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    We have a priority for patient safety. Jade Plastic Surgery Clinic does its best to provide a satisfactory result and peace of mind. Why has Jade had plastic surgery? Patient Facial Customized Plastic Surgery Eye Surgery (Oculoplastic) Jade's eye surgery gives your face an ideal and balanced beauty! Nose Surgery Augmentation Rhinoplasty Nose surgery is aimed at avoiding an open approach if possible and creating a natural nose shape with minimal surgery. Wide nose, hooked nose, and crooked nose are non-open approaches that allow for natural correction using osteotomy and, if necessary, septum surgery. Painless anesthesia and sleep anesthesia are used to manage pain during surgery. Ideal nose height The ideal height of the nose is between 115 and 135 degrees between the nose and forehead. The ideal angle between the nose and columella nasi is 90 to 100 degrees. If the nose is low, the face does not have a three-dimensional effect, has no features, and gives a plain impression. By raising a low nose, you can create a sophisticated face line. Types of Nose Plastic Surgery Augmentation Rhinoplasty, Nasal Tip Plasty, Alar Cinching, Alra Reduction, Corrective Rhinoplasty, Revision Rhinoplasty Strength 1: Sleep anesthesia and painless management do not worry about pain. Strength 2: There is no worry about scarring by minimizing the scratch marks. Strength 3: The height and flexion of the nose inconsideration of the harmony between the midair and the nose. Strength 4: Minimize swelling. Facial Contour Surgery Definition of Facial Contour Surgery The face is a three-dimensional structure consisting of bones, muscles, fats, and skin. It is called "facial contour surgery" to operate on the bone during surgery to change this three-dimensional structure. This is defined as "facial contouring surgery" in a narrow sense, and it is referred to as "facial contouring surgery" in a broad sense, considering soft tissue (muscles, fat, and skin) as a whole. A Wider Method of Facial Contour Surgery Jaw correction surgery: bimaxillary surgery, bimaxillary protrusion surgery, facial contour plastic surgery (narrow sense) Autologous fat injection, Accu-Laser L/S Muscle-Botox, Skin-Lapitorectomy, and Other Prostheses (forehead, nasolabial fold, apple muscle). Strength 1: Through detailed consultation, correct diagnosis, and inspection, the diagnosis of the most effective surgical methods is reached. Strength 2: With over 17 years of experience, we are safe and effective. Strength 3: Consultation, surgery, treatment, and observation of progress are managed by the medical staff. Strength 4: Consider not only the bones but also the soft tissue changes (muscle, fat, and skin) to create a more natural face. Strength 5: An anesthesiologist who has been cooperating for more than 10 years will manage the patient one-on-one throughout the surgery and until the patient is completely awake from the anesthesia. Strength 6: Surgery is done in a way that minimizes side effects. Facial Contour Reoperation Scalp incision cheekbones reoperation The most common procedure in Korea is an oral cavity incision, or "clown incision," which is simple, takes less time, and is effective. However, postoperative complications such as nonunion and bulging can occur. n Side effects after cheek formation caused by strong masticatory muscles, incomplete fixation, excessive bone resection, etc., require skills such as upward movement of cheekbones, rigid fixation, and bone grafting. Reoperation should be done carefully after correctly determining the cause of the primary surgery. Following consultation with an expert with extensive experience and knowledge, surgery is required to avoid complications and provide individual patients with satisfaction. Thoracoplasty The curvy beauty of the body is round and beautiful! born with resilient breasts. Strength 1: Surgery that can be relieved due to extensive experience and knowledge. Strength 2: Less surgical marks, no scars Strength 3: A breast that fits the individual's body shape Strength 4: breast endoscopy for all breast surgeries, minimal bleeding, and consistent results Fat Grafting/Liposuction Completion of a beautiful body! Slim design. Lifting/Anti-Aging Surgery Facial lift is achieved not only through a large area of stripping to reduce tension when pulling the face, but also through the operation of the SMAS layer, which creates a more noticeable natural effect.