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Hanyang University Seoul Hospital

Seoul, South Korea






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Medical staff

Languages Spoken

  • English

  • Русский

  • 한국어

Top Specialties

  • Raynaud’s phenomenon

  • Osteoarthritis

  • Basic Health Screening for women B

  • Telemedicine

  • Breast Cancer

  • Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis

  • Panic disorder

  • Lou Gehrig’s disease

  • Thyroid Disease

  • Stomach and duodenal diseases

  • Autism

  • MRI Precise Cancer Health Screening for men

  • Pancreatic and biliary tract diseases

  • PET-CT Precise Cancer Health Screening for women

  • Breast Cancer

  • Arrhythmia surgery

  • Rectal Cancer

  • ADHD

  • Basic Health Screening for women C

  • Basic Health Screening for women A

  • Hypersensitivity pneumonitis (HP)

  • Hernia Repair

  • Stomach Cancer

  • Hysterectomy

  • Head and neck cancer surgery

  • Neurodegenerative disease

  • Benign Breast Disease

  • Basic Health Screening for men

  • Aging of veins

  • Interstitial lung disease

  • Hand surgery clinic (microsurgery)

  • PET-CT Precise Cancer Health Screening for men

  • Colon Cancer

  • Atopy

  • Lumpectomy

  • Cerebrovascular diseases

  • Pneumomediastinum

  • Urticaria

  • Uterine Myoma

  • Breast Surgery

  • Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease

  • Intractable and rare diseases

  • Thyroid cancer

  • Hepatic disease

  • Measles

  • Basic Cancer Health Screening for men

  • Depression

  • MRI Precise Cancer Health Screening for women

  • Glomerulonephritis

  • Basic Cancer Health Screening for women

Contact Information

222-1 Wangsimni-ro Seongdong-gu Seoul South Korea


Hanyang University Seoul Hospital, which opened as the greatest hospital in Asia in 1972, has played a leading role in the internationalization and progression of medication, cutting-edge medical research exploration, and medical innovation improvements. Hanyang University Seoul Hospital seeks more than essentially broadening life by defeating advanced serious illness; in addition, it seeks clinical assistance that raises personal satisfaction. Hanyang University Medical Center is leading the way to the globalization and advancement of medicine based on state-of-the-art medical research and the development of medical technologies. The hospital has improved its medical services and also improved the quality of life rather than simply extending life by conquering currently incurable diseases. As a global hospital and medical center that provides globally recognized Korean medical technologies to foreign patients, the center also provides inspiring medical services based on the best facilities and services to patients around the world by transcending borders and language barriers. Hanyang University International Hospital has achieved fame among domestic foreign residents, though in a short period of time, as having the most preferred medical services and the most convenient facilities for foreigners. Top Treatments at Hanyang University Seoul Hospital There are many treatments at Hanyang University Seoul Hospital. But the top treatments are as follows: • Lugaric Disease Treatment • Rheumatology Treatment • Bariatric Disease Treatment • Breast Cancer Treatment • Crohn's Disease Treatment • Treatment for colon cancer • Sarcoma Treatment • Thyroid Cancer Treatment • Cervical Cancer Treatment Top Medical Specialties of Hanyang University Seoul Hospital • Rectal Cancer •    Pneumomediastinum •    Neurodegenerative disease • Benign Breast Disease • Uterine myoma (OB/GYN) Top Specialized Center of Hanyang University Seoul Hospital The Hanyang University Hospital in Seoul specializes in the following medical centers with its top-class facilities: • Health and Promotion Center • Cancer Center • Novalis TX Center • Robotic Endoscopic Surgery Center Cardiovascular Hybrid Surgical Center • Hematopoietic stem cell transplantation center Cell Therapy Center 1. Health and Promotion Center Hanyang University Medical Center has been opened on the leading edge of providing the highest quality health-care service. To keep pace with globalization, the International Hospital was opened in 2003, composed of the International Clinic Office, which aims to provide convenience for international patients, and the Health Promotion Center, which is equipped with the highest quality facilities and well-trained medical staff. 2. Cancer Center Cancer is a complex disease that requires collaborative medical treatment from several departments rather than one department. A multidisciplinary treatment system that enables medical specialists from various departments to come together for discussion is necessary for effective treatment. The Cancer Center is operating a multidisciplinary treatment system that considers patient-oriented diagnoses and treatments. The University Hospital Cancer Center is making efforts toward early diagnosis and treatment of cancer and is quickly and efficiently providing complex treatments based on a patient-oriented multidisciplinary treatment system, which includes surgeries, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, etc. The cancer center is practicing the best cancer treatment methods, such as minimally invasive surgeries through robotic surgery, the installation of the latest radiation therapy equipment, Novalis TX, and the operation of the Stem Cell Treatment Center. 