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Hanmiin Clinic

Seoul, South Korea




Medical staff

All / Top Specialties

  • Elasticity/Lifting/V-Line

  • Melasma/Pigment/Redness

  • Botox/Water Light Injection

  • Acne/Peeling/Han Kwan

  • Scars/Pores/Stretch Marks

  • Hair Removal

  • Obesity/Body Shae Management

  • Skin/Anti-aging Injections

  • Vaccination & Placenta

  • Skincare

All / Top Services

  • Fraxel Dual (with genuine tips)

  • Scarlet Laser

  • Morpheus

  • Vlet

  • 1 Year Scar Package

  • Skin/anti-aging injections

  • Vaccination & Placenta

  • 3 kinds of toning

  • V-Beam Perfecta

  • Rasemd

  • Pigment package

  • White jade injection

  • Moles, warts, rat milk

  • Body toning

  • Vitamin care

  • Haihalao

  • Rasemd

  • Aqua Peeling

  • Kumspil

  • Aladdin Filling

Contact Information

55 Seocho-daero 77-gil Seocho-gu Seoul South Korea


Hanmiin Clinic is dedicated to the philosophy of "Let's become beautiful without pain!" guided by our Representative Director's extensive expertise. With this commitment, we perform the Ultherapy procedure without anesthesia cream, providing a comfortable and enjoyable experience for our patients. Additionally, the personally developed High HalaO procedure ensures a relaxing and rejuvenating journey towards beauty. To address delicate facial wrinkles, calf, and sternocleidomastoid body line, most of the Botox and filler injections are personally administered by our skilled Representative Director. Although the cost may be slightly higher, the exceptional results and personalized care make it a worthwhile investment. At Hanmiin Clinic, we value personalized attention and offer one-on-one customized consultations, mostly conducted directly by our Representative Director. This approach allows us to understand each patient's unique needs and craft tailored treatment plans to achieve their desired outcomes. Our commitment to patient care extends beyond the procedures themselves. We provide comprehensive post-procedure care instructions to ensure a smooth and comfortable recovery, ensuring our patients receive the utmost support throughout their aesthetic journey. In alignment with our dedication to social contributions, we offer GARDASIL9 vaccinations at cost price until May 2023. This initiative reflects our commitment to preventive healthcare and supporting efforts to prevent cervical and uterine cancer. As part of our community involvement, Hanmiin Clinic has been actively engaging in donation activities since 2012. Our contributions, such as donating 10 million won to the Unwed Mothers Association in 2012 and 10 million won to the Ukrainian Embassy in 2022, demonstrate our commitment to making a positive impact on society. Hanmiin Clinic is equipped with a wide range of high-end advanced equipment to deliver the best possible outcomes for our patients. From TherafluX and Ultherapy to InMode, TruSculpt, Vbeam Perfecta, and MelaStar Ruby Laser, our state-of-the-art technology ensures top-notch treatments. Safety is paramount at Hanmiin Clinic. As a testament to our commitment to patient well-being, we do not perform procedures involving propofol and fillers under the firm stance of our Representative Director. Instead, we focus on providing a variety of advanced and non-invasive treatments to ensure beautiful and natural results while maintaining the highest safety standards. Your health and satisfaction remain our top priorities throughout your medical journey with us. As a research-oriented hospital, we offer specialized treatments to address various concerns. From the Sagging Face Lift utilizing Ultherapy and TherafluX to the Small Face & V-Line Creation methods, we strive to achieve remarkable and natural results for our patients. Our expertise in Scar Treatment Methods, such as the Pinhole method, W regeneration procedure, Fraxel Dual, Mopheus, Vbeam, and Scarlet, ensures comprehensive care for various types of scarring. When it comes to Blackhead and Acne Treatment for the Nose, our use of Agnes, various pigment lasers, and Fraxel Dual ensures effective and personalized solutions. Our reservation system is designed to provide convenience and efficiency for our patients. While GARDASIL9 vaccinations and preventive injections can be done without prior reservation, we recommend arriving before 7:30 AM for the vaccination. For obesity treatments and electrocautery, we encourage patients to schedule appointments through phone or KakaoTalk to ensure seamless service. As part of our honest and transparent approach to management, we diligently fulfill our tax obligations and maintain consistent pricing for both cash and card payments. We do not offer cash discounts, as we believe in providing fair and equal treatment to all our valued patients. At Hanmiin Clinic, our commitment to patient care, safety, and social contributions is deeply ingrained in our core values. We take pride in offering advanced treatments, personalized attention, and compassionate service to help our patients achieve their aesthetic goals with confidence and satisfaction.