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Hospital Angeles Lomas

Estado de México, Mexico


Foundation year



All / Top Specialties

  • Breast Cancer

  • Gynaecologic Oncology

  • Spine trauma

  • Sports traumatology

  • Pacemaker Implantation

  • Cardiac Catheterization

  • Laparoscopic Surgery

  • Upper gastrointestinal (GI) surgery

  • Surgical Treatment of Epilepsy

  • Hydrocephalus

  • Cochlear implant

  • Head and neck tumor surgery

  • Astigmatism

  • Amblyopia

  • Ectopic Pregnancy

  • Endometriosis

  • Non scalpel vasectomy

  • Sexually transmitted disease

  • Neonatal disease

  • General Pediatrics

  • Bone marrow transplant

  • Leukimia

  • Thyroid Disease

  • Pituitary Disease

  • Obesity

  • Lipid Metabolism

  • Hemodialysis

  • Renal Hypertension

  • Laser Surgery

  • Melanoma

All / Top Services

  • Chemotherapy

  • Radiotherapy

  • Arthroscopy

  • ACL reconstruction

  • Gastrectomy

  • Anti-Reflux Surgery

  • Ultrasound

  • Mammogram

  • Cardiac catheterization

  • Intravenous infusion therapy

  • Hysterectomy

  • Cholecystectomy

  • Dual-Chamber Pacemakers

  • Biventricular (Cardiac Resynchronization) Pacemakers

  • Spine Surgery

  • Conservative Management

  • Robotic Surgery Center

  • Thyroid Surgery

Contact Information

S/N Vialidad de la Barranca 018 Hacienda de las Palmas Estado de México Mexico


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