3. Novalis TX Center The Novalis TX Center of Hanyang University Hospital is treating various tumors and diseases in specific organs without damaging healthy tissues surrounding the area by using the world’s best 4-dimensional radiosurgery system, Novalis TX, which combines various advanced technologies for treating diverse cancers through close collaboration with cancer specialists in the Cancer Center. The Center’s system minimizes radiation damage to normal tissues around tumors by adjusting to the change in shape seen from multiple angles in 3-dimensions through the radiation beam, and the Center practices shaped cancer radiosurgery that maximizes treatment effects through high irradiation of the tumor. 4.    Robotic Endoscopic Surgery Center Hanyang University Hospital has been actively practicing endoscopic and laparoscopic procedures for various surgeries.  Surgery using the da Vinci-S robot was successfully conducted in October 2008, and by opening the Hanyang Robot & MIS Center, the Hanyang University Hospital is conducting robotic surgeries and endoscopic/laparoscopic surgeries in earnest for cancer patients as well as various other patients requiring invasive surgeries. In addition, with the collaboration of many departments such as surgery, gynecology, otorhinolaryngology, thoracic surgery, cardiovascular surgery, and orthopedic surgery, diverse and complex surgeries are successfully conducted using minimally invasive methods to raise patient satisfaction. The superiority of such robotic surgeries has been made known to the world and is leading to a gradual increase in robotic surgery treatment for foreign patients as well. Recently, robots are actively being adopted in Korea, and robotic surgery is being practiced in almost all areas that require an abdominal operation. 5. Cardiovascular Hybrid Surgical Center Hanyang University Seoul Hospital’s Cardiovascular Hybrid Operating Center is equipped with a hybrid operating room with state-of-the-art vascular equipment and a biologically clean operating room, as well as a system that enables CT imaging in 3-dimensions. The Hybrid Operating Center is able to determine if a procedure or surgery is necessary after a close look at the images of blood vessels in real-time focused on the heart and brain. Through the advanced vasography equipment, the center is able to diagnose, perform a procedure, and perform surgery at the same time when seconds count for emergency patients who are in life-threatening situations. Hematopoietic stem cell transplantation center The Hanyang University Seoul Hospital’s center is equipped with 10 biologically clean rooms, a cell cultivation room/stem cell freezing room, and a state-of-the-art stem cell separator. With the specialists from the departments of hemato-oncology, infectious diseases, laboratory medicine, and radiation therapy, an expert team is formed with a dedicated transplantation nurse, transplantation coordinator, social worker, stem cell collecting nurse, and nutrition team, as well as researchers in charge of processing, freezing, and preserving stem cells in order to improve the results of stem cell transplantation treatment through such organic collaboration. 7. Cell Therapy Center The success of developing and commercializing cell therapy at Hanyang University Seoul Hospital in a product that uses stem cells from the patient’s own bone marrow also led to international recognition as a research-oriented center leading the future of medicine. The center is continuously conducting research to develop cell therapy products for incurable diseases such as Parkinson's disease, ischemic stroke, cerebral palsy, lupus, etc. Hanyang University Medical Center Mission, Vision and Values Mission As Love Practitioners, We Liberate Humankind from the Pain of Disease and make it enjoy Blissful Life Vision Advancing Services to Become the Medical Hub of Asia Caring and Loving for Patients Innovating the Future of Medicine and Research Values Highly advanced medicine Research and Development Talent Cultivation Contribution to Society Responsible Management This International Hospital founded meeting to domestic and foreign environmental changes and global age consists of International Healthcare Center providing convenience to foreigners and Heath Promotion Center composed of the best facilities and medical staffs. International Healthcare Center have developed clinical cooperative relationship by constructing 24 hour clinical service system offered by medical staffs, fully responsible nurses and exclusive coordinators who speak English fluently to provide perfect clinical services even to inpatients and emergency patients as well as outpatients requested by United States. Due to establishment of clinical cooperative relationship, conclusion of direct claiming contract with leading international insurance companies such as VANBREDA International, and preference of individual foreigners residing in Korea, it gains its fame as a convenient and comfortable medical institute for foreigners. In addition, Health Promotion Center does its best to play its role as whole life health manager of individual and business customers in Korea through diversified and customized examination and is reborn to International Health Promotion Center from a number of visits of foreigners and overseas Koreans. Also in future, this International Hospital will do its best as a convenient medical institute for foreigners and a healthy partner of customer’s social life and will lead globalization of Hanyang University Medical Center. Hanyang University Medical Center is equipped with 2066 total of number of members, approximately 465 Doctors, 866 Nurses, 735 Pharmacists, Medical Technicians, Clerical, etc., with over 644,000 outpatients a year, 202,000 Admitted patients and 855 sickbeds. "LOVE is TRUTH" Hanyang University Medical Center, Love is the best value that is pursued by HYUMC.