manual therapy

  • Joint manipulation

  • Turtle Neck Syndrome

  • Herniated Disc Syndrome

  • Neck

  • Lower back

  • Shoulder joints

  • Knee joints

  • Ankle and foot

  • Elbows

  • Wrist and hand

Contact Information

2nd floor 133 Dorim-ro Yeongdeungpo-gu Seoul South Korea


At the forefront of systematic medical service and standardized treatment, Gwang Deok An Jung Korean Medicine Clinic stands as a beacon of comprehensive care. Dedicated to the comfortable recovery of its customers, the clinic goes above and beyond, striving to contribute to the stable and peaceful lives of each individual it serves. With the Yeongdeungpo Daelim Branch, Gwang Deok An Jung Clinic promises safe and systematic customized treatments that extend beyond words to make a true impact. The clinic places great emphasis on providing not only effective care but also a warm and touching experience for all its patients. The aftermath of a traffic accident can often lead to delayed symptoms that may not manifest immediately. Understanding this, Gwang Deok An Jung Clinic underscores the significance of early treatment in the wake of such incidents. Even seemingly minor accidents can result in long-term discomfort if not addressed promptly. Recognizing that the first three months following a traffic accident constitute the golden time for treatment, Gwang Deok An Jung Clinic emphasizes the need for vigilance during this period. It is during this crucial window that effective interventions can prevent the development of chronic pain and lingering disabilities. Gwang Deok An Jung Clinic distinguishes itself by providing integrative medicine treatment tailored to each patient's unique stage of recovery. Eschewing a one-size-fits-all approach, the clinic crafts individualized treatment plans based on the patient's condition and symptoms. Moreover, the clinic guides patients through the trajectory of treatment, ensuring that they are well informed about the direction of care required at every stage. In conclusion, Gwang Deok An Jung Korean Medicine Clinic stands as a paragon of standardized, systematic, and personalized medical care. The clinic's unwavering commitment to the well-being of its patients, particularly in the aftermath of traffic accidents, shines through in its emphasis on timely treatment, customized approaches, and the alleviation of chronic pain. Through its comprehensive services, the clinic not only aids in the recovery process but also contributes to the overall stability and tranquility of its clientele's lives.