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ID Plastic Surgery

Seoul, South Korea





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Top Specialties

  • Anti-aging

  • Revision Rhinoplasty

  • Forehead Implant

  • Breast Reduction

  • Breast Lifting

  • Body Contouring

  • Septoplasty

  • Body Slimming

  • Male Plastic Surgery

  • Brow bone reduction

  • Double Eyelids

  • Dual Canthoplasty

Contact Information

142 Dosan-daero Gangnam-gu Seoul South Korea


The place of providing every moment of beauty, a place where the lifelong beauty doctor fills your hopes, Beauty Wonderland lives the life together with you. ID Hospital is known as one of the best plastic surgery hospitals in Asian countries. One of the most remarkable achievements of the ID Hospital is receiving a national certificate from the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare for its specific expertise. The foremost aim of this clinic is to ensure the safety of its visitors and provide them with extra care. The structure of this hospital is quite unique and spacious, containing 30 wards, its own blood donation center, and emergency centers, which responsibly take immediate action in critical cases. All faculty members at the medical hospital are given certifications from the national commission. The doctors of this clinic are specialists with great experience in their specific fields, which they learned while working in Korea's top university-level clinics. ID Hospital provides a wide range of plastic surgical methods that help enhance the facial features and the structure of the body. Why choose ID Hospital? ID Hospital is the first medical clinic to perform orthognathic surgical methods at a private plastic surgery clinic in Korea. Before this, orthodontic surgeries were performed at general clinics. This proves the globally competitive expertise and professionalism of the team of doctors at ID Hospital in doing facial bone plastic surgery. The experts who came from the university level are continuously struggling to do research and to advance ID Hospital as the best medical clinic. The main specialty of this hospital is its advancement in the cosmetic facial bone contouring field in Asia. What makes ID Hospital the best? The specialists at ID Hospital believe that everybody has a personal will to transform their face and body as they desire. This transformation can actually increase their level of confidence and make them feel even more charming. Plastic surgical methods are still not appreciated in most of the countries of the world; however, ID Hospital, being the top plastic surgery hospital throughout Asia, is changing the lives of many people and looks forward to changing the lives of people in the coming years. Top Medical Specialties at ID Hospital • Face courting at ID Hospital 1. Twofold Jaw Surgery (AKA Orthognathic Surgery) This surgery is performed for malocclusion (teeth arrangement) and moving the upper and lower jaws. This surgery is also used to re-adjust the jaws to their proper position. 2. Jaw Reduction or Enlargement This surgery is performed to give a V-line shape to the face by rectifying the mandible — the shape and length of the patient's jaw (through transplantation or a fake bone). Performed concerning the width of the cheekbones, trying to get the ideal outcome. It actually helps in correcting the chin and mandible angle bones to reduce or enlarge the jaw size. 3. Cheekbone Reduction Surgery This surgery lessens the cheekbone size, also minimizing the facial width. People with topsy-turvy cheekbones can go for this surgery to minimize the width of their cheekbones and give them more symmetry. 4. Lessening the cheekbones with a high L-shaped incision This method is used to get the natural contour of your face by decreasing the width of the zygomatic bone. This activity includes adding volume to the front of the cheekbone according to your face. 5. Forehead implant This activity is performed on a flat and asymmetric forehead. This procedure is totally customized, depending upon the volume difference of the ride and the left side of the forehead of the client. 6. Lessening the forehead size in the hairline This method improves the hairline by relocating follicles from different parts of the head. Specialists use this technique with great effort since the hair is relocated along the line of natural curvature. Minimizing the labial groove is an activity that includes improving the nasolabial point, narrowing the wide wings of the nose, and improving the volume of the lips. Specialists focus on all the procedures carefully; this permits them to create the most appropriate appearance. • Rhinoplasty in the ID Hospital In ID Hospital (the Plastic Surgery Center), rhinoplasty is performed to stop the fake look. Korean surgeons perform activities to improve the proportion of the face so that the client may not be stressed over the tip of the nose hanging after some time. Patients can rapidly get back to their day-to-day lives. During the rehabilitation period, many people don't encounter hematomas and puffiness after the technique. They also use customized rhinoplasty, for example, the "Barbie Line" activity, which is done after determining the "golden segment"—an examination of the most appropriate nose size for the face of every client. The method used in this surgery is called the "Face Standardization Method", which was created by plastic surgery specialists at ID Hospital. • Blepharoplasty at ID Hospital Doctors at Hospital ID are experts in making an ideal eye shape. The normal outcome will be obvious in 7 days. The hospital has nine techniques for improving the shape of the eyes. 1.    Seven-Lock  2. Non-Incision Method 3. Double Eyelid Incision Method 4. Partial Incision Eyelid Surgery 5. Ptosis Correction 6. Under-eye fat re-situating 7.    Canthoplasty 8. Dual Canthoplasty 9. Revision Eyelid Surgery • Plastic Eye "Bambi" in the ID Hospital Operation "Bambi" incorporates a few strategies (rectification of ptosis, epicanthoplasty, transverse canthoplasty), and on account of this, the ideal shape and size of the eyes are achieved. Since the "Bambi" technique is arranged in stages, the dangers related to crease befuddlement are lessened. • Mammoplasty in the ID Hospital Mammoplasty is perhaps the most well-known technique at ID Hospital. In breast growth surgical methods, all the anatomical points of the body are examined, trying to choose an appropriate implantation. Subsequently, the client’s chest looks as normal as could be expected. Experts try to get a drop-shaped breast with a Y-molded line using a full HD endoscope. ID Hospital additionally performs breast reduction methods. ID Hospital doctors are profoundly competent at breast surgical methods and always eager to satisfy patients with fabulous outcomes. • Body Contouring in ID Hospital The ID Hospital performs liposuction from any part of the body, while the technique for taking out fat is performed in covered areas. The safety of the procedure is given by the full in-body check diagnostics and 3D ultrasound diagnosis. Here, an activity is done by the "360°personalized liposuction" technique, which helps in eliminating a great number of fat stores while considering the properties of the patient's tissues. After the surgery, the client gets a wonderful, slim, and smart body. Abdominoplasty is likewise performed here and helps in restoring the proportions of the stomach. Surgeons at the ID Hospital eliminate the abundance of fat, reinforce the muscular strength, and then eliminate the extra skin. If required, during an abdominoplasty, specialists can move the navel to another position, which will give a better look. For a better experience, book your appointment at ID Hospital right now.