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    Jaseng Hospital of Korean Medicine

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    • MSAT(Motion Style Acupuncture Treatment)

    • Shinbaro pharmacopuncture, bee venom


    Jaseng Hospital of Korean Medicine is the largest network of hospitals for non-invasive treatment of spinal disorders in Korea. Jaseng Hospital of Korean Medicine is a medical group of over 20 hospitals and clinics located in Korea and the United States. Jaseng Hospital of Korean Medicine is home to 30 specialized clinics where 400 physicians strive to provide the best available care to our patients. 1,260 inpatient beds are available for those who need intensive care. Over a Million Clinical Cases Are Treated Every Year With non-invasive treatment methods unique to Jaseng, such as Jaseng Hospital of Korean Medicine, Chuna manipulation, and Shinbaro pharmacopuncture, we treat 150 thousand patients a year with a total of one million treatment sessions a year. Jaseng Hospital of Korean Medicine is proud to be the pioneer in Korean Medicine treatment of spinal disorders, with more than 20 years of accumulated experience. With our abundant data, we are continuing efforts to provide "scientific" explanations of our treatment. We have published the results of our investigations in many domestic and international journals. Standardization and Globalization of Integrated Korean Medicine Treatment Jaseng Hospital of Korean Medicine strives to be the best hospital in the field of spinal disorders. Jaseng Hospital of Korean Medicine devotes itself to treatment and research and works to provide the best available care for anyone in need of treatment. Jaseng Hospital of Korean Medicine is proud to be able to tell our patients that non-invasive care for spinal disorders is not a dream but a reality here at Jaseng. Jaseng Hospital of Korean Medicine takes the utmost care in selecting and maintaining the quality of our herbal seeds. The water and soil used to cultivate our herbs are constantly monitored, and our herbs are cultivated using the most environment-friendly methods. Jaseng Hospital of Korean Medicine harvests our herbs during the time of the year when they are known to be the most effective. Jaseng Hospital of Korean Medicine strives to secure the best quality herbs, not only in Korea but also worldwide. This is what makes Jaseng Hospital of Korean Medicine’s medicine special. Jaseng Hospital of Korean Medicine is proud to have the largest and best equipped dispensary. At the dispensary, we produce all the medication provided to our patients using a fully automated, standardized process. We make sure all of our products comply with the strictest safety regulations. Pharmacopuncture medication used at Jaseng is produced at the Jaseng dispensary using the best herbs available. The herbs are formulated to comply with strict standards, and the medication is monitored for safety at each point throughout the production line. The final products are inspected thoroughly before being delivered to our hospitals. hGMP is a mandatory certification provided by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety. Jaseng Hospital of Korean Medicine has been certified since 2009 for all facilities and appliances at Jaseng. The medications are processed, produced, and packaged in compliance with the strictest standards. Why Choose Jaseng Hospital of Korean Medicine? The Jaseng Hospital of Korean Medicine has provided a large population with quality healthcare services considering their modern counterparts. This hospital leads in techniques and technology. Professional doctors and healthcare specialists serving in this hospital are licensed and trained at top medical institutes worldwide. Jaseng Hospital of Korean Medicine's expertise and knowledge assure an appropriate treatment for every patient. The global medical services at Jaseng Hospital of Korean Medicine are designed to include professional practices from specialists with decades of clinical experience, cutting-edge medical technology, and modern diagnostic and treatment using state-of-the-art IT-based infrastructure. This hospital specializes in creating a perfect composition of traditional Korean medicine with modern Western medicine analysis, resulting in highly effective non-invasive treatments of spine and joint disorders. At the Jaseng Hospital of Korean Medicine, medical specialists design one-on-one, customized treatments for every patient. They have extra-care facilities and equipment for patients with limited mobility because of the disease they have. Jaseng Hospital of Korean Medicine staff ensures that accurate diagnosis and standardized treatment are carried out with safe and effective patient care that delivers optimal treatment results and health outcomes. Top Specialties of the Jaseng Hospital of Korean Medicine Herbal medicines Herbal medicines for patients' special care at the Jaseng Hospital of Korean Medicine have apparent and proven benefits. The specialized spine institute treats spine disorders with highly effective herbal medications that have been proven to have significant effects on controlling inflammation, which is a significant cause of pain in the low back, buttocks, and lower limbs. Jaseng Hospital of Korean Medicine believes that herbal medication heals the spine tissues and strengthens muscles and ligaments, thereby preventing pain and problems. This medication also has excellent therapeutic effects on bone and nerve regeneration, thus decreasing the damage caused to nerves and bones. Physical Therapy The physical therapy treatment at the Jaseng Hospital of Korean Medicine is designed for health problems that limit a patient's ability to move naturally. A team of health experts provides patients with exceptionally effective physical therapy treatments to make their nerves, muscles, bones, and brain function well. Physical therapy is carried out by applying gentle forces to injured muscles, nerves, and joints to relieve tension and restore balance. This helps in the proper function of muscles and tension relief that also prevents pain from occurring again. Customized and effective treatments at Jaseng Hospital of Korean Medicine help patients with all types of spine and disorders including, disc herniation, spinal stenosis, tension in the muscles, and much more. Impaired growth and development Optimal growth and development are a sign that you're enjoying good health. There might be different indications and underlying causes of growth and development issues. The Jaseng Hospital of Korean Medicine health experts consider it essential to make early diagnoses and evaluation by experts and knowledgeable clinicians resulting in a customized treatment to ensure good health. Jaseng Hospital of Korean Medicine follow evidence-based procedures and advanced investigations to offer the best treatment for growth disorders. Temporomandibular joint syndrome Patients with TMJ syndrome have their jaw muscles and nerves injured or inflated at the temporomandibular joint. The joint establishes a connection between the jawbone and the skull. This may lead to chronic pain with chewing, popping of the jaw, and swelling on the sides of the face. Conditions like this can be more severe and cause neck strain, muscle tension, and increased stress. Patients with temporomandibular joint syndrome at the Jaseng Hospital of Korean Medicine receive intensive care and personalized treatment that includes acupuncture, herbal medicines, and therapy. Examinations are done using modern technology and equipment. The medicines and treatments in this hospital are proven to have considerable effects on patients with severe TMD disorder and result in 100% positive outcomes. Moxibustion Moxibustion is a kind of traditional Chinese medicine. It usually includes a stick, cone, or a burning moxa of ground mugwort leaves placed near or on the body’s acupuncture and meridians points. It helps stimulate these points and increases the flow of energy within the body. It is usually applied to the lower abdominal area or back to enhance meridians and collaterals' psychological functionality. It significantly helps restore health to the internal organs and improve the immune system. It stimulates circulation, improves flow, and supplies warmth to the patient's body. The moxibustion treatment at the Jaseng Hospital of Korean Medicine is quite effective and safe. It results in expelling dampness and cold from the body to relieve pain from arthritis, back pain, and menstrual cramps. Korean medicine takes international collaboration in integrative medicine one step further with the "2021 AJA International Conference." Jaseng Hospital of Korean Medicine incorporated the concept of standardization into its treatment early on to further the development of Korean medicine. It has led the international collaboration and scientific advancement of Korean medicine through the verification of its treatment effects and safety based on modern medical standards and research guidelines. To achieve the aim of international collaboration, standardized and systematic education of Korean medicine for global healthcare professionals was also an essential piece of the puzzle. Dr. Joon-Shik Shin (Chairman, Jaseng Hospital of Korean Medicine) "There is no distinction between Korean and allopathic medicine in the human body... We should take the path of integration for the collective betterment of human health."